Additional Items By LinkedIn

first of the additional items by linkedin is the option to choose your viewers

The renowned online networking portal, LinkedIn is now offering supplemental resources to its subscribers posting content, in-house.

One of the prominent enhancements introduced is the facility to optimize images for visibility.

Going forward, subscribers can enter an alternative wording and description for the same.

Brands can obtain further internet exposure by availing such extra elements added at this commercial platform, lately.

Please see the screenshot photo regarding beginning using these latest features below !

brands can obtain further internet exposure through this networking portal
Start A Post On This Network To Gain A Better Online Positioning For Your Site

The red oval marking at the image above is indicating where to type-in or paste a link, on the main feed.

Enter any URL like the example as displayed in the picture screenshot below !

an example of a sendable url on the personal feed at this online network
An Example Of A Sendable URL On The Personal Feed At This Online Network

After entering the link, click the blue button for “Next” as visible in the photo above.

Additional Items By LinkedIn Helping Brands Achieve Popularity

A new window would open up as in this screenshot below, showing choices for selecting the type of audience desired for your postings !

first of the additional items by linkedin is the option to choose your viewers
The First Of The Additional Items By LinkedIn – Choose Who Can See Your Post

As you would notice, this kind of window displaying different preferences for choosing your audience was not available before.

This updated facility would give more room to select preferred viewers while you promote your web content !

Brands can obtain an elevated position for official videos, commercial pictures and professional matter posted by them at this online platform.

But it doesn’t end here.

There are a couple of more enhanced features one can find at this upgraded version.

These elements can also assist in marketing of websites !

Observe the symbol with 3 dots in the picture below. Click the same and see that it is now possible to embed published content on an external source !

embed your already posted content on external websites for brand publicity
Embed Your Already Posted Content On External Websites For Brand Publicity

So these were two of the three extra amenities found recently, inside this professional networking portal !

Optimize Images For Visibility & Obtain Further Internet Exposure

Upload any photo on this online promotion resource, as shown in the picture screenshot below !

the way a photo shows up after uploading at linkedin company page
The Way A Photo Shows Up After Uploading At LinkedIn Company Page

Spot the red rectangle border around an uplinked picture on your commercial feed.

Click the “edit icon” providing a choice for inserting an explanatory narration and summary for the photo.

Another window would open on your screen like this below, offering the opportunity to write an Alt Text after uploading a picture !

optimize images for visibility by writing an alternative wording and description
Insert An Alt Text And Narrative To Photos For An Improved Online Positioning

One now has the option to optimize images for visibility by writing an alternative wording and description.

This is one of the additional items by LinkedIn.

It is enabling companies gain a better online positioning for their websites and obtain further internet exposure for products and services.

These fresh components could be incorporated during your social media optimization drive to generate high rankings for you.

Agencies providing internet publicity solutions commonly use this platform for helping clients in promoting their websites.

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