Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

advantages in portal hosted websites at or shopify etc.

There are various platforms providing managed web anchoring technology, with the following facility !

  • You can build, design and optimize a template theme based website or a blog section, in-house.
  • Enjoy adequate security, have access to the space and all of your files.

But without code level access., Shopify, Squarespace and Point2Agent are the leading platforms offering this kind of all-in-one solution.

Such are websites anchored at gateways which also own servers.

WordPress has the largest global market share for this type of website construction service.

It is the worldwide leader in this specialty.

Similarly, there are numerous servers offering services on the following pattern !

  • One can host a domain for business expansion, personal use or for posting official blogs by renting or buying space on a chosen host.
  • Develop a website through programming, but without any support vis a vis construction, optimizing or designing software.
  • Alongside also have access to the code.

Bluehost, Hostgator, Amazon, Dreamhost are typical examples of top server space owners and renters, normally used by vendees.

If selecting then you would be on its computer.

Hence, you would fall under the category of a theme based anchored site in this scenario.

But you need to download the software if opting for purchasing a URL address, theme and space separately.

That is required in cases when someone wanting to host the domain on another mainframe.

Both choices have their own strengths, positives, limitations, boundations and are categorized as opposing technologies.

As per us, there are major drawbacks in self-hosting website development system.

In our opinion it is a bad idea definitely for medium and small projects.

Being prone to virus attacks, this pattern is ideally suitable only for high-budget portals.

Big-time platforms are capable in preventing such problems.

Only those who get a chance to try out both options would understand the pros and cons of both frameworks being opposite to each other.

So, one would know and understand the advantages in portal hosted websites only after experiencing the same, not otherwise.

Let us explain why we think so.

Which one is a better option ?

Choosing to purchase a domain name and renting space from a third party alongside ?


Opting for a template theme based website building software which not just helps you develop but also manage and host your domain ?

One could say that it depends upon the below mentioned factors !

  • Requirements vis a vis special features.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Budget.
  • Time, manpower and resources at disposal.

Avoid Hidden Cost & Choose Auto Maintenance Technology

It’s like deciding between the two options as below !

  • Sending your child for extra classes in a group coaching center.
  • Or hiring a teacher to come over to your house for giving tuitions.

The former proves to be cheaper, but does not furnish much room for personalization, as it focuses on the important topics only.

Whereas the latter be costlier, but provides much more flexibility in terms of modifying schedules and thrust on some specific subjects.

Group study classes could overcrowded and difficult to monitor during internal examinations.

A student may find it easy to copy answers from the child seated next to him/her.

Whereas in a home study session, the teacher could monitor if the student engages in any mischief during a test.

Exceptions always exist.

For large corporates, self-anchoring is obviously the inevitable choice, despite its downside and handicaps.

Reason being, it is possible for big companies to tackle such obstacles and troubles.

They are pre-equipped to handle such complications and hindrances.

It also depends upon what your priorities are.

But medium and compact firms should double recheck if they really want to do the following !

  • Disregard the numerous drawbacks in self-hosting website development system on one hand.
  • And overlook the advantages in portal hosted websites at the same time.

Would you prefer availing the following amenities ?

  • Enabling expansive designing personalization.
  • Code level access.
  • Creating options for importing unlimited number of plugins.

Or else give priority to the below mentioned aspects which are more worthwhile to consider as compared to the facets above ?

  • Practicality.
  • Auto maintenance technology.
  • Hassle-free running.
  • Automated monitoring.
  • Eliminating possibilities of hidden cost and virus attacks.

So it boils down to the below mentioned choice !

  • Would you rather compromise on extensive customization facilities ?
  • And instead opt for ultimate stability, ease-of-use and better customer support ?

Renting space, then buying a domain name and finally a theme may or may not prove more costly as compared to websites produced on the opposed methodology.

But, all said and done, one is not practicing a hobby when making own portal.

Even if it is a pastime recreation activity for some, the fact remains that you are in full glare of the public and that too worldwide 24/7/365.

It is a matter of prestige.

So, why indulge half-committed in an exercise which has the potential to either make a name for you or vice-versa ?

It would be disastrous taking such an undertaking with a part-serious approach.

In addition, ventures like developing Google AMP compatible websites are supposedly thoroughly sincere assignments.

For instance elements like mobile-friendliness is a must for web pages.

So, one would rather not embark upon the task if price consideration is dominating the quality factor.

The necessity of smooth functionality, online safety and effectiveness of the product vis a vis generating topmost results should be the highest priority.

Customers feeling unsatisfied with their service providers developing websites and looking for another alternative is a usual phenomenon.

Owing allegiance to the many drawbacks in self-hosting website : The chances of conflicts between a vendor and vendee are quite common.

adequate security and auto maintenance are advantages in portal hosted websites

Adequate Security, Personalized Customer Support & Auto Maintenance Technology At The Managed Web Anchoring Method.

One needs to understand that poorly made web pages leave a very bad impression on educated consumers.

Let us discuss some matters below which might help one realise that the disadvantages in self-anchoring are critical in nature.

Whereas as per us the limitations in the opposite method are of trivial character.

This blog post, highlighting advantages in portal hosted websites is based on certain conditions, as listed below !

  • Small and medium size companies wanting modest to middle volume domains but of a supreme quality and within limited budgets.
  • Clients who are 100% serious about generating a high-standard output.
  • Discussing only middle to average level web developers here.
  • Comparisons here are based on premium plans (not free-memberships) of,, Squarespace etc. VS the opposite pattern under consideration.

Benefits Of Self-hosting Website Development System

Flexibility to choose a preferred server.

This opens up the room for an access to the open-source applications, templates and extensions available online.

Buy, upload or import any open-source plugin or theme from the internet.

One has far more room to customize the features, layout and formatting aspects during the web designing process.

benefits of anchoring websites on own or rented server space
Benefits Of Anchoring Websites On Own Or Rented Server Space

Choosing such a methodology is especially gainful for those who already have IT skills.

Or for the ones going for a large scale exercise, with special features and able to afford a full-time programmer.

In fact, people capable of coding or able to afford hiring an IT engineer, should select this option preferably.

This methodology may not be a bad idea if budget is not an issue and you are prepared try out more than one web developer.

Such is because the first experiment with in such cases usually goes wrong.

Then one abandons a project mid-way and moves on to the next programmer.

Shift to any other server without too much of difficulty.

That is subject to the condition that your website service provider has taken the latest backup.

Monetize your blog or domain through online Ads.

Undoubtedly this is a prominent support this type of framework presents.

However, there are few rare platforms operating on the opposing mechanism which also allow you to advertise your in-house content.

Drawbacks In Self-hosting Website Development System

You would have to ensure that your portal developer buys space on a top quality mainframe.

Furthermore, one would also need to keep checking if the website builder secretly switches to a cheap server to save own outlay of service provided to you.

Low-price gateways selling or renting file-sharing space are prone to high-jacking threats and dangers in spoofing.

Data privacy problems and hacking risks due to usually-used untested third-party plugins is common.

Websites built on such frameworks are vulnerable to crashing.

Reason being, uploading vaporware class add-on extensions and third-party applications is unsafe.

Such domains consume a heavy back-end upkeep fee.

This methodology is laden with disguised charges and service rates, initially invisible but detectable only later.

On top of that, one is challenged with an immensely steep learning curve while handling websites on these kinds of frameworks.

Issues like the ones below !

  • Overlapping images and text in documents.
  • Inconsistencies in rendering.
  • Mobile incompatibility.
  • Alignment problems.
  • Hidden cost.
  • Automated monitoring is not available.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Non-clickable buttons.
  • Odd and sudden gaps or spaces.
  • Varying font sizes.
  • Or untidy menus and errors of different sorts, often crop up in such type of domains.

It may be difficult for a new programmer to guarantee a symmetrical continuation, after taking over from the previous one.

More or less the entire back-end is manually coded VS the automatic script formation functionality which is one of the advantages in portal hosted websites.

It becomes a huge exercise in reading existing codes, commands and program languages, before moving forward.

Additionally, this technology makes it hard to perform modifications, if technically unqualified.

The entire interface for a novice is highly complicated. The, disaster recovery is very tough here.

Additionally, complex settings in control panels are always problematic.

Even Off-page Optimization activities on (for example) Webmaster Tools Account can become confusing, leave apart making content updations.

Automation and convenience on matters such as below is either insufficient or unavailable !

  • Spam protection.
  • Inadequacies in load balancing.
  • Software update features.
  • Database backup management.
  • Technical upkeep facilities.

You would need to be sure that the web developer takes a backup of all files, including the code, on a regular basis, manually.

This is sample of a familiar trouble often found in such kinds of methodologies used for developing websites.

Data corruption or sudden loss in content is a routine affair inside domains.

Hence, keeping a watchful eye on such preventive measures is a daunting assignment.

Switching over to another web design agency is a common occurrence.

The transition and migration stage may not be smooth, often, depending upon case to case basis.

virus attacks and hidden cost are drawbacks in self-hosting website development
Drawbacks In Self-hosting Website Development System

It’s true that self or shared-anchoring opens up an unlimited room for maneuverability on various technical aspects.

But very few middle size portal construction companies have that kind of expertise.

The ones not sure about how to add a particular feature, somehow successfully convince you about why that certain facility cannot be included or changed.

And fully-equipped web designers, charge heavy prices.

The best way for consumers to extract the maximum out of this framework is to hire own coding engineers.

It could help them in dealing with website building service providers.

Moreover, that works out very expensive for whom a completely professional output is a priority.

there are many drawbacks in self-hosting website with the free
There Are Many Disadvantages Of Self-anchoring With The Free

Such technologies are mounted with concealed charges, very much unlike a transparent pricing mechanism being one of the advantages in portal hosted websites.

Let’s say, you require an SSL certificate for online safety !

Web developers normally ask for an additional fee to enable that.

You surely will end up paying substantial charges in case content updations are required daily, under this mechanism.

For instance, you would need to keep checking if the web developer is regularly updating the XML sitemap or not.

Or else you lose the opportunity of gaining an organic visibility on page one of Google and Bing listing results.

24X7 customer support is generally unavailable.

Normally, the full staff in medium size website development companies usually works only during the daytime.

You find only 1 or 2 junior level, helpline professionals to address your call, in night hours, if needed.

24X7 technical care at the renowned server renters, is always available, however.

Nevertheless, generally your would require help from your portal developer and not from the space owners side.

Another instance of the drawbacks in self-hosting is that it’s unlikely for the back-end code to be clean.

Your site might function well, but the chances of duplication and unnecessary presence of HTML is high.

This is a typical error upsetting the search engines.

The server space you buy, would most likely run on enterprise software.

However, there is no guarantee that your portal developer would use licensed website programming applications at their end.

In addition if they rent space on a middle category computer – then downtime issues crop up.

Pirated software is prone to faults, errors, bugs and requires extensive patch management.

Often you might need to personally call the web developer whenever any matter remains unresolved after email or chat.

Such professionals are not equipped with a sufficiently qualified backup support staff.

And in cases when the main technical engineer is buzy at the required time, one is left with no other option but to wait.

The Major Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

Feel assured of having a fully functional top standard product dispensing a wonderful user-experience.

And that too without the hassle of dealing with complications of the control panel and other software concerned matters.

The probability of any technical glitch or server downtime problem is the least under such technologies.

Navigation and browsing is neat, stable, effortless and smooth.

Safety against malware strikes, phishing, data privacy problems and hacking risks during the subscription period.

WYSIWYG and there is no involvement of disguised pricing.

But these aspects are some of the many drawbacks in self-hosting website development system.

Plugins, extensions and themes available, are not as bountiful in contrast to the unlimited access in the opposed methodology.

But the in-house variety under the paid-plans are sufficient in number.

Themes by regardless of the ones which are free or paid, are by default optimized for high natural visibility, by the way.

Another benefit here is – Zero risk of your content crashing during plugin uploads.

Launch a middle level blogging site within just two months.

To top that, one doesn’t need to worry about handling the FTP server settings.

advantages in portal hosted websites built on or shopify etc.
Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites Built On

Practical Methodology.

Learn how to manage your domain easily and make an unlimited number of modifications, sitting at home or office.

Website development companies are bound by certain norms.

A client has a right to ask them for the admin login password during any stage, be it during or after the entire exercise.

The methodology is transparent, user-friendly, intuitive and by default produces Google AMP compatible websites.

It offers an easy-to-understand interface for adding, deleting or modifying anything.

It’s simple for any new user to just login and insert or delete anything without any knowledge of database programming.

This is one of the best properties of such frameworks.

It dispenses easily maintainable websites and that too with automated spam protection and super fast loading speed.

Equipped with troubleshooting any problem a subscriber faces 24X7.

That includes help for the initial setup as well as during the entire subscription period.

Such gateways have customer help engineers, world-over.

They can provide help at any time including custom CSS for advanced web designing.

However some of such companies have stopped supplying CSS support for free.

But then let’s say you install a third-party premium theme, then the theme builder would assist you in that regard.

Your call or chat message gets routed to the staff depending upon global time zones.

You would never need to call technical care section, as email or chat support takes care of all issues.

Assurance of a clean code at the back-end.

Having a stable foundation is a necessary element for website optimization.

So enjoy the upper-hand on this front too, by choosing this framework for developing your domain.

One of the advantages in portal hosted websites is that such technologies offer an all-in-one solution.

Obtaining a valuable amenity like the auto maintenance technology and that too as a built-in component at reasonable rates is a favorable element.

Even XML sitemaps are by default updated immediately after one makes alterations in content.

They also install enterprise software on their servers. Then patch mamagement is also handled by them.

This brings an additional benefit to domains running on their gateways.

And that is another reason why this technique is far superior after comparing the various drawbacks in self-hosting website development system.

The application on its own sorts out technical errors, bugs and browser or mobile incompatibility issues.

Such platforms dispense an SSL certificate, i.e. all such websites contain a HTTPS prefix.

Domain registration is sometimes provided free of charge to subscribers choosing the premium category plans on such frameworks.

The first experience is the last one for the ones opting for such a methodology.

It’s very rare to see clients finding faults like untidy menus, jerky movements in browsing etc.

They end up being lifetime members here.

Annual subscription charges include automatic repairs, data backups and software updates without any concealed prices.

This brings an immense level of comfort to the vendees.

Reason being, one need not worry about unexpected expenditure cropping up suddenly.

Websites developed on such kind of gateways enjoy a stronger integration with social networks as compared to the opposing technique.

For example there are platforms like SlideShare, Canva and few more yield a specialized embed code for WordPress domains.

So that was the list of few advantages in portal hosted websites, above.

Shortcomings In Websites Made On or Shopify etc.

You cannot choose a preferred service and will be confined to using the server space owned by the platform.

But then the big question arises as to why would anyone want to buy or rent file-sharing space on some other gateway ?

It is a well-known fact that owns the best, most secured, the fastest and the ultimate network in terms of uptime rates.

Considerable number of safe and tested plugins and extensions are available for paid-members.

But for some it is an obstacle because you can find a much larger variety in the self or shared anchoring option.

One cannot upload any open-source plugin and would need to work within the limited layout and theme capabilities.

You would neither be able to monetize nor make a membership platform with an online community under this methodology. provides the option of Google Adsense Advertising to its business plan subscribers, though.

What’s more, its subsidiary WooCommerce also builds a plugin for membership portals.

shortcomings in websites made on or shopify etc.
Shortcomings In Websites Made On or Shopify or Wix etc.

Website development companies have access only to the automatically backed up files, under such a framework.

Code-level access is not available. Hence, shifting to another server or gateway is a cumbersome operation.

However, has made domains, shifting-to and shifting-away procedure simple.

Dependence upon the company that owns the platform where your content resides.

These kind of gateways always send an advance notice in situations when they plan a shut down.

In such a scenario, the process of shifting to another server becomes unavoidable for subscribers.

However, this probability is rare as we are only discussing world-class managed web anchoring service providing companies here.

But then surprisingly that is a hurdle for some.

It is shocking because few forget to look at the larger picture.

Some fail to grasp that there are far many drawbacks in self-hosting website development system.

In such an event, one would imagine that a client is also keeping this possibility under consideration and thinking that far.

But the amazing part is that in such a situation why does one forget that it is not impossible for any gateway, server-space provider, a host or a third-party theme developer too to plan a shut-down ?

Not possible to import or modify applications, so suitable for small and medium volume portals.

Readymade themes have some boundations; hence, a handicap for very huge blogging sites and web pages.

But again, the business plan members at are allowed to import any template from anywhere.

Sometimes, restrictions in some online designing facilities might be frustrating.

But, at least one is prepared in-advance to adapt within those limitations.

Morever, WordPress 5 now comes with the Gutenberg software.

This amazing invention is more or less like a page builder helping you to design websites.

The overall shortcomings in the managed-anchoring technology are far lesser in terms of severity.

One can understand after comparing the two systems through a practical application only.

Choosing Adequate Security And Eliminating Virus Attacks

Just to recap, the above discussion is pertaining to construction of premium and exclusive portals of medium to small size and with minimal allocations.

Clients for whom, design is more important than first-grade performance and a stable foundation, may very well choose any option.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible for novices and middle level businesses with tight budgets to develop and optimise a top grade self-anchored domain without hassles.

The smarter ones are able to look at the broader picture, however.

Such a category are able to accept the fact that from an overall perspective the advantages in portal hosted websites are far more than the opposed technique.

Undoubtedly, one would be better-off giving first priority to elements which are of prime importance as below !

  • Automated data backups.
  • Load balancing and disaster recovery.
  • A guaranteed mobile compatibility !
  • Eliminating possibilities of virus attacks.
  • Adequate security.
avoid hidden cost in a website by choosing the managed web anchoring technology

Self-hosting website development system can be disguised with hidden cost and is vulnerable to technical faults.

Ignoring the grave drawbacks in self-hosting and instead giving preference to trivial or non-recommendable matters as below is a serious mistake due to the following reasons !

  • Unlimited customization options which instead of helping in a superior organic visibility, trigger a risk of being penalized by the spiders.
  • Having access to limitless choices for monetizing own web pages which again if undertaken excessively, harms the internet ranking of a domain.
  • Opening up endless probabilities in importing plugins of secondary importance pose a threat of data crashing.

Video below by John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google, advising webmasters to develop a stable foundation for creating a website and improving online ranking !

It Is Crucial To Focus On Basic Essentials To Build An Effective Portal

Which Are The Popular Google Ad Formats For Promoting Portals ?

The most commonly used online advertisements at Google are as follows :

1. Word Ads – Text based promotions are a usual mode of internet advertising on the crawlers. These Ads are displayed within search engine results pages, or at any of its partner sites and few other domains.

2. Image or Video Ads – These kind of advertisements are shown within the Google Display Network which is a group of more than two million different sites and Apps.

3. Shopping Ads – These type of advertisements can be displayed anywhere :

A. Under the “Shopping Tab” at a search engine results page showing different “result filtering” options like Maps, News, Images, Videos etc. at the top bar.

B. Within Google Search i.e. under the default tab called “All”.

C. Partner Sites.

D. The Display Network.

4. Dynamic Ads – One may allow this robot to direct the online visitor to the specific page within own domain which the spider finds appropriate based on the query by the online visitor. Such types of Ads are usually shown within the “search network” but may also appear under the “display network” if required.

5. Miscellaneous – There are few more categories of internet advertising available at Google like – “Call-only Ads” or “App promotion Ads” which are lesser in demand however.

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