bing places loads more components on its online business map platform

Bing Places Loads More Components

On can observe one new feature when one edits own Bing Local Maps listing.

Touching upon only few of the updated elements one notices inside this resource.

Spot the red color oval shape mark in the screenshot image below :

bing places loads more components on its online business map platform
Bing Places Loads More Components On Its Online Business Map Platform

Now you can choose how you would like your Name, Address and Phone Number details to appear on this portal.

This is a new property added in this regional commercial location listing resource.

Bing Places can help in increasing digital traffic to domains and enable them to obtain improved results on local organic searches.

You will reach this page while going through the step by step process required for updating your company description.

This section did not exist on this business address listing portal earlier. It has been incorporated only sometime within this month.

It is a useful module as it gives an opportunity to companies in specifying their contact details in a much clear manner to this resource.

Bing Local Maps Shows How Many Users View Your Listing

We came across another division worth mentioning as in the photo below :

use bing local maps for monitoring how customers interact with your listing
Use Bing Local Maps For Monitoring How Customers Interact With Your Listing

Notice the red oval sign marked over the green color link button within the picture above.

This online business map platform assists you to view detailed insights about the level of visibility you achieved within a certain period.

The Microsoft owned tool helps companies to understand how they are performing on regional organic internet results listings.

Click the same link button and it would lead you to another window inside Bing Places.

View the screenshot image below :

compare your website performance on local organic internet results listings
Bing Places Loads More Components Helping You Compare Your Website Performance

Spot the red oval shape marked inside the photo above.

Observe a partly cut-off of the green progress chart at the bottom.

If you scroll down a bit further, the entire chart signifying the volume of online visitors your web pages generate, would appear in full.

One has the choice to match how competitors or similar businesses have performed, on local organic internet results listings.

You have the option to see the total volume of views in the chart, location-wise using filters such as zip code, city, state or country.

You can download the Bing Places App through Google Play or Apple Store.

Go ahead and manage your contact details and already uploaded content inside this platform to attain better visibility on natural online searches.

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