Improvement At Bing Local Maps

There is an improvement at Bing Local Maps, you can notice forthwith.

The advancement it seems has been introduced recently.

This refined element pertains to it’s regional office registration section, helping companies enhance online visibility.

One can now create or optimize Bing company listing through Google My Business portal after importing commercial particulars from the latter inside the former, as follows !

  • Name of profession.
  • Work address.
  • Establishment’s phone number.
  • Publicity photos.
  • Working hours.
  • Brief description of activities inside your firm.
  • Links to promotional accounts at social network portals.
  • And location marker roadmap.

Please see the image below to view how this gateway would present the concerned option after you login your account here !

improvement at bing local maps helping companies enhance online visibility
Register A New Firm Or Enrich Own Current Official Details At This Domain

You may form a fresh record for your establishment by entering own professional information manually inside this top quality platform.

But now you also have the choice to import your commercial particulars from Google Local Map Profile too, while undertaking the same exercise.

For obvious reasons, only enterprises already having a verified registration at the latter would be able to avail this amenity.

Companies clicking the green button at the left (as in the screenshot picture above) will spot a fresh window opening up like this below !

optimize bing company listing through google my business portal
Import Official Details For Either Making Or Optimizing Your Record Here

Click the green rectangle button surrounded by a red rectangle outline as in the screenshot photo above.

Optimize Bing Company Listing Through Google My Business Portal

Next, after clicking the link as explained above, you would notice another window opening at your computer screen, like this below !

authorization for importing commercial particulars from google map platform
Authorization For Importing Commercial Particulars From Google Map Platform

Click the blue button showing link text – “Allow”, as in the screenshot image above.

As previously, once again a fresh window would pop-up at your screen as below !

permission required to import your official details inside this platform
Permission Required To Merge Your Establishment’s Professional Information

Click the green color rectangle button at the bottom right with text saying – “Continue” !

This would enable consolidation of your record here through own listing on Google regional search section.

This is a useful amenity for finding online buyers worldwide 24×7.

Improvement At Bing Local Maps Helping Companies Enhance Online Visibility

Finally, you would be presented with a confirmation window indicating the completion of the process, as follows !

professional information helping companies enhance online visibility
This Is How The Final Page For Acceptance Would Open Up At Your Screen

That’s it. You have successfully performed the operation.

Please see the red rectangle color outline over the text written as – “Congratulations. Your record has been published.”

This is the confirmation for your professional information published at this website helping companies enhance online visibility.

By the way, one also observes a window opening offering automated alerts regarding this gateway at one’s Facebook Messenger, as follows !

receive updates about improvement at bing local maps on your facebook messenger
Receive Updates On Your Facebook Messenger Account

Go ahead and check if the procedure has transported your establishment’s content for improving internet exposure in the manner you desired.

Have a look at the screenshot below, showing your acquired images and official address location marker appropriately !

modify and optimize bing company listing if any need to alter descriptions
Evaluate If Your Work Related Data Has Been Imported Properly Or Not

Modify and optimize Bing Company Listing if you feel there is any need to alter descriptions, settings or account profile for improving your website traffic !

Video below explaining another improvement at Bing Local Maps focusing on regional restaurant listings !

  • Potential customers now have an option to chat with you through the built-in bot at your zonal official record.
  • The robot recognizes natural language and can answer questions on your behalf to help clients get the information.
  • The bot will reach out to you in case it is unable to find the answers and will remember it for answering future queries.
  • It can also offer you analytics and what buyers are asking most often.
  • It is already partnering with top restaurants in different regions.
  • This Microsoft chatbot is available for mobile and desktop versions of Bing, Skype and your website too.
How This Platform Is Assisting Regional Businesses Increase Sales