Creating Marketable Content

google slide presentations for web designing and composing slideshows

There are many platforms available which can help in composing slideshows, web designing and making animations.

Let us discuss some of the top tools for producing online content, commercial movies and pictures for internet promotion.

We confine our discussion to SlideShare, Animaker, Canva and Google Slide Presentations in this post.

style informative images while creating marketable content for websites
Style Informative Images For Generating Brand Awareness

Most domains mentioned above have their own strengths and limitations in creating marketable content for websites.

Commercial movies with different types of fancy animation effects assist you to find buyers and grow sales.

producing online content and animated photos and designer videos for portals
Make Multimedia Files, Animated Photos And Designer Videos For Portals

Discussing the topic below only based on the free versions of these vastly popular applications, to simplify comparison.

SlideShare For Publicizing Digital Matter For Web Pages

Purpose – This portal helps mainly in publicizing sliders already created through Google Slide Presentations or PowerPoint etc.

The other three applications under discussion here, assist in both as follows !

  • Producing online content for a website and internet promotion undertakings.
  • Web design and forming digital advertising material.

However, one can insert a YouTube Video URL, in professional sliders, here. So this software is assisting in part composition of documents too.

The effect of sales publicity and internet promotion is quite substantial to procure leads and customers through SlideShare.

Permitted Uploading Formats – One needs to first develop either an Adobe PDF, a text file or any of the Microsoft PowerPoint formats and then uplink.

One may add a URL of one or more clips from YouTube or from own “G Drive” inside the sliders. The same is watchable and easy to view within the presentation.

It is a fantastic feature, as this adds a punch to the deck. You can insert more than one URL by the way.

Quality – The picture resolution sharpness is of medium-grade unfortunately.

The program assisting in generating internet promotional matter for companies, but the display category is just average.

Animation Capabilities – That is the biggest limitation in publicizing professional sliders here.

As many PPT files are interactive, one feels disappointed at SlideShare flattening out the moving objects.

This portal rejects a fantastic characteristic from a PPS, and internet promoters are left wanting for more.

Hyperlinks – The software automatically removes links in the first 3 pages of an artwork made on Google Slide Presentations, PowerPoint or a PDF file.

However, hyperlinks from the fourth slider onwards work normally.

Background Audio – This tool does not allow music or speaker’s comments in files uploaded on its platform.

The sound inside the added document becomes muted automatically inside this program.

However, speakers recorded voice, such as explainer notes, are permitted and audible after uplinking.

The only portal for creating marketable content having this facility, out of the 4 four under discussion here. So this software is a unique one in that sense.

The option to re-upload an updated PPS, which overwrites the previous version, is another useful feature.

slideshare link sharing for promoting sites on social media publicity portals
SlideShare Link Sharing For Promoting Sites On Social Media Publicity Portals

Integration with Digital Networks – It has a direct connection with LinkedIn, being its subsidiary.

This is the main reason for extra internet exposure for SlideShare decks which can help you find buyers.

As most others, it provides option to share on few other digital networks as well.

Embedding – The program extends a provision in such a feature, which is helpful to users while producing online content for a website.

A second embed code, especially for WordPress platform is another advantage.

Downloads – One may downlink digital matter only in the same file type, the user uploads originally.

Nevertheless, this constraint is natural, as this application is not supposed for creating marketable content for websites.

It is primarily meant for publicizing the already designed material which one composes anywhere else outside this App.

So, this portal is a sales promotional tool for companies.

Allowable File Sizes – The output is limited up to a maximum of 300 MB.

This would suffice as the largest allowable size for PowerPoint documents is 100 Megabytes.

Another positive aspect, as it generates room for the kind of users needing to publicize heavy sliders too.

Length of Deck – One is permitted to have as many official slides inside a single deck, here.

This amenity opens up room for an enhanced flexibility while publicizing your establishment here.

In-house Exposure – This platform provides an enormous presence in front of either known or unknown business circle, worldwide.

It has a large number of subscribers and in general, yields a satisfactory internet presence to your commercial material.

Traffic from Search Engines.

This application presents a wide scope in yielding a worthwhile organic visibility on Google and Bing !

The document, if of a high quality and embedded inside your domain provides ample exposure through SlideShare.

Or else go ahead and manually copy and paste the link inside your accounts at Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Note – Starting December 2020. this App will be administered and maintained by Scribd. So improvements are expected soon.

Canva Is One Of The Top Tools For Producing Online Content


This commercial designing portal helps in shaping various types of sales publicity and internet promotion material.

Out of the four leading applications for developing advertising matter (under discussion), this medium is special.

It assists in both – creating marketable content for websites and shaping printed documents for generating brand awareness.

elements for creating marketable content and styling web pages on canva
Layouts And Backgrounds For Styling Web Pages On Canva

Businesses commonly engage in composing slideshows, forming banners, professional graphics and brochures.

But there is a difference between Canva and Google Slide Presentations as far as sliders are concerned.

The former renders a PDF output only. Whereas the latter is far more powerful in generating additional type or formats like PPT etc.

One may even use Canva for personal use, as it has a beautiful variety of book cover, photo collage and other templates.

Type Of File Uploads Allowed – This is another strong characteristic of this tool.

Even the SVG format is importable, which is a unique trait of this portal.

The only platform with this facility, here under discussion. What’s more, the possibility to insert EPS files, adds further strength to this App.

For regular pictures and infographics, JPEG’s are importable here. Just like SlideShare, one can embed one or more YouTube URL’s here as well.

The same video is viewable if one switches to the presentation-mode in the PDF.

Finally, importing pictures directly from one’s Facebook Account, is also permitted.

Quality – The resolution for web designing is of a first class standard.

But surprisingly, sometimes the document’s dimensions change after publishing on its software.

It’s system might on some occasions, crop the finished template from the sides, leaving you to wonder why it happened.

This is the weakest point of this program.

Animations – The portal does not render any such interactive features or elements for creating marketable content for websites.

But, this tool is versatile enough for either styling web pages, projects, blogs or else dashing print graphics too.

The facilities and options for pictorial and especially photo material here are elaborate.

Undoubtedly, one is able to yield visually attractive PDF’s, image files and shareable matter at this platform.

One may add professional pictures, shapes, icons, charts, fonts, illustrations, word art in multiple categories.

It has a variety of layouts, components, grids and frames which makes it one of the top tools for producing online content for a website.

Hyperlinks – Create as many links within the artwork, infographic or document, as required on Canva.

That gives an opportunity to exploit the best out of the promotional material generated by you.

Background Audio – This feature is not available on the application.

There are many other slider building programs which provide the facility to insert sound bytes inside the final composition.

However, this software is not focusing on only on composing slideshows but various kinds of publicity material. Hence, this limitation is understandable.

Integration with Social Media Publicity Portals.

Canva does not possess any direct connection with any such network for promoting sites or procure leads.

However, you may manually promote the link, by sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Embedding Facilities – Full marks here. Even this software presents an alternate embed code, especially for the WordPress platform.

File Downloading Functionality – One finds three options for downloads – PDF, PNG and JPEG.

Though not as many file formats available as one would desire, but in general, the 3 choices are sufficient to solve the purpose.

Size – The output is restricted to a maximum of 50 MB, which is adequate in most cases.

Especially when one is forming professional artwork for the internet environment, larger files are normally not needed.

However, this software is not as versatile as Google Slide Presentations, from where you can download an output up to 2 GB.

Length of PDF – Only up to a maximum number of 15 sliders are allowable in a single presentation at this source.

Maybe a little improvement required here from this program.

Visibility Within The Platform – It would be premature to expect yourself find buyers in-house through this medium.

It does not render any significant traffic towards your artwork here. This portal is relatively new in comparison with others under discussion.

This medium is suited well for multimedia advertising and brand promotion assignments.

Traffic from Crawlers – It does not render any notable organic visibility on the leading search engines to its output files embedded inside portals.

However, it helps in producing online content for a website alongside digital advertising material, documents, posters etc.

The professional fashioning capabilities in terms of building artwork on Canva are very powerful.

Animaker For Creating Marketable Content For Websites

Purpose – This applications helps in fashioning moving cartoon and infographic based 2D explainer films.

One can add pics, shapes, web icons, backgrounds and illustrations within the workspace.

This is a wonderful component you discover on this internet advertising and web designing medium.

producing online content for modeling portals and making animations on animaker
Forming Commercial Films And Making Animations On Animaker

A wide variety of backgrounds, themes and different types of fonts are available too.

Uploading Formats – You’re permitted to import PNG and JPEG pictures and MP3 sound bytes here. In general, these three choices are sufficient.

Reason being – One is able to discover substantial graphics, icons, shapes and backgrounds from within the resource itself.

All such elements for creating marketable content for websites, are effective enough for an optimal internet promotion task.

Quality – Clarity of the composed file is of a high standard and easily shareable. The resolution is sharp, simple to view and strikingly awesome.

Animated Ingredients – This program is surely one of the top tools for producing online content and animated photos and designer videos for portals.

It’s user-friendly and makes it easy to develop short cartoon movies and multimedia advertisements here.

Another component one finds on Animaker is the choice for shaping-out dynamic infographics with appealing motion designs.

The screen effects in particular are brilliant for styling web pages, portfolios and article posts.

The “enter” and “end” effects used for simulating objects or text, present many types of interesting options.

This application assists internet promoters in rendering an entertaining experience to explainer films.

Ability To Generate Hyperlinks – For obvious reasons, this provision is not present during making animations on Animaker.

It is not possible to have a video with clickable links. Such a tool is generally available inside professional sliders, not in movies.

Hence, one cannot call it as a constraint inside this resource used for creating marketable content for websites.

Background Audio.

This is another exceptional component one finds here while building video animation material for pages, portfolios and blogs.

Some voice tracks available are quite pleasant sounding. Importing one’s own MP3 sound-byte from and exterior source on the internet is permitted here.

Integration with Social Media Publicity Portals.

Animaker is not directly integrated with any such type of network assisting a business to procure leads.

This program assists you in traffic generation indirectly, though.

Exporting the movie to both YouTube and Facebook is offered from within, after completing the design.

But one would need to copy and paste the URL manually if desiring publicizing the same at own LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter accounts.

Probability Of Embedding The Output.

Unfortunately, this amenity is not available here. And this is where it fades in contrast to Google Slide Presentations for instance.

This is a drawback inside this tool because an embed code proves to be quite useful in boosting prominence at the internet.

Inserting artwork from different sources inside own domain yields a versatile user-experience.

File Downloads.

There is no such provision in the free version for downloading the movie directly from Animaker. This portal is different from others in this aspect.

After exporting to YouTube, one can either downlink or embed the shareable video animation from there.

Whereas, Facebook displays only an embeddable code in such a case.

Files Sizes – One can upload snapshots of up to 5 MB, inside one’s picture library in this platform.

This may not be an adequate limit in some cases, though. However, an image compression software might prove to be handy in such a scenario.

An additional 5 Megabyte can be utilized for importing MP3 audio bytes too. Maybe there is no maximum limit for the output size. We are not sure.

But the interactive files and movies are light, considering the resolution quality. Most likely the produced two minute film will be less than 15 MB, including the audio.

Hence, another plus in Animaker’s favor, that it helps one compose lightweight media for modeling portals.

Length of Video – One could design different types of short 2D movies, up to two minutes long, here.

You may not be able to discover a flaw here regarding this aspect.

Reason being – Normally web designers confine their promotional films up to the same limit, in terms of time period.

Visibility With The Audience – One might not witness any considerable internet exposure from within this platform.

So one may not find buyers directly through this medium, in-house. It is instead one of the top tools for producing online content for a website.

Digital designers form animated infographics , compose slideshows and commercial films here.

Traffic from the Spiders – As already mentioned, an embeddable code is not accessible here.

Hence, this medium does not render any significant natural visibility to your movie on the internet.

Animaker assists in forming interactive clips, exclusive promotional films while creating marketable content for websites.

Google Slide Presentations For Web Designing

Purpose – One can conveniently furnish first class official slides, multimedia material, PDF documents and SVG files here.

The availability of diverse functionalities as below, makes this application the most effectual out of the ones under discussion !

  • Tables.
  • Designed templates.
  • Themes.
  • Word-art.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Assorted charts.

It assists in forming elegant looking infographics and composing slideshows for promoting sites on social media publicity portals.

It helps in generating promotional material for businesses too. The platform has some special features like “Autosave”.

That takes care of easy recovery through a direct connection with “G Docs”.

Another benefit is that it gives the option to make the final output visible only to selected viewers, if required.

Uploads – This specialized program is quite extraordinary on this front too.

One can insert a URL of one or more movies from YouTube or from own “G Drive”.

One can also import professional slides or of almost any kind, including the interactive ones, within this software.

You may include pics in almost all sorts of formats from own hard drive or else through any URL too.

Quality – Just like Canva, the visual precision of the produced pictures is remarkable too, here.

Hence, you could utilize Google Slide Presentations for web designing and composing slideshows.

If one looks at this resource from a broader perspective then it scores above all by yielding the following !

  • Immaculate sharpness in pictures.
  • Assisting in modeling portals, various kinds of publicity material and producing online content for a website.
  • Diversity in the kind of uploadable as well as downloadable document formats.
  • Flexibility in forming the type of composition required.
  • Ease-of-usability.
  • Immense visibility for your artwork, animated photos or an infographic on the internet.
  • Embedding facilities.
  • Adaptability in file sizes and length.

Animation Components – It is truly very simple to use for creating marketable content for websites having interactive designs too.

Google Slides has a trouble-free interface allowing effortless assemblage while styling artwork.

The moving objects work smoothly and the “zoom in” and “spin” effects in particular, are magnificent.

Link Manufacturing Effectiveness – Yes, the facility to insert links is allowed and they work perfectly after publishing.

And gaining a link originating from the most authoritative source on the planet (like this one) is a priceless possession for domains.

Background Sound – This is the only prominent handicap here.

One cannot add any music or audible speaker notes inside any presentation designed here.

You may insert relevant text notes though. Nevertheless, as the remaining amenities are first class, this shortcoming is negligible.

Note – The facility to add background audio is now available here after one of the usual regular upgrades conducted.

Integration with Social Media Publicity Portals.

The manual link sharing possibilities here are adequate to assist in internet marketing exercises.

This application helps in acquiring customers and procure leads through Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Such is because most digital marketers do share the product composed by them at this platform.

Output File Embedding Possibilities – It dispenses an embed code also which works on almost all kinds of software including WordPress.

Hence, as usual this application wins again on the aspect of styling web pages, projects and blog posts.

Download Formats Allowable – You’re allowed to save files in several versions – PPTX, Plain Text, PDF, ODP, JPEG, PNG and SVG.

google slide presentations for web designing and composing slideshows
Google Slide Presentations For Creating Marketable Content For Websites

A remarkable element here is that it gives so much flexibility in many areas, as follows !

  • Producing online content for a website.
  • Styling operations.
  • Internet advertising.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Infographic formation.

This application does not allow downloading the output in MP4 directly.

But it’s possible to make a video after opening the composed PPTX and exporting in MP4 format.

Very few platforms are permitting conversion within different file types within their own gateway.

You can convert your artwork into either SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF, ODP or PPTX after importing the same in any format allowed here. A robust factor indeed.

File Sizes – The output is limited up to 2 GB, which is more than one could ever imagine.

However, even a finalized document with 50 animation sliders would not cross roughly 75 megabytes in volume.

So one could guess that the file compression system within this application is highly powerful.

Length Of The PPTX, ODP or PDF – One can have as many official slides inside a particular deck here.

As per the information in the previous point, one can feel assured in this regard.

Surely it would be rare to spot any digital creator trying to include more than 75 sliders in one single deck.

Visibility Within The Portal – This tool does not present an interface as such to help the audience view your published compositions in-house.

But as one publishes the finalized file to “G Docs”, the same is visible there and viewable by everyone.

Traffic From The Robots – Like SlideShare, even this source can help in generating a fair bit of natural internet visibility.

Like SlideShare, even this source can help in generating a fair bit of natural internet visibility.

Subject to the condition that the design is engaging and contains descriptive pics and sensible matter for the audience.

And of course animation effects, if included, can be the icing on the cake.

Undoubtedly, a great tool for creating marketable content for websites, forming slideshows and style informative images.

Producing Online Content For A Website

All the four portals including SlideShare, Animaker and Canva have their pros and cons.

But these platforms for styling web pages, portfolios and blog posts are easy to use and of an excellent standard.

And not to forget, that the paid versions are far more potent. Google Slide Presentations is an exception as it provides the full variety totally free.

Few programs like Slides dot com, Powtoon, Moovly, Animatron, Adobe Spark and VideoScribe are amongst the other globally leading sources in this regard.

Finally few additional tips regarding these 4 Apps as covered within this blog post !

  • Remember writing an explanatory supporting description with keywords while uploading matter at SlideShare.
  • One can now schedule a post for sharing own digital promotion material designed at Canva, at various internet networking sources.
  • The newly launched Animaker Version 2 has been built on the HTML5 language. Going forward you have the option to design 4K Live Trailers too here.
  • Google Slide Presentations has now started allowing addition Audio files inside its product. One may insert a sound byte for own “G Drive” here.

Watch video below by Elementor, explaining how to design promotional clips at WordPress !

  • The media carousel widget can help you show your marketing films and pictures in the best possible way.
  • It is possible to make mobile-responsive sliders and rotating photo combinations through this software.

Forming commercial slideshows for promoting sites in India. Helping clients procure leads and find buyers and grow sales !

helping clients procure leads and find buyers and grow sales through official slides
Service Providers For Creating Marketable Content For Websites

Which Social Media Promotion Portals To Opt For To Market Own Firm ?

There are many options in this regards helping firms in publicizing their professions.

We are ignoring discussing modes like GMB, Bing Places, Quora and Local Directories which do not fall under the category of social networks.

In our opinion, the ones strongest in influencing internet positioning are as follows :

1. YouTube Video Channel.
2. LinkedIn Company Page.
3. Pinterest.
4. Facebook Business Page.
5. Twitter.

So please remember, whatever we mention below is based on publicity exercises performed through non-advertising mediums i.e. SMO.

Having said that, if matter advertised at any of the channels above will definitely assist in acquiring a higher sales turnover.

For Whom Is YouTube The Most Effective In Generating Organic Visibility ?

YouTube Video Channel is the type of source which can be treated as the preferred promotional platform by the largest variety of businesses.

Be it IT service providers, real estate companies, education related sites, medical consultants, home or office repair vendors, lawyers, news platforms, manufacturing industry, government bodies (even these are like businesses run by politicians nowadays), car rental agencies, restaurants, architects, financial solution providing firms, food and grocery delivery suppliers, E-commerce stores or domestic pet care suppliers.
However, as a rare exception this portal may not be the best fit for chemists or offline-trading houses.

For Whom Is LinkedIn The Most Powerful In Gaining A Natural Digital Presence ?

LinkedIn Company Page can be considered as a favored marketing portal by IT service providers, real estate companies, home or office repair vendors, lawyers, news platforms, manufacturing industry, government bodies, car rental agencies, architects, education related sites, financial solution providing firms and offline-trading houses.
However, this tool may not be the ideal fit for E-commerce stores, food and grocery delivery suppliers, restaurants, chemists, medical consultants or domestic pet care suppliers.

For Whom Is Facebook The Strongest In Gathering An Organic Search Prominence ?

Facebook Business Page can be regarded as a fancied publicity tool by IT service providers, E-commerce stores, food and grocery delivery suppliers, education related sites, real estate companies, home or office repair vendors, news platforms, medical consultants, restaurants, domestic pet care suppliers, government bodies, car rental agencies, chemists and financial solution providing firms.
However, this tool may not be the perfect fit for manufacturing industry, architects, offline-trading houses or lawyers.

For Which Categories Is Twitter The Most Influential In Acquiring A Natural Visibility ?

Twitter can be treated as a preferred mode by IT service providers, E-commerce stores, food and grocery delivery suppliers, news platforms, medical consultants, domestic pet care suppliers, government bodies, car rental agencies, manufacturing industry, education related sites, architects and financial solution providing firms.
However, this tool may not be the ideal fit for offline-trading houses, real estate companies, chemists, restaurants, home or office repair vendors or lawyers.

For Which Sectors Is Pinterest The Most Apt In Obtaining An Additional Popularity ?

Pinterest Business can be chosen as the favored avenue by medical consultants, domestic pet care suppliers, restaurants, real estate companies, government bodies, architects, car rental agencies, lawyers, food and grocery delivery shops, E-commerce stores, education related sites and financial solution providing firms.
However, this tool may not be the best fit for the manufacturing industry, IT service providers, offline-trading houses, home or office repair vendors, chemists or news platforms.

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