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begin with optimized content before starting digital marketing of websites

While working on optimizing websites and publicity assignments, we often comes across people asking questions as follows !

  • Promotional mediums.
  • How to produce natural visibility on internet.
  • Where to publish articles.
  • Web page designing techniques.
  • What kind of hosting system to use.
  • Which platform to use to design non-text based content.
  • Why link building is vital for reaching the number one page of Google and Bing organic result listings.
  • Or strategies for writing words and sentences.

Discussing few of such illusions within the masses, regarding the issue.

Myth In SEO And Digital Marketing Of Websites

One Needs Paid Promotion To Place Own Content, High Organically.

Wrong. It is a False Notion.

An exercise like internet advertising is a form of WWW-publicity.

This kind of promotion requires a paid campaign to create brand awareness online.

Whereas the procedure of optimizing websites is an unpaid mode of elevating exposure on SERP’s and social networks, naturally.

begin with optimized content before starting digital marketing of websites
Begin With Optimized Content Before Starting Digital Marketing Of Websites

It’s possible to place own URL at the top position on search engines through chargeable forms of promotional modes too.

But, advertising non-enhanced websites generates a high-bounce rate.

Nevertheless, this type of placement does not fall under the category of an organic listing result.

A high fundamental positioning is possible only through an improvised website.

You could argue that both are equally effective.

Reason being both could help in gaining a prominent rank on number one page of Google and Bing.

However, the fact is that both basic and unnatural exposure, provide different results in regards to the type of positioning.

The chances of conversions through elementary traffic are much more than you could extract through chargeable modes of publicity, however.

Therefore, in the real sense, it is not paid Ads, but improving a website that helps in increasing rankings on SERP’s.

Having said that, payable WWW-advertising is an absolute must.

It is required during reputation management campaigns usually deployed by professionals or companies.

Both mediums – Optimizing Websites and Chargeable Promotion are both extremely necessary though.

They cannot be substituted with each other.

It is impossible for companies to develop a successful branding campaign just through improvising web pages.

Whereas, digital marketing of websites can never help you gain a primary exposure.

To achieve a prominent fundamental positioning, all that is required is as follows !

  • Generating useful paragraphs.
  • Meaningful pictures.
  • Informative videos.
  • And a combination of Off and On-page Optimization.

The latter, as in the last point listed above, is more essential to produce natural visibility on internet.

Reason being it primarily involves developing and improving content.

The standard of text and images is a crucial factor for crawlers.

It helps them in judging which website to place on what position within their organic section.

On-site Optimisation elements like as follows yield an automatic generation of backlinks !

  • Writing useful and original sentences.
  • Creating meaningful photos.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Relevant document titles and headlines.
  • An appropriate keyword density.
  • Purposeful internal and external linking.
  • And some other crucial requirements.

Links if originated through outside sources having a powerful standing, help a long way in boosting exposure for recipient domains.

Even Off-site improvement benefits in acquiring incoming connections, though.

Such a task supports a great way in promoting web pages and helps create brand awareness online too.

It works like a catalyst in boosting the existing fundamental position that the On-site Optimisation process has already erected.

That further amplifies a domain’s popularity, which induces a greater inflow of backlinks.

Procedures involving usage of free promotional resources mentioned below are all part of the Off-site improvisation techniques !

  • Webmaster Tools Accounts.
  • NAP (Name, Address and Phone) Local Listings on Business Location Maps.
  • Constructive participation at Quora.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  • Guest Blogging etc.

A high elementary exposure is inevitable if you complete the formalities above, in an efficient manner.

Most likely you will witness an inflow of inbound connections from valuable sources too, in such a scenario.

That is the best way to acquire a strong organic position on the SERP’s.

Then chargeable forms of promotion on social networking portals is another aspect of concerned with the subject.

However, content improvisation dominates paid publicity exercises, in terms of effectiveness in yielding leads through the SERP’s.

Conversely, social media marketing (SMM) proves to be slightly more potent than the free mode of promotion in the same sphere i.e. SMO.

This is the only area where Off-page Optimization fades a bit in terms of effectiveness.

Rather focus on advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, refraining from spending too much of energy on SMO.

Having said that it’s not that you could afford ignoring undertaking the Off-page Improvement operation.

Nevertheless, eliminating the SMO assignment even would be a big blunder.

Reason being – Just like paid web publicity is only effective after you optimize a website.

Same way SMM helps you in accomplishing branding practices only after the SMO exercise is completed.

Optimizing Websites To Produce Natural Visibility

The Website Improvement Process Is Not Dead, Yet.

Let us say you place the highest bid for a particular keyword during advertising, but still don’t find yourself at the top position.

Then, would you derive that paid web promotion is also dead ?

These crawlers are so unbiased that they assign a quality score to everyone, even for chargeable publicity campaigns.

So how can anyone conclude that enhanced web pages and article posts are no longer useful ?

Maybe some people say that because it’s comparatively easier to work on digital marketing of websites.

If optimisation is an optional process then why do we see companies competing for a rank on number one page of Google organic listings ?

Moreover, why does a particular website having superior information score higher than an inferior portal ?

Obviously, web pages enjoying a better position are not paying the search engines for the same.

Such websites contain fitter and more suitably improvised content than others in comparison.

produce natural visibility on internet before digital marketing of websites
Acquire A Primary Exposure On The Web Before Beginning The Promotion Task

You could find yourself visible lowly placed on SERP’s but your competitor on the top.

The reason for that can be only single.

Your competition has invested much more energy in generating quality paragraphs, videos and improving the same.

Text writing, image content development, Off and On-site Optimization are all mentally grueling technical undertakings.

That makes it a mind game.

Whereas, designing the following kind of matter requires an inherent tact and it comes from the heart !

  • Attractive promotional images.
  • Commercial videos.
  • Official slideshows.
  • And photo animations.

In addition, such types of media helps you create brand awareness online by digital marketing of websites too.

So, only a combination of an emotional process and applying some brain work can produce natural visibility on internet.

It requires an involvement of both – passion and mind.

Where To Host To Hit Number One Page Of Google And Bing

Self-hosting Or The Portal-hosted System ?

The big question is – How is it possible to optimize a website effectively, until and unless it has a solid base ?

A domain’s foundation is based upon its server, data backup capabilities, maintenance system, security strength and software coding.

It’s much easier to maintain a platform-anchored site as compared to the self hosting option.

Reason being, the former provides an all-in-one solution.

Common problems in a self-hosting website as follows, make it a lesser attractive choice than the portal hosted variety !

  • Unavailability in automatic data updates.
  • Inadequate security.
  • Shortcomings in cross-platform compatibilities.
  • Deficiencies in data privacy.
  • Expensive maintenance charges in cases where daily alterations required.
  • Absence of self-updating facilities.
  • Involvement of hidden cost.
  • And the risk of virus attacks

Why should anyone play around with such risky technologies.

Such are usually prone to so many errors and trigger technical glitches while optimizing websites ?

Agreed that the Self-hosting provides some advantages like code-level-access and a huge range of plugins.

It also dispenses an extraordinary flexibility in customization.

But some do not know that such benefits don’t add any value.

They neither assist in increasing elementary exposure nor help in the promotion task.

Conversely, you risk own domain being penalized by the robots.

Such is so because of technical coding errors are commonly found in these kind of technologies.

So why choose a system with extra capabilities which only help in providing a few unnecessary benefits to you ?

Undoubtedly, the advantages of portal hosting outweigh its disadvantages.

Amongst the biggest benefits under this technology is that it dispenses fully secured and easily maintainable websites.

Then due to the involvement of an in-house server, almost all technical errors are automatically eliminated.

Choosing self-hosting is like making an effort to reinvent the wheel even though it is avoidable.

Sites built on such systems are suitable only for large companies.

Big corporates can afford to manage coding, server and developer-centric issues.

Anyone can understand the benefits of portal hosting only after trying out both options.

Since the automated software handles the programming part, the possibility of a manual coding mistake is non-existent.

However, there are many small or medium-budget self-hosted web pages still do generally yield an at-par level of performance.

Moreover, if somone is satisfied with a mid-standard kind of internet visibility , then it is a personal choice.

Then, it is wrong to paint everyone with the same brush.

After all, seldom you do come across few middle or small-level self-hosted websites which rank on number one page of Google organic results.

But the probability and percentage of grading success through the portal hosting system seem to be much higher.

And not to forget, hosted portal anchored at a platform like will also assist you produce natural visibility on internet.

What To Do To Create Brand Awareness Online ?

Should you look to design a highly attractive website for reputation management purposes ?

We often come across clients, who need web pages composed the way they personally find beautiful.

Nevertheless, some forget that you do not shape promotional content for yourself.

It is supposed to be built for the mass user and procuring a respectable rank on first page of primary result listings.

It is neither necessary for the audience to like the design nor is it inevitable for the robots to appreciate it.

Someone could be an expert and hugely famous in own occupational field or work related activity.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that success in own profession qualifies anyone as a web designer or a consultant for optimizing websites for that matter.

Another point – There is a difference between a website and an animated walkthrough or a company brochure for that matter.

Every kind of promotional matter requires a non-identical artistry.

Web pages do not generate traffic for you through fabulous designs.

Only the ones marketed after being enhanced with informative content are able to induce worthwhile results in yielding targeted leads.

And it is not possible to form a base for advertising websites until and unless they start producing a fair bit of basic exposure.

And developing such a foundation comes through the optimization procedure, instead of the styling task.

Ultimately, only paid promotional avenues help in executing reputation management operations.

create brand awareness online by digital marketing of websites
Create Brand Awareness Online By Digital Marketing Of Websites

Sincerely styled sites could still yield an average level of outcome, but if someone is happy with that much, then no problem.

However, it does not mean that ugly looking web pages would do well on the elementary results section.

Nor does that imply that descriptive and optimized websites cannot be elegant.

The definition of “beautiful” in web designing field is different in comparison to forming a sales catalogue or a slideshow.

It is advisable to leave the styling task to a professional.

Kindly avoid injecting own creative thoughts and imaginative ideas during the procedure.

A clean website with the mentioned below elements is enough to make it visitor-oriented !

  • Zero congestion.
  • Clear words.
  • Easily clickable links.
  • Simple navigation.
  • A neat interface.
  • Consistency in colors and fonts.
  • Targeting an appropriate audience.
  • And a well-formatted layout.
create brand awareness online by websites and social media promotion
Boost Your Branding Undertaking By Websites & Social Media Promotion

Confusion About Blogging To Create Brand Awareness Online

Guest article posting is good for obtaining popularity.

That all depends.

Some say posting articles on external sources is an avoidable step in digital marketing of websites.

Others suggest writing blogs within own domain can help in achieving a powerful rank on number one page of Google and Bing.

Publishing articles in-house helps in forming internal links, which is an important factor to produce natural visibility on internet.

Whereas guest blogging assists you to procure quality backlinks, provided you write an exceptional piece on a high-value resource.

Nevertheless, it raises a doubt that why someone posts articles outside when he/she already owns a website.

So it sends a message that you’re exercising guest blogging primarily for gathering further exposure instead of making user-friendly content.

Somebody can buy the argument that you are publishing a nice article on an external domain to educate the visitor on an outside source.

From your standpoint, it might seem okay.

Nevertheless, from the spider’s point of view it may not be fine.

However, this activity is not a black-hat optimization technique.

Hence, you need not worry as long as posting in a selective manner without going wild.

You could neither say that guest blogging is good or bad for procuring online traffic !

All said and done – it would be better to concentrate on enhancing own website through in-house publishing.

Moreover, it’s important to write blogs at least infrequently if not too often, to maintain a decent position for your domain.

Misconception In Link Building For Optimizing Websites

Outgoing Connections Will Drive Traffic Away From My Portal.

Actually, they do.

Then it is such a big dilemma.

Just like – To marry or not to.

To make your content informative enough for users, developing outward links to valuable sources is a necessity.

Therefore, you need to connect with authoritative domains to better your chances of achieving a high rank on number one page of Google.

In addition, you are rather downgraded within the primary listing results if the process ignored.

So it seems the algorithm signals that – As you have more houseguests after getting married.

Likewise, a website too would have more visitors if it were connected to another.

It seems unfair. Isn’t it ?

Why does Google force you to marry your website with another ?

And, not just 1 but many marriages ?

Moreover, that too with ones substantially superior to you ?

Just imagine how long those relationships could last.

So sad.

At least they could come out with a rule for penalizing web pages, which have multiple external connections ?

Moreover, the worst part is that all of those domains receiving the link know that a specific URL is connecting to all of them.

Anyway, jokes apart.

On a serious note – After all how would you procure incoming connects if everyone stops linking to each other ?

External connections are essential as it encourages the robots to crawl your content in a deeper manner.

That eventually assists in elevating the level of fundamental exposure for you, despite driving traffic away.

Then it is not just your URL that’s diverting the audience towards outside sources.

Even external web pages might sometimes redirect their in-house user towards you.

That is why the internet is a world-wide-web.

Sharing is a prominent function inside this system.

In fact, connecting with affiliates is a function while you to create brand awareness online by digital marketing of websites.

Which Way To Produce Natural Visibility On Internet ?

Focusing More Over Off-site And Lesser With On-page Optimising Operations Will Not Suffice.

Promotional content is the most vital component required for both undertakings.

The On-site Improvement process acts like a support system in presenting written matter, designed images and videos in an appealing manner.

Whereas Off-page Improvisation acts like a loudspeaker for promoting the same.

Let’s say, a restaurant prepares awesome food inside its kitchen which people relish.

Then that’s similar to building high quality content for a website.

Nevertheless, when the restaurant improves upon the below mentioned aspects, then that would be similar to On-page Optimization !

  • Cutlery.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Décor.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Seating arrangement.
  • Menu cards.
  • Furniture.
  • Time taken for serving.
  • Food portions.
  • Serving temperature.
  • Lighting etc.

However, if the restaurant practices the following, then it could be considered an undertaking identical to Off-page Enhancement !

  • Puts up an exclusive signboard outside its entrance.
  • Sends discount coupons to its regular patrons.
  • Builds a customer-support presence on social media.
  • Engages in home-delivery of its items.
  • Asks for feedbacks from consumers.

Trying optimizing websites by concentrating more on social network promotion rather than focusing on quality content formation is a huge mistake.

rank on number one page of google and bing by optimizing websites
Produce Natural Visibility On Number One Page Of Google And Bing

Having said that, the On-site Improvisation operation, in general is more of a one-time assignment.

Involvement of a consistent effort is lesser required in such a process.

Whereas, the task related to the Off-page Optimising actions are majorly frequent in nature.

Such an exercise needs only a marginal amount of application in the early stages.

Fabrication In The Website Construction Procedure

Writing Duplicate Text Or Using Stock Photos Or Buying Backlinks Is A Serious Fault.

It is a mistake, according to most and rightly so.

It is not possible to create brand awareness online by adopting such tactics.

Reason being, this type of approach spoils reputation in official circles.

It also sends an adverse signal to the robots showing your non-serious attitude towards making your portal.

In rare cases, you come across blogs which have similar information but still show up within organic listings on the SERP’s.

So this issue is mysterious.

But it seems such rare identical content is sometimes approved by the crawlers only if it is highly valuable to the audience.

But it is always better to play it safe and write original sentences and paragraphs only, while optimizing websites.

Copying and pasting words from within internal pages, is also a clear case of violating web-spam guidelines.

You could use freely available stock images however, as long as confined within limits.

Nevertheless, customized pictures is a crucial element to produce natural visibility on internet listing results.

Such an endeavor generates freshness in pages.

It also reassures the crawlers about the sincere efforts in building your portal.

Embracing this strategy can also help in digital marketing of websites.

Reason being, followers at promotional platforms always get attracted towards unique matter shared within.

As far as the matter of purchasing inward links is concerned – it’s a serious case of web-spam.

It is easily detectable by the spiders and they don’t spare you for such an activity.

You will surely be downgraded in such an eventuality.

The robots don’t lift such penalties in a week or two.

Sometimes you may have to wait for a year too.

False-impression About Digital Marketing Of Websites

All That Content Development Needs Is A One-time Investment And Effort.

That’s another sample of misjudgment unfortunately.

Regularly updated text and unique articles are a mandatory requirement for optimizing websites.

If executed properly, it generates a rewarding organic position as per reasons mentioned above.

To exploit the best out of paid publicity campaigns, first focus on publishing quality text, designing photos and videos and enhancement processes.

The rationale behind this principle is that ideally, websites are supposed to be something like a weekly internet magazine.

Even if not so then to create brand awareness online effectively, at least it ought to be similar to a monthly journal.

It is another matter though that large portals of today are nothing less than a daily newspaper publication.

All said and done, there is a basic reasoning behind practicing such a custom.

And the most important requirement of a domain is to dispense unique information for users.

Again, there is a thinking behind carrying out such a formality.

It would be a unimaginable building a fan-following without developing fresh matter on a continuous basis.

In most cases, the nature of web pages within a portal is by default more or less static in character.

Hence, it becomes imperative for domains to keep composing meaningful blogs, descriptive pictures and purposeful videos to make a permanent fanbase.

Maybe that is how somebody could describe a perfect website.

So remember, designing different types of content routinely.

It could be article posts, infographics or PDF documents which surely assist in digital marketing of websites.

What To Do To Rank On Number One Page Of Google And Bing

You May Learn To Optimize A Website, If Working With Ample Dedication.

The tactic to produce natural visibility on internet is no rocket science after all.

Nevertheless, be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours every day practicing optimization tasks, for a year, for gaining a hold over the technique.

Essential influencing factors in optimizing websites are all complex matters, needing substantial practice !

  • Keyword research.
  • Forming meta data.
  • Enabling simple navigation.
  • Link building.
  • Document titles and headings.

Remember : Sometimes, keyword having medium volume searches and low competition could turn into the opposite variety, few months down the line.

So focus on out-of-the-box and innovative thinking while finalizing key phrases at the point when starting a website !

Try to build a balance while strategizing your keyphrase selection assignment.

produce natural visibility on number one page of google through quality content
Write Engaging, Updated, User-oriented And Shareable Content

Another element which requires experience is using the highlighter tool for adding structured data markup for matter inside your portal.

So remember utilizing this powerful tool to generate a higher ranking on organic searches.

The talent for other attributes like breaking long paragraphs into shorter ones and ensuring a reasonable level of readability also counts.

A god-gifted acumen for administering a striking visual appearance to your overall matter is a significant parameter concerning the exercise.

Finally, for ones applying a sincere attempt at a careful exercise in keeping all details of the optimization task would be able to complete the job.

You would need to remember that this is an operation like optimizing websites is not just about – What to do ?

It also requires knowledge about the concerned prohibited strategies and the reasoning behind those protocols.

Misapprehension In Digital Marketing Of Websites

Web Pages And Blogs Take Time To Gain Popularity On Basic Result Listings.

Yes and No.

Remember, an article and a webpage are a separate species of promotional content !

Both have distinct requirements, goals, develop a varying outcome and are evaluated separately by the users and spiders.

But, both help you produce natural visibility on number one page of Google and Bing.

In addition, these mediums also assist you to create brand awareness online.

But of course, assuming that the content is of a superior quality.

For example, lets say a specific blog is not visible organically even after 1 week of publishing.

In this scenario it’s unlikely for itself to find a worthwhile placement on SERP’s even later.

But you could initiate a great opportunity of boosting the same, subject to the condition that the content is improvised adequately.

Another vital point is that when you say – Time Is A Factor For Obtaining Exposure Digitally.

That is a saying, which is applicable for web pages, not for article posts, by the way.

Therefore, it is correct to conclude that you have a great chance to achieve a decent position for improved pages, as time progresses.

But, it is suggestible to either move on and write the next blog or improve its matter, if not visible within basic listings within 1 week of publishing.

Sentence writing, linking, article posting, On-site optimization and designing website images needs far more effort than generally believed.

Having said that, it is not that any webpage would eventually begin appearing within the primary results after a certain period of time.

Only quality pages which even if aren’t world-class standard have a chance to ultimately start surfacing at the elementary listings, down the line.

Promotional picture below by PJ SEO Specialists – Website Developers In New Delhi !

we can make the best website for businesses looking to sell goods and services online
We Can Make The Best Website For Businesses Looking To Sell Goods And Services Online

How To Write An In-house Blog Post For A Website ?

Total Time: 1 day

Start With Keyword Research

The article title necessarily needs to be unique when it comes to publishing an in-house blog post for a domain. This is recommended due to to the fact that field of “article posting” is immensely competitive. Top top that, the heading name of any document is an influencing factor for procuring a solid organic internet positioning.

Try To Write Atleast 500 Words

Some may say that the longer the blog post the better chances it has in generating a superior presence within the primary listing results on the top search engines. It may be true to a large extent. But on the other hand, in the end its all about quality.

Focus On Dispensing Top-class Information

An article post is required to contain fresh content first of all. The description needs to be elaborate but also not to the extent which sounds repetitive. The writing should furnish newsworthy paragraphs or else it may not engage the internet visitor within the document for too long. The purpose ought to be educative and instructional containing supportive media material like a video or few pictures to describe the topic in visual form acting as a substitute to the text sentences.

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