Came across another alteration in the “About Section” in Facebook Business Page recently.

This digital promotion source helps companies to form an official portfolio for gaining a benefit through natural result listings on SERP’s in the following manner !

  • Market products online.
  • Find new customers on internet.
  • And promote services.

It seems the changed version of this commercial publicity platform has revised one of the settings inside regarding how to input URL’s of owned digital profiles.

old settings allowing entering full url for linking to other social networks
Old Settings Allowing Entering Full URL For Linking To Other Social Networks

Notice the blue color rounded rectangle drawn on the screenshot image above.

Previously, one could have entered the entire URL for a linking a particular social networking account with this publicity tool, be it any of the mentioned below resources !

  • YouTube Channel.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest.
  • Or Twitter, and then clicked the blue button for “Save”.

The saving option worked and one did not see any red triangles signifying errors before, contrary to what is visible in the photo above.

However, in this updated version now it is not possible to copy and paste the complete domain address of other social media accounts, in the empty fields in this segment.

Those red triangle symbols indicating errors would appear if one tries to still undertake the procedure same way as before.

You would now need to alter the linking URL’s after removing their host names, as per the photo screenshot below !

fresh settings in the about section taking social network links without hostname
Fresh Settings In The About Section Taking Social Network Links Without Hostname

Observe the red rounded triangle drawn over the picture above, as found in the latest version of Facebook Commercial Pages.

Those red color triangles displaying faults as in the first picture, have disappeared.

Hence, one would now need to remove the hostname as included in the link URL addresses shown in the first photo.

Maybe you had typed in the entire permalinks of accounts you wanted to connect with this online business tool, originally.

But now as per the altered module, it is mandatory to delete the hostnames from the same and then save details inside this division, once again.

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