optimize your facebook business page by improving your online profile

Facebook Business Page

Came across one change in the “About Section” in Facebook Business Page recently.
It seems the changed version has altered a setting inside its platform, during one of the regular updations.

old settings in the about section allowing you to input the full domain address

Old Settings Allowing You To Input The Full URL

Notice the red color rounded rectangle drawn on the image above.
One could have entered the entire URL for a particular social media profile, be it :

  • YouTube Channel.


  • LinkedIn Company Page.


  • Pinterest Business


  • Or Twitter Account, and clicked the blue button for “Save”.

The saving option worked and one did not find any red color triangles signifying errors, before.
However, it is not possible to save your details inside this segment having the complete domain address in the empty boxes on the new version.
Rather, now one needs to alter the URL as per the photo below :

now you would need to remove the hostname from the social media profile url entered before

New Settings In The “About Section”

Observe the red rounded triangle drawn over the picture above.
Those red color triangles indicating errors have disappeared.
Reason being that the hostname has been deleted from the domain addresses as displayed within the first image at the top.
Maybe you had copied and pasted the full social media account URL previously.
But now you would need to remove the hostname from the same and then save your details inside this division, once again.

Make A Facebook Social Media Profile For Your Company


optimize your facebook business page by improving your online profile

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page By Improving Your Online Profile

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