Facebook Enhances Business Pages

facebook enhances business pages by giving and option to create a cover slideshow

One notices another ingredient having been added by the this social media portal, recently.

Earlier one had the choice to upload only one picture as a featured image inside own in-house Company Page within this internet publicity platform.

Now, Facebook enhances business pages by offering an opportunity to its subscribers to design a header slide too.

The said slider could contain five photos or else one official video on this internet promotion source.

It’s platform has proved to be a powerful avenue in helping companies find new customers and clients for products and services they sell.

Go ahead and increase the popularity of your brand profile online through this digital publicity medium.

This commercial portal assists establishments in procuring fresh buyers from not only within its domain but through an organic visibility at Google Search results too.

Reason being, the crawlers value organizations which add high quality official content at their social network accounts on a regular basis.

Create A Cover Slideshow For Your Professional Profile

Have a look at the photo screenshot below to understand the process !

facebook enhances business pages by giving and option to create a cover slideshow
Facebook Enhances Business Pages By Giving An Option To Create A Cover Slideshow

Notice the blue color oval shape marked inside the promotional photo above.

It signifies that the platform is providing an alternative to form a spotlighted section with a publicity video.

Previously upon clicking the link “Change Cover” one could have switched the featured image with another and saved the preferred content.

But now hitting the corresponding hyperlink would take you to another window, as in the photo screenshot below !

design a header slider having either one commercial video or else five images
Design A Header Slider Having Either One Commercial Video Or Else Five Images

Spot the text message saying “Choose Photos You’d Like To Feature In Your Slide”.

You would notice five thumbnail images placed in a horizontal bar just below the same line.

These pictures can be added to the spotlight slider at your official profile withing this social networking portal.

Or else switch to the second alternative having a promotional video as the sole object inside the highlighted slide presentation.

Notice the round shaped edit symbol on the uppermost right of each photo, inside the screenshot above.

Click on any of these icons.

The the button placed on the top right mentioning “Let Facebook Choose Photos” will automatically switch-off.

Facebook Enhances Business Pages For Its Members To Attain More Visibility

Now it provides the alternative to select, delete or uplink not just one but different pictures.

That can help subscribers in making a spotlight slider inside in-house company portfolios.

Click on the edit symbols successively and you will see three choices – “Choose from Photos”, “Upload Photo” and “Remove” !

the social networking platform is allowing members to make a highlighted slide
The Social Networking Platform Is Allowing Members To Make A Highlighted Slide

The first alternative is for selecting any photo from the ones already uploaded inside your professional profile within this portal.

The second selection would let one pick any commercial pic from whatever device being used for carrying out the procedure.

You could use your laptop, desktop or mobile to create a cover slideshow here.

The third preference is self-explanatory.

One would need to first remove the already displayed default photo before selecting an alternative.

So that is how one can now design a far more prominent featured image or a spotlighted video slider at this internet promotion source, if required.

Video – Guide on creating a page at this portal !

  • To begin, click the dark blue arrow at the top right corner after logging into this platform.
  • Choose any of the options from local, company, brand, artist, entertainment or cause.
  • Pick the category of your profession, enter the NAP details and then click the button “Get Started”.
  • Type-in the additional information which would help potential clients find your establishment in-house as well as at the search engines.
  • Next, add your company logo or an official photo.
  • You can also advertise your page for reaching friends and in-house members immediately.
Creating a Page: A Facebook Pages Tutorial

Learn how to create a Facebook Page and why it's an incredible tool for your business. Create an online presence, build an audience, and manage your Page from your desktop computer and mobile device.Learn more about Pages and ads: https://www.facebook.com/business

Posted by Facebook for Business on Wednesday, 16 September 2015
How To Make A Commercial Page At This Platform

That brings us to end this blog about Facebook enhances business pages.

Are There Any Recent Updates At LinkedIn Company Page ?

Yes. One notices two prominent enhancements at this portal which seem to have been introduced in December 2019.

1. Invite Your Connections – Open your LinkedIn Company Page after logging-in and notice the reminder notification visible in the right sidebar allowing you the alternative to send a proposal to your existing contacts for following your profile existing at this platform. This is an extremely useful feature as it eliminates the need for a “copy and paste profile URL” exercise (for sending the same kind of request to own network) as now one can undertake the same task just by clicking the button as in the right sidebar.

2. Write A Title While Uploading Promotional Videos – Previously one had the alternative to type-in a headline while uplinking any video in the feed section of own LinkedIn Company Page. The only difference now is that this portal presents a blank box to write a title for the same media material during the uploading progress is being displayed. A person not knowing much about online promotion functions may ask that why is the new system better than the one before. Actually the fact is that titles written within such kind of blank boxes are a signal that now the media matter would be more easier to find through keyword searches performed by members in-house within the platform. So yes, though an invisible change – in reality this upgrade is also a positive development incorporated by the portal.

Are There Any Latest Upgrades By Pinterest ?

Yes. Previously this digital promotion platform did not allow an alternative to mention own company email address and phone number in the profile settings.
It is now probably since January 2020 it is possible to add both elements inside the account. Follow the procedure as below :
1. Click the rounded icon in the top bar showing your own personal or company logo – whatever image you have already uploaded as the symbol to identify your profile.
2. Then hit the grey color “edit info” button placed below your header photo.
3. Scroll down just a bit and notice the blank field for “email address”, “country code” and “phone number” as shown at your screen.
4. Fill-in the required information and scroll up to spot the red color button with the text “done”. Press the same to save the change.
By the way in the same segment, this online promotion platform is also offering an alternative to insert your professional address which may or may not function, depending upon case to case basis. Go ahead and try it out to see if it works for you.

Is There Any Fresh Feature At Twitter ?

Yes. Twitter has recently launched a new kind of post format called “Fleets”. This kind of content remains visible for 24 Hours at your profile. You can try the facility by logging into your account through mobile, then tap your circled avatar photo at the top left and type-in or upload any content you feel like. The content is visible to your followers only after they click your avatar image and it is possible for any follower to message you a reply privately here. A Fleet post is not visible at your timeline feed unless you share it as a Tweet after posting. You can upload a Fleet only through a smartphone but it is visible at desktops as well.

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