create a cover slideshow for your professional profile on this social network

Facebook Enhances Business Pages

One notices another ingredient having been added by the Facebook platform, recently.

Earlier you had the choice to upload only 1 picture as a featured image inside own in-house Company Page within this social media portal.

But now there is an option to design a header slide too having five photos or else one official video on this internet promotion source.

Create A Cover Slideshow For Your Professional Profile

Have a look at the photo screenshot below :

create a cover slideshow for your professional profile on this social network
Facebook Enhances Business Pages By Giving An Option To Create A Cover Slideshow

Notice the blue color oval shape marked inside the promotional photo above.

Previously upon clicking the link text “Change Cover” one could have changed the featured image with another and saved the preferred content.

Click on “Create Cover Area” and it would take you to another window within Facebook, as in the photo screenshot below :

design a header slider having either one commercial video or else five images
Design A Header Slider Having Either One Commercial Video Or Else Five Images

Spot the text line saying “Choose Photos You’d Like To Feature In Your SlideShow”.

Below are five images placed in a horizontal bar, which can be added to the spotlight slider at your official profile withing this social networking portal.

Or else switch to the second alternative having a promotional video as the sole object inside the slide.

Notice the round shaped edit symbol on the uppermost right of each picture.

As soon as you click on any of these icons, the button placed on the top right mentioning “Let Facebook Choose Photos” will automatically switch-off.

Now it provides the alternative to select, delete or uplink not just one but different pictures to make a spotlight slider in in-house company portfolios.

Click on the edit symbols successively and you will see three choices – “Choose from Photos”, “Upload Photo” and “Remove” :

facebook enhances business pages by allowing one to make a highlighted slide
Facebook Enhances Business Pages By Allowing One To Make A Highlighted Slide

The first choice is for selecting any photo from the ones already uploaded inside your professional profile within this social network, before.

The second one would let you select any commercial picture from your laptop, desktop or mobile – whatever device being used for carrying out the procedure.

The third preference is self-explanatory as one would need to first remove the already displayed default photo before selecting an alternative.

So that is how one can now create a far more prominent featured image slider or a spotlighted video slide at this digital promotion tool, if required.

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