Fresh Item By Facebook Mobile

inserted content is boosted as your story through this fresh item by facebook mobile

Facebook comes up with a new attribute inside the smartphone version of its Company Pages.

Going forward, it will help you acquire more online clients.

One now has the facility to upload a video or image through a phone or desktop, as a so called – Story.

This kind if post is visible for 24 hours as featured content at this digital promotion portal.

This fresh item by Facebook Mobile application is a great development.

Till recently the provision to spotlight any photo or movie was available only in personal individual feed on this networking platform.

Earlier, the specific matter if inserted for promotion, as a Story, used to be noticeable on one’s personal timeline for 24 hours.

To spot this option, begin with logging-into this platform.

Initiate placing any link or a file either through a hand-held device or a laptop.

Now, utilize the opportunity to mark it as your “Story” before publishing.

Please note the following, however !

  • It is possible to avail this advantage through the desktop only inside your main feed and not in own Facebook Business Page.
  • But one can utilize this amenity for promoting content on either own in-house company section or else at the personal timeline, through a smartphone.

Observe the screenshot photo below, to review this latest property added here !

acquire more online clients now through this fresh item by facebook mobile
Facility To Upload A Video Or Image As Highlighted Content For 24 Hrs.

One can reach this section by clicking the blue color histogram visible in the photo above.

Scroll down and you would notice the heading “Recommended Actions” as displayed at the picture screenshot above.

The other way to locate this segment is by simply scrolling down a bit, to find the same link as below !

upload a video or image through a phone or desktop as highlighted content
Place A Movie Or Picture Through A Phone On This Digital Promotion Portal

The inserted professional photo or film clip would be noticeable inside the news feed of your audience on this social networking platform.

In addition, such an amenity can help internet publicity service providers achieve a higher natural traffic on Google , Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo too.

Upload A Video Or Image As Highlighted Content

New forms of promotional activities tempt the top search engines to display the related URL’s within their organic results pages.

It assists the crawlers to add a variety within their basic listings section for gaining extra number of digital visitors.

This fresh item by Facebook Mobile is also a great opportunity for internet publicity service providers engaged in cellphone website marketing.

It highlights official pictures, infographics or movies for 24 hours inside your commercial profile within this social network.

Click “Create Story” and your device camera would switch-on, asking you to choose any photo or clip from your media gallery.

After one selects the film or picture, a new window would pop up on your screen, like this below !

upload a video or image through a phone camera or cellphone media gallery
Insert A Movie Clip Or Photo Through Your Phone Camera Or Media File Folder

After choosing the insertable matter, this kind of window would appear in front of you, as above.

But there is a catch in the content selection process, before this window pops up on your screen.

Initially one gets the feeling that only one folder is accessible for selecting any media file.

But it is possible to choose content stored in another folder too, in own handheld device.

In such a case, go to file-explorer to copy and paste it in the same folder which the camera is accessing during the operation.

Acquire More Online Clients By This Fresh Item By Facebook Mobile

After completing the exercise, identify a circled symbol placed below the cover photo.

It signifies that the matter has been boosted as a Story on your in-house Facebook Business Page.

That is how it would show up, exactly below the blue color button saying “Contact Us”, as below.

Have a look at the following screenshot !

acquire more online clients now by this feature while using a smartphone
A Circle Shaped Thumbnail Icon Below Your Cover Picture At The Top

This icon is indicating that your content is now visible to your official followers within this platform.

Definitely this is a strong medium capable of helping in higher internet visibility !

If one clicks the link “View Story” then a window similar to the one below would open up !

inserted content is boosted as your story through this fresh item by facebook mobile
See How Promotional Content Is Shown To Your Followers At This Network

Acquire more online clients now and attain better sales.

Insert professional videos and pictures related to your services or products on this marketing portal !

And that is how this feature introduced lately on this social media promotion tool can help you obtain a greater number of visitors.

Undoubtedly, this platform brings an added benefit to digital marketing agencies !

Reason being it assists them in providing augmented solutions to their customers.

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However, who knows, it may be so that it would require nature to create a second heart inside the human body (or may need adding any new kind of organ inside) to enable proper functioning of the third hand.

Who knows, maybe two hearts may end-up diminishing any other function inside a body in the long term. But, the nature has granted us only two hands due to whatever reason which no one knows.

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So, is a software which has been made keeping all kinds of factors under consideration from a long-term perspective, making it the best website hosting technology in the world.

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