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create a short profile url at gmb for digital publicity of your website

June 26, 2019, one comes across yet another wonderful characteristic at the Google Local Map Listings portal.

This gateway is a hugely popular resource for internet marketing used by companies, world-wide.

You can now create a short profile URL to improve your online promotion campaign for your establishment registered at this platform.

create a short profile url at gmb for digital publicity of your website
Form A Shortname For Your Portfolio At This Promotional Source

Till two days ago, one surely had the facility to share the internet address for own company listed at the GMB domain.

But that link used to be very long.

In general it contained too many characters making it impossible for own self as well as the recipients to remember it.

However, forthwith you have the choice to form a shortname for your listed establishment at this program.

That would enable one recall the uniform resource locator easily due to having very few number of letters inside it.

Your customers too may be able to recollect your company name and details after observing the abridged form of domain address at this website.

This is one may straightaway make a tiny GMB Shortname by logging-in the platform ! Please see the screenshot below !

google local map listings portal dashboard
Google Local Map Listings Portal Dashboard

You would notice the text saying “Home”, highlighted in blue background at the top left, just below your organization’s name.

Create A Short Profile URL For Your GMB Account

Now click on “Info”, which is the third tab just below “Posts” in the same sidebar.

Scroll down a bit and observe the second column i.e the one in the center of your screen and you would spot the symbol “@” as below !

create a short profile url to improve your online promotion campaign through gmb
Enter A Preferred Abridged Internet Address For Your Account At GMB

Kindly spot the “@” symbol within the red border rectangle marked at the screenshot picture above.

By the way, our internet address is already entered inside, but it would be blank in your case, inviting you to type-in your chosen shortname.

Click the edit icon at the right, within the same box. Just form any abridged web address within the empty space as in the screenshot below !

a shortened internet address for your google my business account
A Shortened Internet Address To Improve Your Online Promotion Campaign

Though the program allows you to go up to 32 characters, but it would be suggestible to contain yourself to a maximum of 15.

However in case of any compulsion go ahead and generate a longer name – Preferably till 20 letters at the most.

Now hit the blue color text written as “Apply” in the photo screenshot above.

That’s it. Job completed. Your official company listing at this maps portal now has a finer permalink than before.

You forthwith possess a highly valuable link.

It could be shared with clients or leads for the purpose of digital publicity of your website.

Finally, we present almost the same screenshot (only slightly different) which was used as the first image in this article post.

Kindly notice the screenshot picture below !

improve your online promotion campaign by sharing the link with customers
Shareable Link For Your Professional Portfolio At GMB

Please spot the shortname, within a red border rectangle displayed at the right in the photo above.

This is a confirmation of your having developed an abridged domain identification for your account on this platform.

Go ahead and create a short profile URL for digital marketing of your portfolio, today.

Share the shortname with your existing clients and prospective buyers.

Improve your online promotion campaign as well as digital publicity of your website.

This exercise would also encourage your clients to write a review for your company listed at the Google My Business account.

Video offering you to get started at the GMB platform !

  • Stand out by showing potential buyers what makes your business special through photos on your account.
  • Post events and offers and provide an option for bookings to connect with shoppers.
  • Make clients keep coming back again and again by helping them discover your zonal listing through keyword queries.
Acquire Fresh Buyers By Registering At The Google Local Map Listings Portal

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