Both Google and Bing have recently updated features inside their webmasters console accounts.

These portals, if managed appropriately can help domains improve their internet traffic and position within natural listing result pages.

The former has overhauled its entire platform regarding most issues as follows !

  • While removing many properties which are no longer important.
  • And inserting or replacing some components which are significant as per advancements related to optimizing websites.

Whereas the latter has made few minor additions inside its portal.

Discussing only two aspects out of the many, concerned with such kind platforms, as below !

  • Submission of permalinks.
  • The data highlighter tool.

The structured marking module here has now started displaying widget sidebars too (if you have any) within your in-house blog posts or pages.

Kindly spot the green color bordered vertical rectangle surrounding text inside the screenshot image below !

google search console showing right sidebar content in data highlighter tool
Google Search Console Showing Right Sidebar Content In Data Highlighter Tool

It seems this change has been made only two days ago.

Previously this interface used to display matter only inside the main text body, available for markup.

At least that’s what i remember, if not mistaken.

This is a useful amenity as it gives you an opportunity to emphasize more words and images for content markup, than before.

Submit 10000 URL’s Everyday At Bing Webmaster Tools

Till last year, you could add only 10 links within a span of 24 hours and up to a maximum limit of 50 within 1 month, residing inside your domain.

But since the beginning of January, 2019, it is allowed to recommend ten thousand permalinks of either pages or blogs you have in-house, in 1 day.

Maybe that is a monthly limit. I’m not sure.

Please see the blue colored horizontal rectangle border inside the screenshot image below, which is self-explanatory !

submit 10000 internal url's in one day at bing webmaster tools account
You Can Now Suggest Ten Thousand Links Everyday At Bing Webmaster Tools Account

Even this latest facility is a valuable element, which could help websites in obtaining a quicker recognition within this crawler while they index the same.

The rules earlier, sometimes felt a bit too restrictive.

Difference In Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools

Touching upon some of the dissimilarities within the two platforms, only confined to the 2 aspects of suggesting links and markup !

  • You can suggest up to 300 individual URL’s per month or 10 per day with the Google crawler. It is also permits proposing a maximum of 3 permalinks every 24 hours, in cases where the option for suggesting the same with its “direct links included” is chosen. Whereas the Bing spider is now allowing tendering ten thousand in 1 day or maybe as a monthly limit, probably.
  • The former portal provides a wonderful component for structured marking. Whereas there is no such kind of element within the latter.

Go ahead and make use of these fresh features inside both platforms for strengthening organic internet presence for your domain.

These supplemental ingredients could benefit website optimization service providers enhance their Off-page improvement exercises, considerably.


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