google sites upgraded by highlighting images and blogs in websites on its portal

Google Sites Upgraded

Google Sites Upgraded its platform recently which allows designing single page websites for free.

Such kind of a freebie site is available with a subdomain URL address at this program.

One may purchase a custom domain name too, from within this platform, if required.

The latest interface can assist subscribers obtain a higher internet visibility, procure fresh leads and gain targeted queries.

It’s structure has been revamped by highlighting images and blogs in websites designed on its portal.

Another great facility one finds is that it now gives suggestions as to what text to write within your description field.

The same narration appears below the main site title, placed at the top on all websites out here.

google sites upgraded by highlighting images and blogs in websites on its portal
Google Sites Upgraded By Highlighting Images And Blogs In Websites On Its Portal

Another useful feature one finds here is the “Call Now” button, which makes it easy for the mobile audience in calling you instantly, if needed.

Set up a new website here, if looking for high online exposure for your establishment.

This newly designed structure also has a button for “Get Directions” visible at the bottom of your in-house web site.

The built-in site builder shows options for a variety of basic themes with different colors to choose from.

The photo uploader works flawlessly and you would be able to edit your content through your mobile phone too, if needed.

Set Up A New Website On Google My Business

Few more valuable components one finds here, are as follows :

  • Official work day and hours, displayed.
  • A user-friendly location address map.
  • Simple to navigate photo gallery.
  • Easily accessible list of article posts.

This latest advancement here is a fantastic opportunity for improving your digital marketing exercises and online promotion tasks.

set up a new website on google my business for higher internet visibility
Set Up A New Website On Google My Business For Higher Internet Visibility

Claim your listing, now – You will surely gain if you optimize your internet promotion processes by displaying your products and services online.

This portal improves chances of your content being found on digital searches and local map listings !

Go ahead and start a single page site here, free or cost within 20 minutes.

Input as much information allowed, by filling-in different empty fields and options while creating your profile here.

Don’t forget inserting information in description boxes and filling up categories wherever visible.

Remember to be consistent with your Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP Details) :

  • All across the web.
  • Your main site.
  • And within this platform.

Get more queries and calls for your service and products and obtain a higher internet visibility than before.

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