One comes across another fresh development in the Google Search Console Account today.

This priceless resource helps website optimization consultancy providers in gathering valuable insights and monitor their own as well as their clients’ performance on the internet.

The portal also dispenses some other highly useful utilities like : The Data Highlighter and Remove URL’s etc.

However, we would try and cover information regarding such features in some other article, later if possible.

After logging into your concerned account, start with clicking the text – Search Traffic (placed inside the left sidebar) and then – Links To Your Site.

You would notice a message marked as “Important” within a brick color horizontal bar at the top.

However, this message would appear only for domains which are using the old variant of this platform.

Have a look at the image screenshot shown below, as per the previous version of this portal !

record on links to websites as shown in old google search console account
Record On Your Most Linked Content And Who Links The Most In The Old Version

Notice the red rounded square – indicating the important message presently being revealed.

Note : Blue vertical bars as in the above picture screenshot, added to conceal information such as follows !

  • The total number of incoming connections from other sources.
  • Names of linking domains.

One discovers that the previously designed panel would display only the following facts concerning interior or incoming connects from outside sources !

  • Who Links The Most i.e. the domains connecting to your web site.
  • Your Most Linked Content – Signifying a list of number of inward connections, your different pages or blogs have received.

Having said that, scrolling down a bit further, one finds another list for – How Your Data Is Linked, which would lead you to another window.

Observe the photo screenshot below, as per the latest version now showing more data for websites through a comprehensive report !

google webmaster tools improving helping you view link details in a better way
Google Webmaster Tools Improving Helping You View Link Details In A Better Way

Spot the difference by comparing the two pictures displaying statistics above.

Google Search Console Account Showing More Data For Websites

Now you can view link details in a better way, helping in tracking trends on online traffic !

The heading : Who Links The Most, as per first image has been changed to – Top Linking Sites.

So far no change.

But on a second glance, one finds that the headline – Your Most Linked Content, has been broken down within two separate headers.

It is currently bifurcated into categories such as External and Internal Links respectively.

The former indicates the list of inbound connections your various in-house permalinks have received so far, from outside sources.

The latter signifies a list of web pages or articles having been internally connected by you, yourself.

So, this is where one notices a major enhancement at this modernized resource, now showing more data for websites.

Sites forthwith will be able to better evaluate the signals behind their position on natural listing results online through a comprehensive report.

Finally, you would observe the same kind of message, marked as “Important”, after clicking the following !

  • Appearance : Sub-categories either Rich Cards or Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Traffic : Sub-divisions either Analytics, Internal Links, Manual Actions or Mobile Usability.
  • Google Index : Sub-category – Index Status.
  • Crawl : Sub-section – Crawl Errors.

Reaching the new panel from any of the above four options is presenting more insights for web pages, as compared to the previous model.

So, go ahead and use this wonderful resource to undertake superior research through enhanced analytical statements.

It is presently possible to form fitter strategies for boosting your position on the internet, which in turn could drive further online traffic.

The platform is a priceless medium for SEO professionals helping companies in increasing natural presence for their portals worldwide.

Going forward, Google Webmaster Tools Improving its functionalities will definitely help domains in enhancing own content for a higher organic visibility.

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