How To Choose An SEO Expert

How to choose an SEO expert for achieving top website results on Google and Bing organic listings ?

Let’s say you already have 10 web pages inside your site and need the content improvised for finding leads and acquiring clients.

Now, by what method does one judge a genuine website optimisation consultant ?

Where to find a reliable agency specializing in online publicity services ?

Why optimize websites for procuring buyers when digital promotion on social media portals generates adequate traffic for businesses ?

What To Do To Select An Internet Marketing Company ?

how to choose an seo expert or internet marketing company

Why optimize websites for procuring buyers when digital publicity on social media portals generates adequate traffic for businesses ?

Some ways to find out could be to ask them the following questions !

  • Are they prepared to show you the grading of their own pages through any online audit or live comparison chart ?
  • Do they take quality content approach for websites ?
  • What digital publicity channels do they use for promoting business establishments ?

Let us cover some questions and answers related to discussion regarding elements which determine the magnitude of natural visibility in domains.

And of course pertaining to small portals as already mentioned.

Regular updations in ranking algorithms as mentioned below are inducing big changes in website results on Google !

  • Crawling mobile pages before desktop versions.
  • High priority for fast loading speed.
  • Appreciating content relevance towards the document title.
  • Dislike for excessive pop-up Ads.

Hence, the urgency for optimization is a common desire for the ones cognizant of the benefits of shifting to the modern mediums of publicity.

How To Choose An SEO Expert Or Internet Marketing Company

Q1. Do you think an online promotion specialist who promises to optimise your web pages for 100 keywords is truthful ?

And what about an agency which commits undertaking the same assignment for optimising your content for even less than half as many key phrases ?

A1. Well, the latter is the honest one.

Ranking for 100 keyphrases in a small site is a near impossible task.

The rationale behind such a statement is that we are discussing a compact sized domain with roughly 10 pages only here.

In such a scenario any service provider performing such an operation would end-up enhancing each document for approximately ten or maybe twenty key phrases.

And most likely a greater volume than that might yield keyword-stuffed paragraphs in the entire text body.

And this type of practice is highly detested by the crawlers.

Q2. Would you feel impressed with any professional if he says that your portal could be search engine-unfriendly if it’s domain name has a hyphen in between the two words inside the URL ?

Or maybe something like – The key-phrase density should be minimum 5% to enable the best possible promotion ?

A2. Trash that kind of advise, please.

Domain names with single or double dashes in between words are search-engine-compliant.

And a keyword density of roughly 2% is enough, in most cases.

However, factors like the length of the key phrase and the volume of text, do necessitate an alteration and modifications while calculating such an element.

Gain Top Website Results on Google And Bing Organic Listings

Q3. Would you agree with the agency if they say that template theme based pages and blogs built on platforms like, Shopify, Squarespace, Point2Homes etc. have too many limitations in features ?

Hence not likely to produce an ideal outcome on organic listings ?

A3. Once again. A classic example of either lack of knowledge or some vested interest in mind.

Advantages of making a website, hosted at are as below !

  • An easy moving-to and shifting-from, process.
  • Compatibility with the world’s best plugin for optimization – Yoast.
  • Collaboration with the topmost e-commerce shopping portal plugin – WooCommerce.
  • And the potential to obtain high visibility and online traffic.
exclusive facts about the wordpress website development portal
Exclusive Facts About The WordPress Website Development Portal

Similar platforms as mentioned above too come with most of the benefits (as in the bullet list above), though not as many as one can find at !

Q 4. How to choose an SEO Expert when you have no idea about websites and are initiating the first step to buy a domain name itself ?

A4. There could be different approaches applied to start a portal under such circumstances.

Primarily it all depends upon your style of working and mindset.

However if you may, follow such a route for selecting a genuine website optimisation consultant !

I. Find an agency whom you think is capable. Maybe you could type-in a few searching phrases with a mixture of four or five words.

II. Examples – website, your location city, internet, online, digital, promotion, SEO, marketing, builders, designers, companies, your country name, your state name, search engine, your locality and so on.

III. Remember, be realistic while exploring for agencies which fit-in with your requirement.

IV. You would only harm own chances if you punch-in senseless combinations like for example – “Digital+Professional” or “Publicity+India”.

V. An appropriate sample searching string may be – “Internet Marketing Company+Your City Name” or “Consultants+Websites+Your Locality” and so on.

VI. Meet the ones visible within the top website results at Google organic listings section. And evaluate if you would like to appoint anyone out of those.

VII. Or else go by your own gut-feeling after discussing the matter with a few friends and relatives or official associates.

Q5. What if your website service provider comes up with a plan about buying links ?

And suggests compensating that expenditure by monetizing through online advertisements ?

A5. Don’t buy that story, do not purchase backlinks and avoid filling up your web pages with Ads.

Advertising banners and posters are best if used in the minimal fashion inside websites.

Both – Users as well as the robots prefer clutter-free pages which process easily readable sentences.

And the optimal mode for linking websites with external sources i.e. in terms of acquiring inward connections is ideal when facilitated through a natural manifestation.

create higher quality content to gain top website results on google

The Google Ranking Algorithm is continuously looking for higher quality content and mobile-compatibility as time is progressing.

Q6. Do you think that if any digital publicity professional  be correct if it comes up with some new formula wherein advising the important elements for optimization in the following descending order ?

  • Elegant design.
  • Topic specific content.
  • Social media and email promotion.
  • Slides and presentations.
  • Topical videos and infographics.
  • Quick loading speed with easy browsing facility.
  • Create quality backlinks.
  • URL submission on your Webmaster Tools Console.
  • Blog publishing.
  • Keyword research.

A6. Again – Another sign of an incompetent online publicity agency.

Topic specific content in websites is the most important element.

But for example, fast loading of pages cannot be ranked lower than email publicity by any means.

Or else it would be a mistake to prioritize design over article posting or keyphrase analysis for instance.

Experienced and trustworthy online promotion service providers never recommend the above in descending order.

Tip – Check if your website is rendering quick enough through the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Q7. What if you suggest any Domain Name and the Main Title excluding your establishment’s name to make the maximum use of keywords in both ?

And that professional optimizing your website accepts that demand without any reservations ?

A7. Beware of such sycophants.

A knowledgeable website optimiser will always recommend including your establishment’s name at least partly if not fully, inside both.

The logic behind such a custom is that domains achieving top website results on Google are in actually visitor-oriented instead of being spider-centric.

Feel free to watch our promotional video below !

Website Building And Online Promotion Agency

Q8. Do you suppose that the website optimizer, has enough time and knowledge to guide his employees during the web development process ?

Does he reveal the reasons for why WordPress is the best portal for hosting websites ?

Or else is it that the owner himself is for example is a travel agent as the main occupation ?

But is running a SEM firm through outsourcing, as it has a swiftly growing market ?

A8. Avoid service providers who are busy attending to the job, at a personal level.

Building optimized websites takes a lot of energy, knowledge, experience, imagination, creativity and patience.

The same is an operation which requires a full-time devotion and application sincerely dedicated towards the skill.

It is not impossible for one to run businesses of varying sorts successfully, though.

But, be careful in your selection exercise keeping the above advice under consideration.

Q9. Does the online publicity agency claim that organic website optimization is a myth ?

And the only way to gather leads, customers and consumers is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads ?

A9. Beware of such phoney digital publicity professionals.

Natural optimization of websites is long term exercise.

But the process ends up as a cheaper option and produces a lasting effect.

Most likely that suggestion is coming from someone who wants to circumvent doing some hard work.

Though, using publicity modes such as PPC, blog writing and digital promotion also play a crucial role in the entire process.

Q10. Does the agency show you Rank Compare Analysis (with some of their competitor’s) for own domain through an online audit ?

Or else did they show you the outcome for own or client’s site on Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeedInsights ?

A10. In case they avoid disclosing such details, then most likely you would be better-off hunting for some other internet marketing company.

It would be a blunder to consider activities involved in optimising web pages, lightly.

Competition is high, hence it is advisable to opt for the procedure only if fully sincere, or else a half-hearted approach would prove inconsequential.

If you base your decision on the above mentioned issues, the dilemma regarding – how to choose an SEO expert, will be solved to some extent.

what to do to for appointing an online promotion service provider

What To Do For Appointing An Online Promotion Service Provider ?

Who Is A Genuine Website Optimisation Consultant ?

Top website results on Google and Bing organic listings are dependent upon many factors.

A bonafide content optimizing professional would never undertake the following strategies !

  • Copying matter from other sources.
  • Recommending guest article posting over creating an in-house blog section.
  • Disregarding the importance of mobile responsiveness.
  • Repeating titles within different web pages.
  • Linking to irrelevant content internally or externally or both.
  • Writing keyword stuffed meta descriptions.
  • Ignoring dividing text within separate headlines.
  • Neglecting developing outbound and internal links.
  • Uploading too many stock photos.
  • Forming a complicated navigation structure.
  • Concentrating more on website designing as compared to generating informative material.
  • Focusing on making portals for obtaining a high online position instead of attending to user requirements.

So these were some additional examples to help one decide how to choose an SEO expert.

Having said that, this list above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strategies involved in producing optimized websites.

genuine website optimisation consultant making visitor-friendly portals
Genuine Website Optimisation Consultant Making Visitor-friendly Portals

Mentioned below, some interesting facts about the task of optimizing domains !

Firstly, it is the best promotional tool for introverts.

Businessmen, professionals or manufacturers who always found publicity as a tough exercise didn’t know where to go, earlier.

As there is a certain sect inside the society which comprises of individuals who are either shy in nature or else too busy in production.

Or else are averse towards things like networking, moving around for contact building, chasing customers, using pull etc.

Now such a category of people have found a powerful medium to promote their businesses.

And probably they now have an edge over competitors still continuing with the old-fashioned way of selling.

Since the world is slowly becoming more competitive, now the time has arrived where the customer is aware of many aspects.

So it’s a fact that an optimized web page is such a fabulous tool for sales.

It has the potential to make you visible within the top website results at Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo.

It is a subtle and soft mode of advertising.

It matches the character of the ones which prefer to concentrate more on production and lesser on promotional activities.

If it does not derive any advantage, at least we have a sort of a level playing field now in front of us.

Just improve your content in a proper manner and forget about running after clients.

They will surely come to you on their own.

Second interesting fact about website optimization.

It is a deep rooted specialty which is surrounded by so many mysteries.

For example if you’re a real estate developer then probably every large scale establishment in the same industry knows the trade secrets.

It’s just that all have different capabilities in terms of finances, contacts, list of buyers and resources like architects and sales managers in their kitty.

Such businesses hardly require much imagination or guesswork or try-and-test kind of exercises.

These type of specialties have reached such a mature stage that almost everything possible has already been tried and tested.

One has a fair idea about what the result would be after any fresh or innovative experiment is undertaken.

But, coming to optimising websites – The arena, though almost quite mature now, still has so many untested and virgin areas.

Sometimes one has no idea what will happen if one tries to apply any ingenious idea while optimizing a client’s site.

As very few understand all the 200+ ranking factors, the task needs too much of creative thinking.

So this fact makes the assignment of a online publicity service provider or a genuine website optimisation consultant a very exciting and challenging one.

It’s probably as intriguing as a space scientist studying the magical events which happen inside different planets.

And that is one of the reasons why it is difficult to decide – How to choose an SEO expert !

Third interesting fact about this sort of an undertaking.

It reminds one of the famous quote – The best things in life always come free.

Now let’s say – you are an internet marketing company.

If optimizing own web pages for advertising your business, then all you would spend-on are as follows !

  • Some money on a net connection.
  • Phone bill.
  • Electricity charges and
  • Miscellaneous expenses.

More or less your time and effort and mental application would be the main investment.

So a portal optimizer would surely be able to improvise own content virtually for free.

Fourth fascinating fact about this trade.

One does not necessarily require any professional certification, mandatorily.

Well, courses always help – which is another matter.

But they’re not a necessary requirement to be a genuine website optimisation consultant.

One one hand the techniques are so easy to learn as education material online is virtually available for free for everyone.

Yet sometimes one finds that after learning and practicing everything, one’s topical knowledge is virtually zero.

After all, wherein many websites can you guess will be on the first page within the natural listings on the SERP’s for a certain set of keywords ?

Being such an open sphere, maybe around 150 out of those 200+ ranking factors are no longer a secret.

One might wonder, are those remaining unknown 50 factors so important which are the make or break factors for achieving a respectable level of exposure ?

But surprisingly it is possible to obtain top website results on Google and Bing organic listings.

Feel free to watch a video about – How to choose an SEO expert or an internet marketing company !

Video By Neil Patel
What To Do To Find A High Quality Portal Optimization Firm ?

This is not a difficult task at all. On the other hand this exercise is an extremely mind-boggling undertaking. The process is easy because one may simply type a set of 10 to 12 different keyphrases in Google and evaluate which websites are showing up more often than others within page one of organic result listings and also at the top three local map searches. But the procedure is a gruelling one as quite often the net findings after online keyword research as above could generate confusing signals.

What To Do If One Is Unable To Identify A True Expert After Testing By Keywords ?

1. First – Be wary of clever sales talk and networking techniques, if used by any professional making optimized websites.

2. Second – Avoid selecting any digital promotion service provider just because you or your associate knows him personally. So, choose on merit.

3. Third – Accept the fact that superior companies engaged in content creation and optimizing portals will charge high rates. Understand that you are going to pay not just for On-page Optimization but also for formation of text-based as well as non-text dependent matter – which are both one-time charges. But one further spends on regular monthly maintenance as well as routine Off-site Optimizing activities. And it dosent end here. It keeps going on and on endlessly because operations at social media platforms are also necessary. Then the vendee also pays for further content development of both kinds – text as well as videos or photos or slides or infographics from time to time for expanding the site. Finally, opening a blog section later is another expenditure. So this is a task which needs a huge budget not just in the beginning but also regularly.

4. Fourth – Remember : No matter what level of optimization one can perform, it would not carry much value until the base i.e. the text and media content itself is of supreme quality to start with. So importantly, evaluate whether you or the potential domain development vendor are/is capable enough in creating top class matter or not in the very beginning. If you feel that the prospective website optimization establishment is talented enough to develop quality online material including the verse as well as videos, pictures etc. for you then more than 80% of your exploration job is done.

5. Fifth – The rest of the exercise won’t be too hard, as you may talk to the clients for whom that firm has already worked for, to confirm whether to expect ideal service or not.

What To Do After Appointing Any Website Development Service Provider ?

A. Whatever you do, follow their advice always.

B. Give them a free hand at the things they are doing on your site.

C. Assist them by providing only the content and information they ask for : Instead of asking them to insert a certain matter which you want.

D. Do not focus on design. Avoid falling for portal construction companies trying to influence you by showing their beautiful designing abilities.

E. Pay them timely as per contract terms.

F. Let them take their own time in designing your portal. Don’t pressure them on timelines or any other front. Leave them alone. Be patient for 3 months after the portal is online. If your web pages are not visible within the natural search listings on the first page of Google and Bing even after 16 weeks, then that would mean you have selected the wrong website building establishment. Sorry to say, you have wasted your money. Or else your judgement was incorrect. Or maybe you did not follow the steps as recommended above.

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