Last year when i finished my foremost project, i thought i made a perfect website for my client.

A lot of us fantasize about building classic portals with genuine content, relevant images and marketing videos for providing the best user-experience to customers.

I don’t know if that is possible. But still most people strive for something like that.

I do too. Or else how could i compete with the various website developers in South Delhi ?

Some would define user-oriented websites as the ones which contain topical pictures, unique slides and look absolutely beautiful.

For some, the type which provides as much bona fide information as possible through the simple navigation would be the best.

Yes, maybe that’s how you could define a near-to-ultimate or a classic website.

For others it may be the the kind which would generate a high rank on first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo organic listing results.

And even i assumed that i could make an ideal website which could become popular to that extent.

audience-friendly websites with genuine content can be on google rich results

But, one can also derive that the peak moment would only be if able to list within the Rich Results.

I Assumed That I Could Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google

It’s difficult to spell out the exact criteria for grading of such an exceptional nature, but in general, audience-friendly websites with genuine content need the following !

  • Writing unique and educative text.
  • Generating original matter for the latest trending questions.
  • Inducing curiosity with followers.
  • Optimising sentences to be easily understandable to buyers and viewers.
  • Internal linking with topical material and external connections with valuable sources.
  • Developing appealing headlines.
  • Forming a presence at various social network promotion accounts.
  • Submitting your URL’s on Webmaster Tools Console.
  • Inserting keyword matching movies, photos and infographics.
  • Ensuring easy navigation within own portal.
  • And publishing original blogs and useful data.
gain a rank on first page of google through relevant images and marketing videos
Achieve A Powerful Internet Rank On First Page Of Google

Like many, even i thought i made a perfect website.

But I Realized I Could Not Make An Ideal Website


Right in the opening week I gasped in surprise while browsing my pages.

What ? I could have added one hyphen in between the two words of my main URL.

Anyway I had no option but to forget thinking about it.

You may add a dash in the main domain, especially if it contains two words.

Not mandatory though, as both options suffice.

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  • Publicizing your establishment online will not compromise your data privacy.
  • Blog writing demands a high level of expertise.
  • It is no point venturing into building a business website if budget is a constraint.
  • Web pages require relevant images and ample amount of instructional text.
  • B2B Portals necessitate uploading fresh article posts and marketing videos on a regular basis for developing popularity.
  • Genuine content is one of the most essential ingredients to make an ideal website.
  • The main function of web pages is to assist companies in retaining their existing clients.
  • Social media optimization is a necessary exercise to undertake prior to engagement in internet advertising.
  • is the best bet for one’s desiring their websites to gain a rank on first page of Google.
  • Online visitors prefer to navigate professionally designed domains.


In the second week, i got another shock when i noticed that I named my site title as Sem Consultant instead of SEM Consultant for Websites.

I committed such a stupid mistake ? I corrected the fault immediately.

Use UPPER CASE characters for abbreviations. Who knows – maybe the robot might take “Sem” as a spelling error for “Same”.

Though the spiders are not stupid but let’s rectify that.


I found a careless lapse again. One word in Page-Titles was restated twice in the 4th and thrice in 11th respectively.

Remove duplicate and repeated words in blog titles and document names.

That is a vital requirement for enabling genuine content in portals.

An anchor text in an article post plays a crucial role in determining online rankings.

Hence usage of recurrent phrases in such an element confuses the robots as to which document to select for judging if its matter is valuable enough for a high internet positioning or not.


I corrected the only 2 major blunders I had committed. Wonderful. But, let’s go through it again.

What ? The gravatar picture on my homepage is leading me to my profile there. That’s the default setting and it cannot be changed it seems.

I thought i made a perfect website. But now i have understood that i am not capable of that.

Don’t create links through pictures, unless unavoidable.

Reason being, it is unlikely for a user to move his mouse cursor over photos to check which one is clickable or not.


Three weeks gone and no fault detected so far. Bingo.

I’m fully convinced that i have produced an ultimate website with fresh articles, relevant images, user-centric data and marketing videos.

But later, during a regular check – Again ? Two of my pages contain zero links.

No outgoing or internal connections ?

And not a single incoming link from any of my social networking accounts towards my web pages or article posts ?

Add a few worthwhile and appropriate internal connections if you really want to improve chances of a better natural internet visibility.

There is a reason why such a task is important for website promotion as well.

In-house linking would open up an opportunity for the user to gather more information from within your domain without needing to visit another one.


Now i’m sure i have created genuine content with fairly informative web pages for users, for helping them in learning about my services.

However, why not have a repeat look.

Alarm Bell. There is no hyphen separating the words in 1 of the permalinks and 1 meta tag on another webpage.

Remember adding dashes separating the words inside the meta tags and slugs, necessarily.

Though this is a matter which won’t affect your visitor, but such an assignment is primarily the technical part of domain optimization.


What more can be missing there be ? Nevertheless, I want to reconfirm. ………. I knew it. After all what could I expect from myself ?

I had changed the address for one of my social network accounts last week.

But I forgot to update the outgoing URL to that source and now it is showing an error after clicking.

And I thought I made a perfect website ! Lol. Ok, rectify that fast.

Try fixing broken links.

URL’s leading to 404 Errors irritate users, hence better if corrected either through 301 redirects or other legitimate means.

Another rationale behind the importance of this operation is because links play an influencing role in organic internet placement of documents.

Procuring quality connections from authoritative sources can assist in achieving an elevated rank on first page of Google.

Visitor-oriented Websites with relevant images and marketing videos benefit in ways as below !

  • Enable focus on improving service by saving the time and effort required in pre-sales.
  • Produce and deliver targeted customers by auto eliminating the non-interested clients.
  • Help companies secure fresh leads and reach unknown buyers from untapped markets.
i thought i made a perfect website with complex elements
Complex Elements Involved In Website Development And Internet Promotion

Audience-friendly Websites With Genuine Content

Kindly view an infographic below explaining – How to write proper paragraphs for the target-visitor ? Why to avoid typing technical language or specialized industry-specific terms inside web pages ?

how to write proper paragraphs for creating audience-friendly websites
  • Know who your readers are and what kind of information they are looking for.
  • Research your topic to shape it in an informative manner, before publishing online.
  • Type-in concise, to the point and short sentences for easy readability.
  • Your tone of voice should be simple to understand.
  • Avoid including complex terms for enabling effortless scanning.
  • Optimize your matter to let the crawlers find your data.


I’m having so many online visitors. But let’s evaluate why I’m going down on the SERP’s…….. Meta Description this time.

Jesus. I swapped the related text in two pages, by oversight.

Those two are SEO-unfriendly and I didn’t even notice. This is an important element.

The blog which is providing info on Online Positioning Factors has a meta description for one supposed to be for Digital Publicity, and vice versa.

And not only that, some sentences are now keyword stuffed.

Ok, so set the Key phrases correctly.

Careless errors like keyphrase stuffing, spam and unrelated matter needs to be deleted at any cost.

I know. It happens. So easy to preach. I myself am the current running world-record holder here.


Let’s check the headings …… They’re okay.

I had marked all starting headlines as H2, as my WordPress theme generates an auto H1 tag for page-titles.

Avoid using multiple header tags of the same numbering if wanting to gain a rank on first page of Google.

However, what matters more is preventing usage of numerous top level headings.

Whereas, having more than one of headers 2 or 3 for example is not such a big issue.

I Don’t Know Why I Thought I Made A Perfect Website


Leave it now.

It’s not possible to form genuine content and marketing videos inside portals every week.

But wait.

An acquaintance just pointed out that i need to explain the visitors how i can help them and convey the techniques i undertake to optimise domains.

And some of the colors in my business photos could be bettered too.

This is one of the important tasks to implement when you’re optimizing a website.

Explain the users – Own capabilities, specialties, the procedures undertaken, what you do and why they need your help.

Use appropriate colors while designing non-text based material like relevant images, GIF pictures or animated storyboard movies.

explain what you do and how you can help users to make an ideal website
Address The Common Questions By Your Followers In Advance


OH, is it like that ? I just learnt something new.

There have been some latest disclosures in industry circles, lately.

Technology is changing and so are the online placement algorithms by the spiders.

Exact-matching anchor phrase is now a case for penalty from Penguin.

The logic behind this protocol is that it gives a sense of artificiality when an outside source is linking to you by typing the exact words as in your page-title.

Whereas if one may connect to you by writing hyperlinked text in a manner the he feels comfortable with, in accordance to own sentences he has on his document.

In such a case it sends a message to the robots that the connection has been established in a natural way, through a bonafide phrase.


AAAAAhhh. I see. Even stock photos are now subject to downgradation ?

That strategy i had been applying to save time till now, is no longer suitable for internet promotion, according to that famous expert.

Is it really giving a negative signal to the search engines ? They used to be quite tolerant on that front till recently it seems.

And i thought i made a perfect website ?

Well, let’s cancel the holiday.

Tip – One may still be able to get away with inserting royalty-free pictures downloaded from the internet.

This is subject to the condition that the text matter in the concerned site adding such material, is extraordinarily useful for visitors.

But, to play it safe it is suggestible to create customized official photos and commercial movies to compliment the paragraphs inside portals and blogs.

Relevant Images And Marketing Videos Inside Web Pages

The main benefit of producing an optimized portal is that it helps in acquiring incoming links from leading sources.

But for that the most influencing factor to make an ideal website is creation of top-notch sentences, descriptive photos and intuitive navigation.

websites with genuine content and relevant images can rank on first page of google
Topical Pictures And Fresh Blogs Can Help You Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google

Exclusive material like explainer films and whiteboard animations provide a satisfactory user-experience to its visitors.

An advantage one benefits through digital publicity is that it assists in a faster generation of quality backlinks.

Another area where i failed to understand during the initial project i procured. And i thought i made a perfect website.

Internet promotion acts as a support system to pre-optimised websites.

The crawlers consider citation based inward links from verified authors as the chief ranking criteria for displaying organic result listings.

According to their parameters, let’s say your article named AAA has vastly valuable matter with informative marketing videos.

Then there is a chance for a popular source (related to same topic) to connect with you.

It might seem a questionable criteria though, because the robots are well equipped to know the calibre of every blog post.

They actually do not need any assistance in judging matter on the basis of what kind of links it procures on the internet.

But the system is in place probably because there are billions of websites all over.

And that parameter makes it easier for the crawlers to form judgements.

Hence, they normally upgrade you only after authoritative sources connect with you.

One may debate that the particular algorithm gives too much weight on this aspect for building and optimizing top class websites.

Then on a second reconsideration it seems that the criteria in place, is fair.

One can also believe that maybe the robots do not rely as much on backlinks as people think.

Might be that they upgrade you even if authoritative sources are not connecting with you.

Having said that, it’s not just unique and engaging data and relevant images the crawlers are looking for in a high quality website.

They are also analysing if you have a certain rapport and respect within your area of activity or profession or within business circle.

One may also question this system.

People who hobnob with counterparts or competitors might be able in obtaining more backlinks than other who don’t engage in networking.

But then it’s not that socializing for the sake of website publicity is an assured or the only way of securing incoming connections from verified authors.

All said and done – the online positioning criteria looks quite reasonable if not fully fool-proof.

Kindly view below, checklist for utilizing features in your YouTube Marketing Videos Channel !

checklist for using facilities in your marketing videos station at youtube
  • Upload a professional cover photo.
  • Fill-in the “About Section” fully.
  • Design an official video trailer.
  • Try to post commercial movies regularly here.
  • Add an enhanced description for all uploaded films.
  • Set-up a playlist.
  • Subscribe to others channels.
  • Connect Facebook and Twitter profiles.

A user-oriented, optimized portal helps in acquiring fresh leads, new shoppers and consumers from remote areas.

Web pages with the kind of elements as follows !

  • Genuine content with purposeful paragraphs.
  • Clutter-free navigation for visitors.
  • Smartphone compatibility.
  • Fast rendering speed.
  • Infographics and relevant images with Alt tags.
  • Proper keyword density.
  • Incoming and outgoing links.
  • Online networking capabilities.
  • And blog promotion features can assist in attracting users and may also help you gain a rank on first page of Google.

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making websites for helping companies in acquiring fresh leads and clients
Helping Companies Procure Unknown Buyers From Remote Markets

Feel free to watch view video below describing – What is the purpose of a website ?

A Quality Website Is The One Which Generates Leads And Starts A Sales Conversation

So that brings us to close this blog post – I thought i made a perfect website.

We hope you like it.


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