latest highlights at are the option for cropping and resizing pictures

Latest Highlights At

The well-known slide presentation creator – has refined some useful properties inside its domain.
One can now crop and resize images from within the content creating panel itself without the necessity of going to a 3rd party photo resizing application.

latest highlights at are the option for cropping and resizing pictures

Latest Highlights At

As you would notice in the picture above, three important features have been incorporated in this online software helping in producing slideshows :

  • The option for cropping images within the content creator panel itself.


  • Disabling forced aspect ratio of photos, which was a rigid default trait inside the platform till only recently.


  •  Choice in resizing pictures from the slideshow editor, making life simpler for website designers and digital content creators.


Crop And Resize Images Inside This Online Slide Designing Portal

Look at the video below for the latest highlights at :

As you would see, this online slide designing software has now made it very easy to reduce and resize pictures within its platform.
Previously such a task required a slide designer going to another photo cropping and resizing application for carrying out the exercise.
Even then, perfection used to be difficult to achieve as it often needed one to work on rough estimates.
Another ingredient included in this digital content creator is a timing icon now visible at the bottom left while you watch the same.
Spot the timer on the image below :
timer helps the users estimate the changeover period at this online slide designing portal

Timer Helps The Users Estimate The Changeover Period

The visible round symbol assists the audience know in advance, approximately how much time the particular slide would take before showing the next one within the presentation.
One also has the choice to pause the same at any time while it renders information.
Another useful feature introduced by this online slide designing portal, though it is not as recent as the properties mentioned above.
The timing symbol element was not included at till about few months ago, it seems.
Go ahead and explore the content creator and make professional online presentations for your digital marketing requirements.
This slide presentation software is vastly famous for its quality, stability and compatibility with websites or even for offline usage.
The content produced on is of high-resolution and generates a top class user-experience.

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