linkedin company page improved to enable higher visibility on searches

LinkedIn Company Page Improved

The famous online business portal – LinkedIn has upgraded the section for Company Page which many members have created within its network.

Subscribers having an account here are allowed to create a supplemental official profile for updating their followers about news related to their field of activity.

The so called – LinkedIn Company Page has been upgraded today permitting account holders to attach more information in their business profiles.

This fresh update would help members who have a professional page on this online business portal, to provide more details concerning their activities, which in turn could :

  • Enable higher internet visibility on in-house searches.
  • Assist subscribers in knowing more about the companies they are following within this professional network.
  • And also might bring a slight added advantage in obtaining greater traffic through Bing and Google organic search engine result pages.

Notice the image below :

linkedin company page improved to enable higher visibility on searches
LinkedIn Company Page Improved – Allowing Adding More Details 

Observe the blank text input field saying “Add a short description or catchphrase about your Page”.

This upgraded facility is inviting you to insert additional words related to your products or services, if desired.

Enhance Your Brand Profile On This Online Business Portal

To attach supplemental information, click the edit icon showing a pen within a circled outline and new window would show as below :

enhance your brand profile on the linkedin online business portal
LinkedIn Company Page Improved – Enhance Your Brand Profile

Spot the blank field box with the heading “Tagline” which has a limit of upto 120 characters.

Fill-in a catchphrase and short description on the in-house service or product page to enhance your brand profile within this online business portal.

Click the save button displayed as a white rectangle at the topmost left.

That’s it. You did it.

However, there is another feature which might be of little benefit though.

After saving, a new window would crop up at your screen as below :

choose suitable topics for kind of content desired in your main feed at linkedin
Choose Suitable Topics For Content Desired In Your Main Feed

You may filter what kind of article posts and topics you would like to view as content inside your main feed.

Though this ingredient is not a new supplement on LinkedIn business network, but just mentioning as it would pop up in front of you after updating your company details.

After clicking “View Content Suggestions” written on a blue rectangle button on bottom right as in screenshot above, a new page would open :

select your business related audience at linkedin online professional portal
Select Your Business Related Audience At LinkedIn

Notice the categories – Marketing and Advertising, Finance And Economy and so on in screenshot above.

The one or ones you choose would turn to blue color, helping in optimizing your feed regarding the type of content visible to you.

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