video promotion and internet publicity increases brand value for companies

Market Your Web Content

As the industry is changing fast, just On-page or Off-page optimization isn’t enough to generate leads and find online buyers.

Internet publicity has now become a major channel for digital advertising and promoting a website worldwide.

So – How or where to market your web content for improving backlinks and bettering chances of reaching the first page position on Google ?

how to market your web content for promoting a website on social media
Compare to Role Models and Connect with Influencers To Market Your Web Content

Competition is so high that gone are the days when just hiring website optimization professionals used to be enough for promoting a website.

One needs to look to audience preferences and make wise investments during paid digital advertising campaigns too.

How To Do Content Marketing For Websites?

This dilemma originates as there are so many sources for digital advertising and creating online content like videos, slideshows or images.

promoting a website through internet marketing for finding online buyers
Promotional Campaigns Help You Market Your Web Content

Should one concentrate more on Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and similar ?

Or is it better to focus more on guest article posting, answering questions on Quora for promoting a website ?

Does it require a change in order, to create the right equilibrium in content and optimization ?

which are the different types of potential customers in the market
Which Are The Different Types of Potential Customers In The Market ?

There are 4 kinds of prospective clients :

  • The ones you approach on your own.
  • That call you through references.
  • Who explore the internet on desktops.
  • Finally, the ones which search suppliers on smartphones.
video promotion and internet publicity increases brand value for companies
Video Promotion And Online Publicity Improves Brand Awareness For Companies

One cannot discuss all methods of content marketing for websites.

But let us focus on the leading social networking portals, globally.

Market Your Web Content On Twitter Business

Twitter – Whenever I login, it reminds me of an article that perfectly summarizes it as a high-volume, low-value network.

You can post as much as you feel like here, provided you do that at a fifteen-minute interval, more or less.

No one minds if you market your web content in an aggressive manner at Twitter, it seems.

But the time and effort in promoting a website may not be as effectual here, as much as some other portals could help.

Though, you can learn a lot on Twitter, as the topic range and quantity is enough to gather awareness on many subjects.

The internal sharing or retweeting pattern is quite common here.

A popular platform for digital advertising and publicizing e-commerce gateways.

The best feature of Twitter Business.

Shoppers love this network for special deals in retail sales, inspiration for gift ideas and discount coupons during holiday shopping season.

digital advertising on twitter business for gaining shoppers in sales season
Twitter Business For Gaining Shoppers In Retail Sales Season

Even a 1% conversion rate might translate into gaining more than what you can find elsewhere.

The instantaneous nature of Twitter sometimes gets visitors to reach your web page within a few minutes of your postings.

This is a helpful avenue to market your web content, publicizing e-commerce gateways and finding shoppers.

LinkedIn Company Page For Promoting A Website WorldWide

LinkedIn – Somewhat exclusive platform.

In contrast to other leading portals, one finds few but classy-formal audience, broadly speaking.

A difficult platform if you are looking for fast results while promoting a website worldwide.

In my opinion – A high-value, low-volume social network.

You cannot afford to post too much on the LinkedIn business portal !

Or else be prepared to hear some sarcastic comment or the other from someone.

Probably the second best portal for content marketing for websites.

Posting on your LinkedIn Company Page is another matter.

Internal sharing is not practiced here normally.

It’s easy to use this platform as your preferred online professional network.

Just like the other leading portals under discussion, even LinkedIn can be used for paid promotion.

Subject to the condition that one spends wisely.

LinkedIn targeted sponsored updates appear in the main section.

The text advertisements are viewable in the right sidebar.

sponsored digital advertising on linkedin for promoting a website worldwide
Targeted Sponsored Digital Advertising On LinkedIn

The quality of the audience you find here is valuable and even a slight visibility might help in closing a deal in the future.

The impact of blog publicity on LinkedIn can last for a long-term because it has a separate section dedicated for publishing articles.

Another plus in its favor is that no one would spend hours here for the purpose of promoting a website.

Therefore, logging into this platform is like attending the Christie’s Art Auction, where you find the elite, but end up talking to a very few.

One rare characteristic of LinkedIn is that despite being a business website it has the potential to enable person-to-person bonding.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn Company Page is a powerful avenue to market your web content for long-term benefits, specially.

Pinterest Business Account For Digital Advertising

Pinterest – A bit different from the other resources under discussion here.

A large-volume, medium-value platform probably.

The nature of this portal is such that in most cases, any serious consultant ends up using it as a professional network, by default.

In terms of learning, maybe the best social media resource.

Some infographics here are really educative and shareable.

Many bloggers share and promote article posts here, which helps them in generating high inbound traffic for their businesses.

Ironically, you end up showing yourself to the audience mainly from your own industry instead of exposure with potential customers.

It provides you visibility on Google, Bing, MSN etc. while promoting a website worldwide.

Even if you are half-opaque to prospective clients at Pinterest, you at least achieve some exposure on organic listings.

And that’s a rare characteristic of this portal.

So entering this platform is like going to a Google Webmaster Tutorial Class.

There is so much to view, understand and show here.

The number one portal for internal sharing and blog promotion.

A great place for content marketing for websites and getting noticed and indexed by the crawlers.

Another useful feature of this network is that one can upload enough data, due to the folder system – Boards.

Being a high-volume portal, it’s character is such that it needs patience, unlike Twitter, which enables amazingly fast scanning of posts.

The effect of digital advertising and posting here is reasonably long-term.

use pinterest business account to market your web content and blog promotion
Pinterest Business Account For Blog Promotion On The Internet

So, work-it-out here as it consumes more effort than other platforms, due to its large capacity, but then then it’s worth it.

Women are the driving force behind Pinterest, due to it being visual and image centric.

A fruitful avenue to market your web content including pictures, infographics, articles and sliders for publicizing your knowledge base.

YouTube Channel For Promoting A Website WorldWide

YouTube – Another unique portal where the emphasis is on mainly one form of format – Videos.

Much like Pinterest with a focus on primarily one form of media – Infographics.

Of course, there is lot more you can do for professional publicity inside your YouTube Channel.

A medium-value-volume resource, probably.

Despite being such a large platform, surprisingly YouTube does not attract as high-quantity of promotional matter as Twitter or Pinterest does.

Maybe because despite having so many viewers, the number of people uploading commercial videos here far lower than the followers.

The percentage of active participants engaged in digital advertising vs plain viewers inside Pinterest or Twitter is very large.

But this video sharing platform is far bigger.

One may publish as many movies as desired at own YouTube Channel.

A beneficial source for online publicity through commercial video advertisements.

video advertisements on youtube channel for promoting a website worldwide
Market Your Web Content On YouTube Channel

As far as internal sharing is concerned – Something which is not commonly practiced here.

You need to understand what your value proposition is, while promoting a website while searching for online buyers through YouTube.

Maybe the second best medium for learning, as some of those films inside the portal are very informative.

You could learn as much on YouTube as on Pinterest, but for that one will end up devoting maybe four times of more hours here.

Overall the best mode for content marketing for websites and gaining popularity both within and outside this channel.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter provide a feed based interface, which gives you a better chance to interact with your followers.

YouTube is an extremely important platform for video promotion, as its size is humongous.

So becoming a member here is like enrolling yourself as a life-long subscriber of the largest online multi-cultural club in the world.

The effect of digital advertising at a YouTube Channel is long lasting.

Your videos if useful, become prominent for an extended period of time which makes it a nice avenue to market your web content.

The built-in, separate sections for published films, playlists, channels etc. is a very useful feature for promoting a website worldwide.

Cannot call it a complete trade-oriented portal because often it is tempting to watch your favorite movie, music film or news here.

Another plus point in YouTube’s favor is that this platform is an audio-visual crawler.

It has an edge over Pinterest, on this front, as it gives a fantastic organic visibility and also exposes you to a huge variety of viewers in-house.

Again, be prepared to dedicate enough time on YouTube. It requires the maximum patience.

Market Your Web Content On Facebook Business Page

Facebook – What can one say ? Cannot afford to down another four pages on the SERP’s by praising it ! Lol.

Anyway. Jokes apart. The most popular social platform in the world.

I would be lying if I claim that I use this medium only for official purposes.

If there is any online publicity channel, which is incompatible for just one type of activity then this is the one.

The most diverse and versatile environment one can find on any social network.

But, better to target a highly specific audience only, while promoting a website here.

Hard to say whether to put this tool in the high or medium-volume bracket because it is not decent to publish too much on the news feed.

On the other hand, one can post in reasonably sufficient amounts on own Business Page.

Though not as much as on Twitter or Pinterest.

Therefore, logging into this network is like going to your brother’s wedding.

You can let it loose after a couple of drinks in the bar area but then straighten up and act appropriately when back in front of relatives.

Cannot call Facebook as an educational resource.

Create and post short videos to extract the best possible results in promoting a website on this professional network.

Sharing Trend – More robust in the News Feed as compared to the Business Pages section.

This gateway makes it difficult to confine oneself to topics related only to own field of work. Although exceptions always exist.

However, it is possible to generate leads through promotion on own Facebook Business Page.

Reason being – This network has a bit of everything.

target a specific audience in marketing for websites at facebook business page
Target A Highly Specific Audience While Marketing for Websites At Facebook

One would recommend to pay for publicizing your best matter only on this network.

It has the kind of subscribers that neither fall in the high or low-value category.

A useful mode for digital advertising as it acts as a reminder to people who already know about your company.

Facebook is also the most informal one out of all the major platforms.

Therefore, conversion here is quite possible due to the extra benefits one derives through bonding within its members.

The effect of promoting a website here is mid-term level.

You could post limited official matter on your main feed but ample on the in-house Facebook Business Page, though.

Finally, the interface and atmosphere here is such, where one can spend any amount of time.

A very effective avenue to market your web content if looking for mass visibility on internet searches.

Use Emojis to elevate your posts, here.

Which Are The 7 Common Mistakes Marketers Make On Google+

Google Plus – The most useful portal. Actually the least popular but still the most crucial.

A low-volume, medium-value network when it comes to the exercise of content marketing for websites.

Still the most important social platform because it seems to be linked indirectly to the Google Crawler.

One big benefit it provides is that it creates some sort of an indirect organic visibility for your brand.

One can easily use this medium as an official platform for promoting a website worldwide.

Not the ideal source for learning though, as the volumes of postings are small.

I don’t know why. Maybe because some members have not been able to understand how to extract the most out of it.

Some regular mistakes marketers make on this network :

  • Neglecting uploading photos or not utilizing eye-catching pictures.
  • Failing to add or correct the official work hours in the local listing.
  • Creating multiple location listings with the same business description.
  • Forgetting to rectify an inaccurately placed address marker pin.
which are the seven usual mistakes by online marketers at google+ local
Which Are The 7 Common Mistakes By Online Marketers at Google+ Local

One of the best tools for internet marketing for websites and brand building.

This channel helps in enhancing the flow of visitors towards your website and to market your web content.

So entering this portal is like participating in a trade exhibition, without any exhibit, where you simply gain traffic through the members directory.

This is a unique characteristic of this network – very limited exposure in-house but a considerable visibility on the internet.

You may publicize unlimited data here, without hesitation – again like Pinterest giving an opportunity to create folders.

Sharing-patterns are very limited here.

The only channel that has four huge platforms within itself – Brand Account, Maps, Photos and Google My Business !

Rest of the portals have only one or two worthwhile branches within themselves.

A combination of all five makes it the strongest mode of Off-page optimization, even if it might be the weakest in the standalone format.

You don’t end up spending too much time on this platform, which for many, might be a positive.

The results of publishing here are somewhat long lasting.

The right avenue to market your web content, if looking for visibility within natural listings.

One might derive that every network has its pros and cons in extracting results.

The amount of effort involved, depends upon :

  • Your needs and preferences.
  • Goals.
  • Time and money at disposal for promoting a website.
  • Choice between PPC vs free-advertisements for finding online buyers and few other factors.

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