Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

mechanical data backups and software updates are advantages in portal hosted websites

Some of the great advantages in portal hosted websites is that you enjoy the following facilities !

  • You can build, design and optimize documents, product pages, portfolio, testimonial and story sections, without knowledge of coding.
  • Avail automatic smartphone responsiveness, adequate security and auto maintenance provision and ownership to the space and files. or Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Point2Agent are the leading platforms offering this sort of an all-in-1 solution.

So pages, blog posts and portfolios under this pattern are stationed at these kind of CMS gateways which also own servers. has the largest global market share for enabling site construction and portal promotion by this type of mode. It is the worldwide leader in this specialty.

Similarly, there are numerous server owners offering services on the following pattern !

  • Host a domain for business expansion, online store sales or personal use by renting or buying space.
  • Develop a site through coding, but without any support vis a vis composition, optimizing or fashioning attributes.
  • Alongside also have permission to acquire the programming material.

Bluehost, Hostgator, Amazon, Dreamhost are typical examples of top space owners and renters, used by the public.

If selecting Squarespace, Point2Agent, Wix, etc., you would be on their mainframe computers.

Hence, your site would fall under the category of a DIY / controlled web anchoring technology in this scenario.

But you need to download the WP org freeware if buying a URL address, space, theme, add-ons and a visual composer from different sellers.

Crucial Drawbacks In Self hosting Website Development

Complexities like virus attacks and hidden cost are on their own sufficient reasons to stay away from this mechanism.

This pattern is ideally suitable only for upper-budget projects. In our opinion it is a bad idea for medium and small ventures.

Large companies are capable in preventing such problems by employing in-house engineers.

Anyone would understand the major advantages in portal hosted websites after experiencing the same.

Let us explain why we think so. Now, which is a better choice ?

Purchasing a domain name, renting space and buying various Apps – all from separate sellers ?


Selecting a template based site building solution which not only helps you host but also develop, manage but also design your domain ?

Someone could say that it depends upon the below mentioned factors !

  • Requirements vis a vis special facilities desired in eCommerce pages.
  • Technical knowledge and existing manpower to handle peculiar industrial services.
  • Budget, goals, priorities and past experiences.
  • Time, energy and resources at disposal.

10Web describing the meaning and pros and cons of the two structures to help you choose what you require !

  • You share resources with other users and take responsibility of technicalities if working with the manually-stationed system.
  • Whereas the managed domains eliminate the liability of handling complex application issues.
  • The 1st scheme is good for blogs or for hobby purpose but it’s counterpart is the better choice for developing business pages.
  • Contrarily, 1 of the drawbacks in self hosting website development is that it is far more pricey.

Avail The Auto Maintenance Facility And Avoid Hidden Cost

It’s like deciding between the two options as below !

  • Sending your child for extra classes in a group coaching center.
  • Or hiring a teacher to come over to your house for imparting tuition.

The former proves to be cheaper, but does not furnish much room for personalization.

Whereas the latter being pricey, provides much more flexibility in terms of modifying schedules and thrust on personalized subjects.

Group study could overcrowded and difficult for the examiners to monitor during internal examinations.

A student may find it relatively effortless to copy answers from the child seated next to him/her.

Whereas in a home study session, the teacher could simply monitor if the student engages in any mischief during a test.

Tutors of the highest standard generally impart knowhow through group learning as parents cannot afford the fee they charge for individual pupils.

mechanical data backups and software updates are advantages in portal hosted websites
Mechanical Data Backups And Software Updates Are Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

But for bigger corporates, manual-stationing is the inevitable choice, despite its problematic downsides and handicaps.

They are pre-equipped to handle such complications and hindrances in ensuring adequate security etc.

But medium and compact firms should double recheck if they really want to do the following !

  • Disregard the severe pitfalls found in shared anchored sites on 1 hand.
  • And overlook the great positives of the robotically governed methodology at the same time.

Would you prefer availing the following amenities ?

  • Enabling extensive personalization.
  • Complete codebase level access.
  • Creating options for importing many plugins and immense themes and vast designing features.

Or else give priority to the more worthwhile aspects mentioned below ?

  • Practicality, effortless accessibility for the disabled and easy usability for winning shoppers.
  • Perfect running through a strong foundation.
  • Automated monitoring.
  • Eliminating virus attacks and hidden cost in portals.

Businesses and retailers are striving to create pages for yielding improved sales, supporting in acquiring unknown buyers and consumers.

So it boils down to the below mentioned choice !

  • Would you rather compromise on extensive customization facilities ?
  • And instead opt for ultimate stability, ease-of-use and better customer support ?

Renting space, buying a domain, theme and visual composer from different sources may prove costlier or cheaper if aiming to design a small site.

It’s just that opting for the controlled web anchoring technology warrants delivering greater results in a much simpler manner.

Watch film below by David Kutcher from Confluent Forms LLC !

  • Most developers insist that shared anchored sites should be the choice for building a domain. But such a review is fraudulent.
  • It is good to have complete command but it brings extreme responsibility and challenges like hacking risks which are costly to manage.
  • Whereas 1 of the attraction at gateways like Squarespace, Blogger, Wix etc. is that they can give all the benefits you need.

So vendees might not worry about whatever mechanism provides amenities like auto maintenance etc. or not.

What a client whose database collapses needs to know is that the developer will never accept that there are serious drawbacks in self hosting and the site failed due to the same.

James J Pennington from pTech Ltd., Great Britain below describing various types of site stationing solutions !

  • Shared, Reseller, Cloud based, VPS, Dedicated, Co-located, Autonomous and the Robotically Governed Methodology are eight different choices.
  • 1st – Suitable for entry-rung firms. A server divides area for all residing content. Everyone makes use of the resources, so it is not fully reliable.
  • 2nd – Apt for small agencies getting divided space with components that help in managing multiple accounts for their clients.
  • 3rd – A structure that utilizes resources assisting in storing content. It is more scalable and flexible in growing to match your needs.
  • 4th – A single server instance that sits on a virtualized desktop. VPS provides dedicated area to different hostnames. Your pages won’t be affected if others sharing the space are compromised.
  • 5th – Ensures dispensing full control to a site but requires full knowledge of applications and hardware. Appropriate only for big users.
  • 6th – Renting space in a machine room where you place own desktop in their rack. You are responsible for all issues but avail the benefit of a top class internet connection and building amenities.
  • 7th – It implies owning the server at own premises. You are vulnerable to problems like power outages, network breakages and online safeguarding.
  • 8th – Offers an all-in-1 solution including maintaining, stationing, hardware and support. It is ideal for the non-technical user deferring complex issues to experts.

Most site owners being themselves from a non-technical background do not care about whatever mechanism their vendor uses.

But vendees ought to remember that they themselves would never buy a complicated car which they cannot drive.

Selecting a site building method that terminates the possibility of handling the same through non-technical employees is a blunder any owner could make !

There Are Major Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

All said and done, businesses, retailers, manufacturers, traders and professionals aren’t practicing a hobby when making own site.

Even if it is a pastime recreation activity for personal pages, the fact remains that you are in full glare of the public, worldwide 24/7/365.

Imagine you’re on a holiday and the hotel travel desk offers you a 2 day tour on an adventure yacht to an exotic island.

Someone may either opt for the standard package wherein few tourists embark upon the journey as a group.

Or else you could alternatively hire one of those bow rider boats with a dedicated driver and ignore the dangers of sudden weather changes.

It may give anyone a grand sensation enjoying exclusive privacy, complete flexibility, greater comfort and feel exalted.

But to benefit from that, you might end-up spending too much, undertake hassles of physical bookings and still cease to attain adequate security.

Conversely, group packages offer voyages at cheaper rates, handled by a team of staff and geared to provide a reasonable assistance.

It is a matter of prestige. The desire for a top quality site building operation is natural for most people.

So, why indulge half-committed in an exercise which has the potential to either make a name for you or vice-versa ?

automatic smartphone responsiveness and easy usability for winning shoppers
Automatic Smartphone Responsiveness And Easy Usability For Winning Shoppers

An assured mobile compatibility is 1 of the prominent benefits you enjoy in managed domains.

Customers feeling unsatisfied with their site designers and looking for another alternative is a usual phenomenon.

Owing to the crucial drawbacks in self hosting website development, chances of conflicts between a vendor and vendee are common.

adequate security and auto maintenance are advantages in portal hosted websites

Personalized Customer Support, Prevention from Virus Attacks, Adequate Security And Auto Maintenance Are Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites.

Everyone needs to understand that poorly made pages leave a very bad impression on educated consumers.

Let us discuss some matters below which might help anyone realize that the weaknesses in manual-stationing are critical in nature.

Highlighting the superiority of the robotically governed methodology over shared anchored sites is based on certain conditions, as below !

  • Differentiating the two systems considering middle to above-average class developers as vendors.
  • Small and midsize companies wanting a middle volume domain but of a supreme quality and within medium budgets.
  • Clients who are 100% serious about generating a prime-standard site.

Matt Philie from ElegantThemes, USA presenting some pricing guidelines for the WP dot org framework !

  • You buy a domain name, rent space, chargeable style patterns and add-ons which could bring the total to 200 and 10000 dollars initially.
  • The rates estimate above is considering that you are capable in programming. This system helps in developing a semi-custom site.
  • Hire engineers for set up if incapable of coding. Prices could range between 500 to 2500 dollars in addition to the ones in point 1.
  • You could avoid hidden cost in portals by opting for the controlled web anchoring technology i.e. the cheaper DIY route for production.
  • Finally, a fully customized solution would require spending far more.

Benefits In Shared Anchored Sites

Flexibility to opt for a preferred server.

This opens up the room for downloading unlimited applications, layout designs and extensions available online.

Buy, upload or import any open-source plugin or theme from the internet.

You have far more room to customize add-on Apps, layout and formatting aspects during the design process.

Everyone finds a choice within many plugins and immense themes and vast designing features with different capabilities here.

In contrast, inaccessible code and limited templates are shortcomings in managed domains.

many plugins and immense themes and vast designing features in shared anchored sites
Benefits Of Stationing Content On Own Or Rented Server Space

Going for such a model is especially gainful for those who already have IT skills.

Or for the ones designating a large scale exercise with special characteristics and able to afford a full-time programmer.

This methodology may not be a bad idea if budget is a non-issue and you are prepared try out more than 1 site developer.

Such is because the 1st experiment in such cases usually goes wrong. Then someone abandons a project and moves on.

On the contrary that is 1 of the advantages in portal hosted websites because such a scenario is rare there.

Shift to any other server without too much of difficulty.

However, website service providers need to be immensely careful in taking data backups prior to migrating content on another host.

Monetize your blog, shopping pages or professional domain through online Ads.

Undoubtedly this is a prominent support this type of framework presents. This routine permits AdSense advertising in an elaborate manner.

There Are Crucial Drawbacks In Self hosting Website Development

Any owner ought to ensure that their programmer buys space on a top quality mainframe.

You need to keep scrutinizing if the site builder secretly switches to a cheap server to save own outlay of facilities provided to you.

Content privacy problems and hacking risks due to usually-used untested third-party Apps is common.

Pages and blogs developed on such frameworks are vulnerable to crashing. The methodology does not dispense appropriate safety.

Reason being, uploading vaporware class add-ons and third-party applications are endangered by phishing exploits.

Conversely, adequate security and auto maintenance are advantages in portal hosted websites built on or Shopify etc.

Projects under such a pattern consume a heavy back-end upkeep fee.

This approach is laden with disguised charges and servicing rates, initially invisible but detectable only later.

Issues like the ones below !

  • Inconsistencies in rendering.
  • Cellphone incompatibility.
  • Non-availability of robotic monitoring.
  • Occurrences of virus attacks and hidden cost are drawbacks in self hosting website development.

It may be difficult for a new programmer to guarantee a symmetrical continuation, after taking over from the previous engineer.

The back-end is manually coded.

On the contrary, the automated script formation functionality is amongst the foremost privileges of the controlled web anchoring technology.

It becomes a huge exercise for another engineer to read existing codes, commands and program languages, before moving forward.

Additionally, this mechanism makes it hard to perform modifications, if technically unqualified.

The entire interface even for an intermediate level professional seems highly complicated. Disaster recovery is very tough here.

Convenience on matters such as below is either insufficient or unavailable !

  • Spam protection.
  • Auto maintenance facility.
  • Software updates.
  • Database backup management.

You would need to be sure that the site developer backs up all files and encrypted content, on a regular basis, manually.

Database corruption or sudden loss in content is a routine affair here. Keeping a watchful eye on such preventive measures is a daunting assignment.

Switching over to another online design agency is a common occurrence.

The transition and migration stage may not be smooth often, depending upon case to case basis.

virus attacks and hidden cost are drawbacks in self hosting website development
Crucial Drawbacks In Self hosting Website Development System

It’s true that this structure opens up a boundless room for maneuverability on various technical aspects.

But very few middle size site production companies have that kind of expertise.

The ones not sure about how to add a particular feature, somehow convince you about why that certain function cannot be changed.

And fully-equipped online designers capable of building foolproof pages and portfolios, charge heavy prices.

The best way for consumers to extract the maximum out of this framework is to hire own coding engineers for support in dealing with site building agencies.

crucial drawbacks in self hosting website development on free
Drawbacks In Self hosting Website Development On Free

The Manually-Stationed Style Is Mounted With Concealed Charges !

These frameworks do not offer a transparent pricing mechanism. Hidden cost is a natural characteristic on these systems and discoverable later inevitably.

Contrarily, that is amongst the major advantages in portal hosted websites. Let’s say, you require an SSL certificate for online safety !

Site programmers normally ask for an additional fee to enable that.

In addition, you surely will end up paying substantial charges in case content updations are required daily, under this technique.

For instance, you would need to keep checking if the programmer is regularly updating the XML sitemap or not.

Or else you lose the opportunity of gaining an organic visibility on page one of Google and Bing listing results.

24X7 customer support is generally unavailable.

Normally, full staff capacity in medium size site creation companies is usually found only during the daytime.

Another instance of the weaknesses someone observes here is that it’s unlikely for the back-end coding to be clean.

Your site might function well, but the chances of duplication and unnecessary presence of HTML are big.

This is a typical error upsetting the search engines. The mechanism can be ideally handled only by top class engineers or else it fails.

The server space you buy, would most likely run on enterprise program.

However, there is no guarantee that your developer would use licensed website programming applications at their end.

In addition, if they rent space on a middle category gateway then downtime issues crop up.

Since you cannot avail the auto maintenance resource here, pirated Apps being prone to bugs or requiring extensive patch management, cause difficulties.

Premium add-on extensions can be attached to enable the automated upkeep feature and everyone ends-up uploading a few.

And a site becomes further complicated owing to so many plugins or programs affixed at it’s back end.

Often you might need to personally call the solution providing agency whenever any matter remains unresolved.

When the chief engineer is buzy at the required time, you are left with no other option but to wait, as the junior programmers are normally inefficient.

The Few Major Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites

Feel assured of having a fully functional top standard product dispensing a wonderful user-experience.

And that too without the hassle of dealing with complications of the control panel and other application concerned matters.

The probability of any technical glitch or server downtime problem is the least under such technologies.

Navigation and browsing is neat, stable, effortless and smooth on smartphones and other screen sizes.

Immunity against malware strikes, phishing, material privacy problems and hacking risks.

This methodology offers adequate security to your content i.e it ends-up eliminating spyware threats on its own.

WYSIWYG and there is no involvement of disguised pricing i.e. the probability of such a scenario does not arise here.

But conversely, virus attacks and hidden cost are drawbacks in self hosting website development.

Modeling prototypes here are not as bountiful in contrast to the unlimited quantity enjoyed by a manually coded domain, but still sufficient.

The in-house variety of layout designs under the chargeable-plans are abundant in number.

Another benefit here is – Zero risk of your content crashing during plugin uploads.

Launch a middle grade blogging site or a retail domain within just two months.

To top that, you don’t need to worry about handling the FTP server settings.

major advantages in portal hosted websites built on or shopify etc
Advantages In Portal Hosted Websites Built On Or Shopify etc.

Practical Methodology.

Learn how to manage your domain simply and make an incalculable number of modifications, sitting at home or office.

Site building companies are bound by certain norms. A client has a right to ask them for the admin login password during any stage.

The methodology is transparent, user-friendly, intuitive and by default produces AMP compatible layouts.

It offers a simple-to-understand interface for adding, deleting or modifying files, portfolios, pages, testimonials and articles.

It’s possible for any new user to login and insert or delete any matter without any knowledge of coding.

It dispenses an simply workable interface and that too with automated spam protection and super fast loading speed.

Equipped with troubleshooting any problem a subscriber faces 24X7.

That includes help for the initial setup as well as during the entire subscription period.

The controlled web anchoring technology providing companies have customer help engineers, world-over.

Let’s say you install a third-party premium theme, then the template seller would assist you in that regard.

Your chat message gets routed to the technical staff depending upon global time zones.

You would never need to call the customer care section, as email or messenger support takes charge of all issues.

Assurance of a clean programming database at the back-end.

Having a strong foundation is a necessary element for document styling and optimization. So enjoy the upper-hand on this front too.

Dispensing an All-in-1 Solution.

You avail the auto maintenance facility by-default as an incorporated component at reasonable rates – another favorable element.

Furthermore, they also install enterprise applications on their servers. Then, patch management is also handled by them.

And that is another reason why this mode is far superior after comparing the numerous drawbacks in self hosting website development.

The program on its own sorts out errors, bugs, prevents virus attacks and browser incompatibility issues.

Such platforms dispense an SSL certificate, i.e. URL’s on such a mechanism contain a HTTPS prefix.

This is another great benefit inside arrangements of such kinds. Visitors can safely navigate pages made on such frameworks.

The first experience is the last one for clients selecting such a methodology.

It’s rare to see vendee finding faults like untidy menus, jerky movements in browsing etc. They end up being lifetime members here.

Annual subscription charges include computerized repairs, mechanical data backups and software updates.

This brings extreme comfort to vendees utilizing this pattern. Reason being, you need not worry about unexpected expenditure cropping up suddenly.

Documents developed on such kind of gateways enjoy a stronger integration with social networks.

There are few content creation platforms which yield specialized embedding options for such frameworks.

Having an exclusive embeddable URL optimized for retail pages produced on such gateways is a helpful factor for winning shoppers.

So that was the list of few major advantages in portal hosted websites, above.

Watch our introductory video below !

  • Site content writing experts in India.
  • Making user-friendly content for clients in NCR New Delhi and overseas.

Shortcomings In Managed Domains

You cannot select an alternate solution and will be confined to using the server space owned by the platform.

But then the big question arises as to why would anyone want to buy or rent file-sharing storage on some other gateway ?

It is well-known that these programs offer completely secured, super fast and a robust network in terms of uptime rates.

Considerable number of safe and tested Apps and extensions are available for paid-members only.

But surprisingly for some it is an obstacle because you can avail vast designing features in shared anchored sites.

You cannot upload any open-source plugin and need to work within the restricted layout, limited templates and theme capabilities.

It is a robotically governed methodology that by-default blocks manual practices that could make the residing content susceptible to hitches.

There are constraints in monetization and forming membership platforms with online communities under this scheme., Squarespace, Wix and similar provide the option of Adsense Advertising to its business plan subscribers.

But the opposing mechanism makes that possible candidly. WooCommerce sells a plugin for membership gateways.

Site building companies can obtain only the automatically backed up files, under such a framework.

An inaccessible code restricts webmasters desiring complete customization. And switching to another server is a cumbersome operation.

However, in particular has made the shifting-to and moving-away procedure simple.

The same gateway in year 2021 begun offering a plethora of choices for inserting functions and altering the file and folder structure by SFTP.

The overall shortcomings in managed domains compared to shared anchored sites are far lesser in terms of severity.

You could only understand after comparing the two systems after testing both.

Dependence upon the company that owns the platform where your content resides.

These kind of gateways always send an advance notice in situations when they plan a shut down.

In such a scenario, the process of shifting to another server becomes unavoidable for subscribers.

However, this probability is rare as we are discussing world-class ITES providing companies here.

In such an event, anyone would imagine that a client is also examining such a possibility and thinking that far.

It is amazing that someone tends to contemplate this particular scenario too under consideration.

However, one forgets that it is possible for any space provider, a host or a third-party theme developer too, to shut-down.

So, obviously there are crucial drawbacks in self hosting website development on free or other similar unpaid shareware.

To top that, there are far greater advantages in portal hosted websites, broadly speaking, looking at the larger picture.

Not possible to import or modify applications, so suitable for site creation of a small or medium volume asset !

Ready made style patterns and supplemental drivers have some restrictions; hence a handicap in producing huge sized projects.

Business plan members at and subscribers buying the basic variant of Shopify are allowed to import designed frames from anywhere.

Sometimes, curtailments in some online fashioning characteristics might be frustrating.

But, at least you are prepared in-advance to adapt within those limitations. Morever, WP 6 comes with the Gutenberg program.

This amazing invention is more or less like a site builder helping you to design beautiful layouts.

inaccessible code and limited templates are shortcomings in managed domains
Inaccessible Code And Limited Templates Are Shortcomings In Managed Domains

Choosing Adequate Security And Eliminating Virus Attacks

There are scores of clients for whom design is more important than first-grade performance. They may opt for any of the 2 options.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible for mid-degree firms with average budgets to develop top bracket fully programmed forums.

But some vendees are able to accept that websites built on or Shopify etc. are far simpler to handle Vs. the opposed technique.

Undoubtedly, anyone would be better-off giving first priority to elements which are of prime importance as below !

  • Load balancing and disaster recovery.
  • Enabling an effortless working with search console tools accounts.
  • Easy usability and simple accessibility for the handicapped.
  • Eliminating virus attacks.
  • Choosing adequate security.
avoid hidden cost in portals by opting for the controlled web anchoring technology

Self hosting website development system can be disguised with concealed charges and is vulnerable to technical faults.

Avoid hidden cost in portals by opting for the controlled web anchoring technology.

Giving preference to trivial matters and forgetting the grave disadvantages in the opposite mechanism as below is a mistake !

  • Extensive customization options instead of helping in a superior organic visibility, trigger a risk of being penalized by the spiders.
  • Opening up endless probabilities in importing optional packages and immense themes pose a threat of content crashing.

Movie below by John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google advising webmasters the following !

  • Develop a strong foundation before launching a domain.
  • It is a lot easier in improving online ranking after solving technical problems inside.
  • If you have duplicate content on your documents internally, then the robot will pick any 1 of the single URL’s amongst those.
  • Prevent inserting exactly identical matter within different pages or else incoming links to those URL’s will be worthless.
  • Knowledge graph algorithms are changing from just about matching keywords on a certain document to trying understanding what it is about.
  • The spiders are now able to know user intent, the kind of information needed and displays more relevant results than before.
  • Going forward, the knowledge machine is trying to provide answers depending upon who is making the query.
  • The AI algorithm is returning listings on hand-held devices used in any location at any point of time.
  • Structured markup can let the spider know the concept of a site and make the crawler read reviews, ratings and events on pages.
  • Do not obstruct crawling of your documents by blocking the robots.txt file.

Download PDF : Explaining the advantages in portal hosted websites and drawbacks in self hosting website development !

  • The former program assists in initiating an automatic smartphone responsiveness in a more convenient manner.
  • The prior mode is more stable, technically faultless and prevents hacking attempts completely.
  • The first scheme helps in eliminating virus attacks and hidden cost in portals and provides adequate security and auto maintenance facility too.

pick a 3rd party site theme

How To Pick A 3rd-party Site Theme ?

Total Time: 1 day

  1. Select A Vendor Selling Site Building Themes

    select a vendor selling site building themes

    Envato ThemeForest is quite popular for downloading a premium third-party business template. In general, a quality template may go for 30 to 70 dollars for annual subscription.

  2. Start With Choosing A Topical Site Theme

    start with choosing a topical site theme

    Scrutinize the various choices available to help you select the category of your business template. Click the menu link pertaining to the subject of your site.

    Discover the several categories namely – Corporate, Retail, Education, BuddyPress, Creative, Entertainment, Real Estate, Mobile, eCommerce, Technology, Miscellaneous, Blog / Magazine, NonProfit and Wedding.

    Let us say you opt for : “Retail”.

  3. Choose The Apt Web Template Sub category

    choose the apt web template sub category

    Notice the various sub-categories namely – Health and Beauty, Travel, Food, Fashion, Children and Shopping.

    Furthermore, you also have the option to filter templates under the “All” or “Newest” division respectively.

    Let us say you choose : “Shopping”.

  4. Notice The Tag Filters In Left Side bar

    notice the tag filters in left side bar

    Pick one of the Tags offering a choice to tick mark blank boxes for : e-Commerce, Shop, WooCommerce, Store, Furniture, Multipurpose, Cart, Clothing, Creative, Modern, Business, Corporate, Fashion Store, Jewelry, Marketplace, Online Shop, Responsive, Watches, Accessories, Amazon Associates Theme, Apparel, Bikini etc.

  5. Apply Filtration By Sales Volume And Template Rating

    apply filtration by sales volume and template rating

    Check any of the blank boxes from No Sales, Low, Medium, High or Top Sellers to scrutinize themes falling under respective brackets. Likewise, decide upon templates carrying whatever rating you prefer to go for.

  6. Specify WordPress Version And Software Compatibility

    specify wordpress version and software compatibility

    Refine your options by selecting any of the favored variants of the WP package for harmonized working with your template. Determine assorted Apps you would like your theme to be compatible with.

  7. Observe The Filtered Web Theme Results In Main Section

    observe the filtered web theme results in main section

    Finally, view the results in the center of your desktop screen displaying the sorted listing for templates containing the type of amenities and facilities you desired while filtration.

  8. Other Features To Look For In A Theme For Making Sites

    theme for making sites

    There are more factors for look for while selecting a site construction theme. For example – CSS3 feature, RTL support, HTML5 compatibility, Retina display, GDPR-compliance, adaptability with other plugins, Font Awesome Icons, SEO-friendliness, Structured data highlighting functionality, Full site editing, Mobile compatibility, AMP feature, kind of visual composer App etc.

Estimated Cost: 100 USD


  • Secured Theme
  • Fast Loading Template
  • Mobile-responsive Layout


  • Theme Library
  • ThemeForest
  • TemplateMoster
  • Themeisle

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