Bing Places Loads More Components

bing places loads more components on its online business maps portal

One can observe few unique features when editing own Bing Local Map listing for improving online visibility for own establishment.

One of the prominent ones noticeable was that you could compare your website performance on organic internet results.

Touching upon only few of the updated elements one noticed inside this resource, introduced a couple of years ago.

This tool indexes commercial pages and then sorts them into various territorial categories.

To view the updated component, spot the red color oval shape mark in the screenshot image below !

bing places loads more components on its online business maps portal
Bing Places Loads More Components On Its Online Business Maps Portal

Subsequently, account owners can choose how they want their Company Name, Address and Phone Number to appear on this platform.

This was a new property added in this zonal commercial location posting resource, few years back.

The upgraded characteristic on one hand can assist websites in procuring a stronger prominence within this spider.

Furthermore, web pages will also be able to acquire an enhanced natural placement at search engines with the assistance of this tool.

Reason being, there is a connection within the two leading crawlers. This platform can help in increasing digital traffic for domains.

It enables sites in obtaining an improved outcome on regional searches and at organic internet results too.

You will reach this specific page as in the screenshot above, while going through the step by step process required for updating your company description.

That section did not exist on this official address listing domain earlier.

It gives an opportunity to establishments in specifying their contact details in a much clear manner to this resource.

Bing Local Map Listing To Compare Your Website Performance

A division as below helps you analyze your portal’s achievement in contrast with competitors !

use bing local map listing to compare your website performance on organic internet results
Bing Places Loads More Components To Help Monitor User-activity On Your Profile

Discover the red oval outlined sign marked over the green color link button within the picture above.

Henceforward, the platform started helping in knowing number of potential customers having visited your official particulars filled-in by you here.

This gateway assists in watching detailed insights about the level of exposure you attained within a certain period.

The Microsoft owned tool helps enterprises to understand how they are performing on regional natural searches.

Click the same link button and it would lead you to another window inside this very platform.

Inspect the screenshot image below !

analyze your portal's achievement in contrast with competitors through bing
Compare Your Website Performance With Similar Companies In Various Locations

Bing Places Loads More Components On Its Online Business Maps Portal

Spot the red oval outline marked inside the photo screenshot above. Observe a partly cut-off of the green progress chart at the bottom.

Scroll down a bit further and the entire chart signifying the volume of visitors your web pages generate, would appear in full.

Apologies for the careless mistake. The bar diagram was cut-off while capturing the picture screenshot.

One has the choice to match how contenders or similar companies have performed on regional natural records.

You have the option to see the total volume of location-wise views in the chart, using filters like zip code, city, state or country.

You can download this App through Google Play or Apple Store for increasing digital traffic towards your domain.

Go ahead and manage your contact details and already uploaded content inside this platform.

An extra prominent feature introduced here was representing approx. 50,000 Sq. Km. Bird’s Eye imagery spanning 70 cities in USA.

In January 2021, the program inducted some additional ingredients as follows !

  • Amenities – Permitting you to insert information concerning Wheelchair Accessibility, Parking, Wifi availability, mode of payment accepted etc.
  • Commercial Relationship – Allowing you to specify if your enterprise is located within a certain department or if it is a branch of some organization.

In the same year, the gateway added a supplemental feature in relation to duplicate listings.

Due to 4 choices for logging-into this App by – Work Account, Microsoft / Facebook / Google profile, sometimes users end-up forming 2 folios here by mistake.

Going forward, this gateway started marking one of the portfolios as a “Low Confidence Record”.

These records are not displayed to explorers searching The Bingbot for discovering zonally placed service providers or product sellers.

So, this useful facility can prompt subscribers to remove the duplicate account and mark the same as “Permanently Closed”.

This application on it’s own will handle the issue afterwards in it’s own way depending upon whatever it finds fit.

Analyze Your Portal’s Achievement On Organic Internet Results

Use Bing Local Map Listing to scan own site’s accomplishment on natural searches and attain higher online traffic after examining data.

This was a powerful promotional avenue for establishments endeavoring to reach a ranking on first page within its index.

Video below explaining the following !

  • AI applies to natural language and voice-recognition. Microsoft has achieved 95.1% accuracy in this regard.
  • The company is trying to utilize its knowledge graph and artificial intelligence to understand what a searcher wants.
50% Of Searches Are Done Through Hand-held Devices – Primarily Through Phones

The platform also started offering detail on the frequency of syncing it has undertaken in recent times with the connected Google profile.

Inevitably, this insight is visible only to members having already synced their zonal record here with the regional account at the latter.

Furthermore, an added amenity observable here, namely “Advanced Information” is another valuable ingredient with a potential to supply target leads from your neighborhood.

This black color hyperlink is noticeable if the account owner clicks on own record for editing.

Hit the green colored text placed at the right that opens up a fresh window in-house.

So the first module can be utilized for inserting specifications of any partnership firm or enterprise associated with your establishment.

The second division called found, called “Amenities” may be employed for marking attributes as follows !

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance available or not.
  • Parking convenience.
  • Owned by women or men.
  • Held by veterans or not.
  • Does your establishment payments only in cash.
  • If any Wifi utilities offered.
  • If your firm is black owned.

This same feature was present in the month of January 2021 too.

The only difference is that the structure and detailing in this module was altered to enable a simpler interface.

Thereupon you will also be reminded to categorize your photos by tags. Discover the green rectangle button in this context after uplinking.

However the most extraordinary aspect inducted regarding this element is the choice to mark select pictures under the following heads !

  • This is a photo of my organization or not.
  • Copyright issue.
  • Offensive content.
  • Poor quality.
  • Privacy concern.

Furthermore, previously you had the alternative to hide your organization’s address from the listed portfolio.

Henceforth, one has the option to display only part detail in the same section by revealing only the City Name and Pincode.

The last easily findable characteristic during the pandemic period placed here was concerning Covid 19.

Henceforward, it seems this resource was automatically labeling all listings under the “Temporary Closed” category.

So go ahead and modify the same indication by switching-over to “Open as usual” in case your enterprise falls within the said bracket.

With that we close this blog regarding Bing Places loads more components on its online business maps portal.

  1. Do Regional Commercial Listings Contain Spam Data Too ?

    Yes. It is a common practice undertaken by many firms. Manipulation of NAP details is a frequently carried out activity at the regional commercial listings section inside various search engines.

    However, such malpractices do not last long and are eventually caught by the crawlers and finally deleted or suspended.

  2. In What Way Can A Firm Manipulate Its NAP Details At Zonal Official Records ?

    In general, this type of spamming activity is usually undertaken in the following ways by fake profile owners for dodging viewers :

    A. Typing own company name in-part or fully and adding few keyword phrases alongside – Some members form a regional record in such a manner – “XYZ Solutions – Real estate agents in Gurgaon, Indian property consultants, Best Office Properties in Noida”.

    This is just a typical example. A couple of keyphrases are inserted after the real company title (i.e. “XYZ Solutions”) in such a case to try and gather bigger natural traffic towards their commercial websites or digital professional profiles. It hardly matters to the virtual audience though.

    But it is a classic case of web-spam as one is attempting to beat a competitor which does not engage in playing games in their endeavor for obtaining a deserving natural digital presence, which requires an unimaginable level of hard work.

    Thankfully, the top two search engines in particular are efficient in correcting such errors or misdeeds attempting by scamsters to prevent the potential customer into believing sham information provided through such listings.

    B. Developing a regional company profile with a title entirely based on a set of keywords – One comes across many zonal commercial profiles where an enterprise would form a record by adding some key phrases by completely eliminating mentioning the actual name of the establishment they run.

    For example you may see the title of a zonal digital profile written as – “Top property advisors in India, Commercial and Retail Properties Gurgaon, Leading real estate agency in New Delhi”.

    Now in such cases the manipulator goes all the way here. Then, there is a blank field in the web URL section which is always available to-be-filled-up during creation of such listings.

    But one often if not always, finds the same block as blank in these kind of profiles. The reason behind such a technique is that the owner does not want the search engine to know the actual name of his/her enterprise.

    So one just adds a phone number and / or address after writing down few key words in the title section. But again, as usual such tactics do not last long. The top two search engines are vigilant enough to rectify such spammy official portfolios.

    C. Creating Several Records Under Different Names – Another usual bluffing technique is adding a multiple number of listings under different names and alongside hiding either the real phone number or URL inside the record.

    Then, one also comes across companies inserting varying phone numbers by purchasing a plethora of SIM cards or even designing independent micro sites solely for the purpose of obtaining several distinct number of records within the zonal division of the search engines.

    All said and done, this kind of trickery is not everlasting in the digital world.

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