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google search console is showing right sidebar content in data highlighter tool now
Google Search Console Is Showing Right Sidebar Content In Data Highlighter Tool

Both Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools account have recently updated features inside their platforms in January 2019.

These portals, if managed appropriately can help domains improve their internet traffic and rank.

In addition, sites can also enhance their position within natural listing result pages.

The former has overhauled its entire platform regarding most issues as follows !

  • Removing many properties which are no longer important for site optimization service providers.
  • And inserting or replacing some components which are significant as per advancements related to optimizing pages.

Whereas the latter has made few minor additions inside its portal.

These upgrades could help companies in boosting their online promotion assignments and make an excellent website for growth !

Discussing only two aspects out of the many, concerned with such kind platforms, as below !

  • Submission of permalinks.
  • The data highlighter tool.

Watch a relevant video below. This free resource accomplishes the following functions !

  • Monitors your domains performance.
  • Displays which searches drive online visitors to your pages, portfolios, testimonials and articles.
  • Informs when people click on our external and interior links.
  • Helps you know what sources connect to your site.
  • Shows the keyword-phrases that draw the internet audience towards your domain.
  • Educates you about the number of backlinks you possess.
  • Presents an opportunity for anyone to view up to what level own portal is mobile-friendly.
  • Exhibits Crawl and Index reports respectively.
  • Displays a tab with text saying “Security and Manual Actions” informing domains about crucial matters related to safety issues helping them to safeguard websites !
Learn How To Improve Or Acquire More Organic Online Traffic

The structured marking module here has now started showing right sidebar content too (if you have widgets out there) within your in-house pages or blogs.

Kindly spot the screenshot image below which shows a green color bordered vertical rectangle surrounding text inside !

Google Search Console Is Showing Right Sidebar Content In Data Highlighter Tool

It seems this change has been made two days ago. Previously this interface used to display matter only inside the main text body, available for highlighting.

At least that’s what we remember, if not mistaken. This is a useful amenity. It gives you an opportunity to emphasize and highlight more words and images for markup, than before.

Webmasters may also learn about tips on web SEO by visiting the discussion feed at Twitter.

Note : Going forward from year 2020 onwards, the highlighting module is not reachable from within the new version of the Google Search Console.

Having said that, in 2021 the latest variant has started curtailing reflection of all of your marked GIF photos as “Image Content”.

Conversely, it was more likely for the same type of images to reflect as “highlighted matter” earlier.

Go ahead and implement the structured markup by reaching the same platform as available in the old variant.

Submit 10000 Internal URL’s In One Day At Bingbot

Till last year i.e. 2018, you could add only 10 links (residing inside your domain) within a span of 24 hours.

As a matter of fact, Bing Webmaster Tools account used to limit the maximum number of submittable permalinks to 50 every month.

But now you are allowed to recommend ten thousand permalinks of either pages, projects, testimonials or blog posts you have in-house, everyday.

Maybe that is a monthly limit. We’re not sure.

Please see the blue colored horizontal rectangle border inside the screenshot image below, which is self-explanatory !

You Can Now Suggest Ten Thousand Links Everyday At This Spider

Even this latest facility is a valuable element. It could help sites in obtaining a quicker recognition within this crawler while they index the same.

Video below !

  • Suggest permalinks to index your matter and find fresh customers for your business.
  • You can propose links when new pages are created or documents and material updated.
  • Anyone can add real time matter through the API medium or else simply suggest links to get discovered online.
Submit 10000 Internal URL’s In One Day At This Crawler

The rules earlier sometimes felt a bit too restrictive in utilizing avenues in reaching this spider for exposing your matter for it to view and scan.

Note : Going forward September 2020, this crawler has now revised it’s daily limit for submittable permalinks to 200 every 24 hours.

Amongst the other notable modifications out here is that this robot has now started offering the “URL Inspection” facility too.

After entering any of your in-house permalink, you can observe whether it is already indexed or not and optimizing flaws if any according to this spider.

Additionally, it will display three kinds of marking it is accepting for your matter (if you have implemented any) – Json-LD, OpenGraph and Microdata.

Finally, anyone can also avail the “Live URL Test” feature that shows your “HTML Code” as recognizable by this robot. Details on “HTTP Response” are also viewable.

Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools Account

Touching upon some of the dissimilarities within the two platforms, only confined to the 2 aspects of URL Submission and Data Highlighter Tool !

  • You can suggest up to 300 individual links per month or 10 every 24 hours with Googlebot. It is also permits proposing a maximum of 3 permalinks, in cases where the option for suggesting the same with its “direct links included” is chosen.
  • Whereas the Bingbot is now allowing tendering ten thousand URL’s in one day or maybe as a monthly limit, probably.
  • The Googlebot provides a wonderful component for structured marking of matter.
  • Whereas there is no such kind of element within Bingbot.

So, go ahead and make use of these fresh features inside both platforms. Strengthen the organic internet presence for your domain.

These supplemental ingredients could benefit site optimization agencies in enhancing their Off-page improvement exercises, considerably.

In January 2021, Microsoft has extended two fresh facilities to domain owners !

  • Everyone now has the choice to avail an “Instant Indexing” service with it’s spider.
  • You may also suggest your site to a special instrument called “Clarity” which could assist in knowing if visitors are getting stuck at a specific section inside pages, discover which parts of your domain drives the most user-engagement etc.

Video by Yoast below explaining the following !

  • Most spiders have a portal providing a feedback how your site is performing on their organic result pages.
  • They also offer information on the way they see your domain and errors noted if any.
  • How to verify your site with webmasters accounts.

Is Structured Data Markup Part Of On-page SEO Or Off-site Optimization ?

Schema markup can be either a branch of On-page SEO or Off-site Optimization task depending upon case to case basis.

For example, if one reaches any Structured Data Markup portal for carrying-out the task then the exercise can be considered as a division within the Off-site Optimization process.

Whereas, if you undertake the procedure through the assistance of a plugin like RankMath or Yoast then the function may be regarded as a branch of the On-page SEO operation.

Reason being, these plugins provide the facility to highlight some kinds of content as structured data without the need for visiting any external source.

Having said that, the Off-page Optimization route may be a bit more effective in increasing chances of enlisting within the Rich Snippets as such sources offer more room to mark data.

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