Google Sites Upgraded

google sites upgraded by highlighting images and blogs in websites on its portal

Google Sites Upgraded its digital publicity platform, which already allows designing standalone web pages for free.

Such kind of a site is available with a subdomain URL address at this online work program.

One may purchase a custom domain name too from within this gateway if required.

The latest interface can assist subscribers obtain a prominent organic exposure, procure fresh leads and gain targeted queries.

It’s structure allows its software automatically picking and featuring photos and article posts one posts at it’s aligned GBP platform.

One finds another great facility that the testimonials one obtains on owned connected Local Map record are also by-default added here.

That helps enterprises in procuring digital traffic for own main domain too after visitors at this application viewing the same.

The platform also gives suggestions as to what text to write within your description field while forming a site here.

The same narration appears below the main title, placed at the top on web pages created by members at this gateway.

google sites upgraded by highlighting images and blogs in websites on its portal
Google Sites Upgraded By Highlighting Images And Blogs In Websites On Its Portal

In fact, you could also utilize this program for developing a mini ECommerce site.

The built-in site builder shows options for a variety of basic themes with different colors, font styles and sizes to choose from.

The photo uploader works flawlessly and there is no limit on the number of pictures in terms of insertion here.

Mentioned below are few amenities forwarded to members by this package few years ago !

  • The facility to insert a Table of Contents was offered to subscribers for assisting them in conveying their site navigation architecture to the visitors.
  • The user attained the power to copy complete matter lying at a site owned in-house to another for saving time in launching the fresh one after modifications.
  • This App inducted a modish module for composing editable photo carousels and change the in-built search segment with Cloud Search too.
  • Patrons utilizing this software obtained the capability to display when they altered their site last time, to their audience.
  • Members here gained the ability to add, delete or edit collapsible text, appearance of wordings and review corrections before publishing.

SetUp A New Website On Google My Business

Few more valuable components one finds here, are as follows !

  • Official work day and hours, displayed.
  • A user-friendly commercial location map.
  • Simple to navigate photo gallery.
  • Easily accessible list of article posts.
  • Quick loading speed of content.

The advancement here was a fantastic opportunity for improving your online marketing exercises and digital promotion tasks.

setup a new website on google my business for higher internet visibility
Setup A New Website On Google My Business For Higher Internet Visibility

Claim your professional portfolio to enhance chances to rank on first page at organic results within the top search engines.

You will surely gain if optimizing your official promotion processes by displaying own products and services here.

The site also shows “user reviews” one gathers at the connected Maps record found in-house.

It improves chances of digital exposure by highlighting images and blogs in websites on its portal.

Go ahead and start a small site here, free of cost within 25 minutes and be found at online company listing searches.

Input as much information allowed, by filling-in empty fields and options while creating your profile here.

Don’t forget inserting information in description boxes and filling up professional categories wherever visible.

Remember to be consistent with your Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP Details) :

  • All across the web.
  • Your main site.
  • And within the GMB platform.

Following enhancements were introduced by this framework in year 2020 !

  • An announcements division was opened up for utilization by patrons supporting them in spotlighting events and exclusive moments through banners.
  • It became possible for subscribers in forming a site through an in-built optimized theme.

Google Sites Upgraded To Help In Higher Internet Visibility

Get more queries and calls for your service and products and obtain a greater popularity than before.

Coming to an additional advantageous feature. A “Call Now” button is available making it easy for the mobile audience in calling you instantly, if needed.

Furthermore, you would be able to edit and make changes to your material through a smartphone too, if needed.

This newly designed structure also highlights a button for “Get Directions” visible at the bottom of your web site here.

Finally, coming to a scenario when someone is looking for a full-fledged commercial domain for promoting own establishment.

Broadly speaking there are 2 kinds of methods for designing websites – Managed-hosting system Vs. The Self-hosted methodology.

Establishments can consider the same as a substitute homepage for promoting their services and products.

Video below how educators use this resource inside and outside their classrooms !

  • Teachers are using innovative ways to educate students not only indoors but also to keep them engaged externally.
  • Digital breakouts are an increasingly popular way for pupils to collaborate and problem-solve in an interactive manner.
  • Student portfolios, college resumes, syllabus, homework assignments, blog posts and report cards are some of the favorite types of matter created here.
  • It can be utilized as a centralized tool to help disciples learn, practice, track growth, build digital proficiency and gain confidence.
  • The content composed here is safe, customizable and easily shareable with colleagues and guardians.
  • One can demonstrate own learning progress with parents and share thoughts and ideas through blogging.

In April 2021, all subscribers in the “personal category of Workspace” were asked to switchover to the latest variant, with the help of the in-house site manager tool.

Members not converting to the freshly updated model before 1st September were required to republish their data lying in a draft format inside the Workspace App.

write relevant text content for a b2b website homepage

How To Write Content For A HomePage Of A B2B Domain ?

Approx Time Required 5 days

  1. Begin With Spotlighting What You Do And Where You Are Located !

    begin with spotlighting what you do and where you are located

    Start with introducing your company, briefing the online visitor about your field of work, signaling it’s locations for providing services or products to consumers through relevant text.

  2. Specify Your USP And Why Your Product Or Service Is Good !

    specify your USP and why your product or service is good.

    Describe your strengths and explain how the buyer would benefit by dealing with your establishment. Reveal since when you are engaged in the profession or performing the activity being promoted through your domain.

  3. Clarify How You Produce Solutions Or Procure Goods You Sell !

    clarify how you produce solutions or procure goods you sell

    Summarize processes you deploy for servicing, manufacturing or trading in a condensed manner. Spell-out your ambitions and the kind of customer base already existing and desired too.

    In case of startups, just presenting a logical reason for beginning the venture with a professionally delivered message would suffice.

  4. Confine Text To Maximum 500 Optimized Words In The Front Page !

    confine text to maximum 500 optimized words in the front page

    There is no need writing detailed information about any element within the homepage of a B2B domain. Utilize powerful focus keywords as well as secondary key phrases after researching MOZ Keyword Explorer or WordStream Keyword Tool etc.

    Use optimization plugins like Yoast or Rank Math for monitoring linking and furnishing an overall optimized homepage.

  5. Summarize The Content Of The Entire Portal Inside The Home Page !

    summarize the content of the entire portal inside the home page

    Focus on typing lines which one could relate-to while visiting web pages within your domain i.e. the front page text should be in-sync with various documents, media material and paragraphs found in-house.

    Likewise, sentences in other pages should also be connected to the overall subject of the entire site.

Estimated Cost: 150 USD


  • Text Writing
  • Headlines Composition
  • Keyphrase Placement
  • Picture Captions


  • MOZ Keyword Explorer
  • WordStream Keyword Tool
  • SEO Plugin
  • Visual Composer

Materials: Homepage Title Headings Keywords Internal Linking Outgoing Links Meta description Alt text

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