I Thought I Made A Perfect Website

Insert Visitor-oriented Matter To Achieve A Prime Web Positioning For Domains

Last year when i finished my foremost project, i thought i made a perfect website for my client.

A lot of us fantasize about building classic and genuine content and relevant images and marketing videos inside portals.

These procedures are executed due to the importance of providing the best user-experience to online users, clients and customers.

I don’t know if that is possible to do so simply. But still most people strive for creating audience-friendly websites and rightly so.

I do too. Or else by whichever means could i compete with the various website developers in South Delhi , Gurgaon, Noida and other NCR regions ?

Some would define visitor-oriented matter as the one that contains topical pictures, unique slides and looks beautiful.

For few, the type that provides as much bona fide information as possible through simple navigation would be the best.

Yes, maybe that’s the way you define a near-to-ultimate or a classic portal. Or else it may be the kind that would attain high search exposure.

And even i assumed that i could make a website of a respectable standard that perhaps might become popular to some extent.

One can also derive that the peak moment would only be when a few pages, projects or blogs in a specific portal are able to feature as a Rich Result.

I Assumed That I Could Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google

Audience-friendly websites with genuine content need the following !

  • Writing unique and educative text.
  • Generating original data for the latest trending questions.
  • Inducing curiosity with followers.
  • Optimising sentences to be easily understandable to buyers and viewers.
  • Quick loading speed.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Using popular keyphrases for optimization of data.
  • Internal linking and external connections with valuable sources.
  • Developing appealing titles and compelling headlines.
  • Forming a presence at various social media promotional accounts.
  • Adding portfolios and testimonials.
  • Submitting owned URL’s on Webmaster Tools Console.
  • Inserting keyword matching movies, infographics and relevant images.
  • Ensuring easy navigation.
  • And publishing unique stories, blogs and useful data.
Acquire A Powerful Internet Presence By Superior Data And Smartphone-compatibility

So just an example, a vendee may not appreciate his webmaster forming a certain amount internal links.

But there is a reason why connecting documents internally is crucial.

That is because the process on one hand makes it simpler for the crawlers to understand data in a better way and assists in faster indexing too.

Likewise, a vendee may feel irritated at his portal developer pressuring him / her for supplying text matching pictures and supporting movies.

It is vital for sites to include topical photos and complementing films to ensure making pages interesting, compelling and engaging in nature.

Reason being that it works like a double-edged sword that may assist you to acquire a prominent placement online and alongside support in enhancing user-experience.

Like many, even i thought i made a perfect website containing slide presentations, great amenities, functionalities and marketing videos.

And that is despite owning obsolete data and copying and pasting text and media from external sources. I was hoping to escape a penalty by the robots.

On the other hand, an additional reason why it is immensely difficult to produce a flawless portal is because the technology keeps improving.

Furthermore, it is natural for webmasters to keep upgrading functionalities, templates, plugins, menu structures and visual composers for enhancements.

For instance, sometimes people experiment with several themes as time progresses.

And every time you switch over to a fresh template, it ends up increasing your work load excessively.

It can often take a month to setup everything the way you like in such a scenario.

That happens because every theme comes with distinctive facilities and components.

For instance a certain template may function better with a visual composer that came in bundled along with it.

But, another theme might not include a document builder and may perform at an optimum level only with the built-in visual styler that your CMS provides.

So switching from one template to another does not involve just a simple undertaking of uninstalling and installing the concerned themes.

Furthermore, there are some optimizer plugins that contain an AMP module inside. Conversely the optimizing Add-on you load might not include the same amenity.

Hence, often webmasters end up scratching their heads after finding that just reshaping the interface for desktop would not suffice.

Sometimes you have no other option but to install a 3rd-party AMP extension to enable an attractive look on the smartphone version too.

And it does not end here. You are required to redesign the settings inside the customizer specifically meant for accelerated mobile pages too.

But I Realized I Could Not Build An Ideal Site

January – Right in the opening week I gasped in surprise while browsing my documents.

I could have added one hyphen in between the two words of my main URL. Anyway I had no option but to forget thinking about it.

You may add dashes in main uniform resource locators, especially if they contain two words. Not mandatory though, as both options suffice.

February – In the second week, i got another shock when i noticed that I named my primary title as “Sem Consultant”.

It was supposed to be – “SEM Consultant”. I committed such a foolish mistake ? So, i corrected the fault immediately.

Use UPPER CASE characters for abbreviations. Who knows – maybe the robot might take “Sem” as a spelling error for “Same”.

Though the spiders are not stupid but it is better to rectify that.

March – I found a careless lapse again. One of the “Blog Names” was restated in the 4th and 11th article respectively.

Remove identical and repeated titles for documents, articles, project and testimonial labels if aspiring to gain a rank on first page of Google.

That is a vital requirement while creating audience-friendly websites with genuine content.

An anchor text in an article post or portfolio plays a crucial role in determining online rankings.

Reason being, the linked phrase may lead to any document in-house. Hence, usage of recurrent words in titles of pages confuses the robots sometimes.

In such a case, the spiders don’t know whichever document to select to scrutinize if its data is valuable enough for a worthwhile internet presence or not.

Typical Mistakes Undertaken By Many While Developing Sites

I Cannot Believe That I Thought I Made A Perfect Website

April – I corrected the only 2 major blunders I had committed earlier. Wonderful. But, i decided to go through it again.

Another error as usual. The Gravatar picture on my homepage lead to my profile there. That’s the default setting and it cannot be changed it seems.

I was under the impression that i was capable of producing premium official photos and professional marketing videos inside portals.

Morever, I never observed before that even the text inside my FAQ segment was part of the total word count inside documents.

So I ended up rectifying sentences repeatedly during several rounds of revisions while totally disregarding the wordings in my listed question and answer section.

That resulted in completely non-optimized FAQ division.

So i understood that i was not competent of developing a high class portal that could gain a rank on first page of Google, Bing and Baidu.

Don’t create links through pictures, unless unavoidable.

Reason being, it is unlikely for a user to move his mouse cursor over photos to check whichever is clickable or not.

Furthermore, the FAQ blocks segment ought to be scrutinized at periodic intervals for revising words and sentences to warrant dispensing worthwhile knowledge.

May – Three weeks gone and no further fault detected. Bingo.

By then i was fully convinced that i could publish an awesome domain with fresh articles, relevant images and user-centric data.

But later, during a regular check – Again ? Two of my pages contain zero links. No outgoing or internal connections ?

And not a single incoming link from any of my social networking accounts towards my projects, stories or article posts ?

Further, fickle-minded that i am, i noticed another flaw. Last month I had modified the number of testimonials to display on a folio from 5 to 3.

Hence, i started receiving notifications for 404 errors due to obvious pagination issues. So i set up redirects.

But later as i added new endorsement URL’s, anyone clicking on the hyperlink number 4 or 5 automatically got diverted to the 1st testimonial.

So again i went back and deactivated those redirects.

Add a few worthwhile and appropriate internal connections if you really want to improve chances of a better natural internet visibility.

There is a reason why such a task is important for web promotion as well.

Composing pages short of links are like asking a driver to drive down a long highway with a desert on both sides.

So manufacture few connections to enable your documents interesting enough for visitors to navigate.

In-house linking would open up an opportunity for the user to gather more information from within your portal.

Such kind of client-centric sites reduce the need for viewers to visit another source. And rechecking your redirects on a periodic basis always helps.

I Found That I Couldn’t Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google

June – This time i became doubly sure that I had created fairly informative marketing videos to assist the subscribers learn about my services.

However, why not have a repeat look. Alarm Bell !!!! There was no hyphen separating the words in 1 of the permalinks and 1 meta tag on another webpage.

Remember adding dashes separating the words in meta tags and slugs, necessarily.

Though this won’t affect your visitors, but such an assignment is primarily the technical part of optimization.

July – It’s due season time by then. It felt as if it were not possible to find something missing at that stage. Nevertheless, I wanted to reconfirm.

I know why i was nervous. After all this was expected of me. I had changed the address for one of my social network accounts last week.

But forgot to update the outgoing URL to that source and it began showing an error after clicking.

And I thought I made a perfect website having the power to reach the top position on searches ! It was so embarrassing. Ok, so i rectified that fast.

Try fixing broken links. URL’s leading to 404 Errors irritate users.

And internal connects could be corrected either through 301 redirects or other legitimate means.

There is another rationale behind importance of the linking operation. Links play an influencing role in organic internet placement of documents.

Procuring quality connections from authoritative resources can assist in boosting popularity online.

Another related aspect is that sometimes the host to whom you have linked-to, removes that specific piece of data from own source.

So keep an eye on that front too as in such an event the outward pointing connection from your own portal will produce a 404 error again.

Audience-friendly websites with genuine content and relevant images and marketing videos can gain a rank on first page of Google !

  • Enable focus on improving service by saving the time and effort required in pre-sales.
  • Produce and deliver targeted customers by auto eliminating the non-interested clients.
  • Support companies to secure fresh leads and obtain unknown buyers from untapped markets.
Complex Elements In Portal Construction And Internet Publicity

Why to avoid typing technical language or specialized industry-specific terms in pages and documents ?

How to write proper paragraphs for the target-user ?

  • Know who your readers are and understand the kind of information they are looking for.
  • Research your topic to shape it in an instructional manner, before publishing online.
  • Type-in concise, to the point and short sentences for easy readability.
  • Improve Local SEO ! Your tone of voice should be simple for the regional user to understand.
  • Avoid including complex terms for enabling effortless scanning.
  • Optimize your text and media to let the crawlers find your data.

Creating Audience-friendly Websites With Genuine Content

August – Why was i driving such a low number of online visitors ?

I evaluated for whatever reason I was going down on the SERP’s …….. Meta Description this time. Jesus.

I had swapped the related text in few of the pages, by oversight few days back.

And i thought i made a perfect website without duplicate or irrelevant or outdated material. I felt humiliated again.

Those two meta descriptions are now SEO-unfriendly and I didn’t even notice. This is an important element.

The blog that was providing info on “Online Placement Factors” had a description for one supposed to be for “Paid Digital Publicity. And vice versa.

And not only that, some sentences were keyword stuffed. So i set the Key phrases correctly.

Careless errors like keyphrase stuffing, spam and unrelated data needs to be deleted at any cost.

I know. It happens. So easy to preach. I myself am the current running world-record holder here.

September – Since everything looked good, it struck upon me to check the headings …… They were okay.

But I had marked all starting headlines as H2, as my WordPress theme generates an auto H1 tag for blog titles.

So when i scanned further, my testimonials, service pages and the project document looked fine owing to limited text inside.

But it gave an odd impression while noticing articles because many of the blog posts contained more than 4000 words.

So i decided to utilize lower level headings like H3 and H4 too to optimize my blogging URL’s to a larger extent.

Avoid using multiple header tags of the same numbering. Though, the thing that matters more is preventing usage of numerous topmost-level headings.

Whereas, composing more than one of header levels 2 or 3 for example is not such a big issue.

Insert Visitor-oriented Matter To Achieve A Prime Web Positioning For Domains

By the way in the last week of the same month i also understood that redirects for internal 404 errors i had been generating since months were implemented incorrectly.

And it took me a fortnight to amend those URL’s by sending them to the right locations.

Another aspect i would prefer to advise those needing to know the importance of the specific operation during maintenance.

On the last day of September, i discovered an additional stupidity from own side.

Platforms usually automatically form a poster picture for films uploaded inside the media library.

Thinking that those are useless, i deleted them. And later my gateway provided a choice to select the poster photo for uplinked movies.

And it is not possible to retrieve those after deleting. So another point to remember for future purposes.

If thumbnail files for uploaded films are mechanically generated by your framework then keep a check on your media library and add an Alt text and description for the same.

I Don’t Know Why I Thought I Made A Perfect Website

October – It was time to give up by then as i discerned that it was not possible to compose relevant images and genuine content frequently.

But to add to my woes an acquaintance pointed out something really disastrous on my documents.

He said, i need to tell the visitors why they should be needing my support and convey the techniques i undertake to develop sites.

And some of the colors in my business photos, sliders, infographics and movies could be bettered too if wanting my data to feature as a rich result.

So i quickly read a few articles by big agencies and watched some films by the leading digital promotion advisors in our industry and realized that i am a fool.

The fact is that this entire sphere has completely changed the meaning of design when it comes to performance.

So till now i felt so proud of myself in styling backgrounds, pleasing patterns, simulating buttons, lovely buttons and menus with special effects.

But there is a difference within developing sites and designing printable brochures.

So contrarily, you ought to style customized photos, infographics, slideshows and films instead of focusing on backdrop design if rendering a superb UX desired.

This is one of the important tasks to implement when you’re optimizing documents.

Explain own specialties and which way you can help and what you do to build an ideal site. Mention the capabilities and procedures undertaken by your firm.

Use appropriate colors while designing non-text based media like GIF pictures and professional movies.

There are chances of readers having already viewed photos and clips of the same variety on different sites.

And uniqueness is a considerable factor for domain owners to offer to their viewers.

Address The Common Questions By Your Followers In Advance

November – OH, is it like that ?

A reliable web developer observed another alteration in the robotic ranking criteria.

Structured data markup became an essential exercise to execute going forward.

There were some latest disclosures in industry circles indicating factors helping you attain high search exposure.

Animated film below : Audience-friendly Websites With Genuine Content Can Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google !

  • The robots study and follow user-intent to satisfy their needs during queries.
  • Meaningful sites overshadow designer documents.

Technology is changing and so are the placement algorithms by the spiders.

And i discovered that after updating my meta descriptions i forgot to match the same details in the Schema Marking Module that my plugin provided.

Another stupid blunder ? But having reached November and recognizing own flaws in the last 10 months, i was no longer surprised.

I accepted that i am careless in reality.

Exact-matching anchor phrase is a case for penalty from The Penguin bot. There is a logic behind this protocol.

It gives a sense of artificiality when an outside source is linking to you by typing the exact words as in your title.

Whereas one may connect to you by forming hyperlinked text in a manner he or she feels naturally comfortable.

In such a case it sends a message to the robots that the connection has been established in a naturally through a bona fide phrase.

And ensure updating your structured data markings by way of whatever tool you are deploying for the methodology.

Compose Relevant Images And Marketing Videos Inside Portals

December – AAAAAhhh. I see. Even stock photos are now subject to downgradation ?

That strategy i had been applying to save time till now, is was longer suitable for internet publicity, according to that famous expert.

Was it really giving a negative signal to the crawlers ?

Or else did they mean that customized photos were one of the requirements for designing visitor-oriented matter to achieve a prime web positioning for domains ?

They used to be quite tolerant on that front till recently it seems. And i thought i made a perfect website for my client. WOW.

But the worst part is that my misery did not end here. I upgraded my optimizer plugin from the free version i installed last month to a paid variant now.

Just imagine the thing i observed. I started crying after discovering that i have no other choice but to add data inside the “Video Schema” segment too.

The unpaid style did not offer the facility to mark your movies for highlighting. But the chargeable adaptation had that amenity.

Well, i cancelled the pre-planned christmas holiday.

Tip – Sometimes, one may still be able to get away with inserting royalty-free pictures downloaded from the internet.

This is subject to the condition that text data in the concerned document, is extraordinarily useful for visitors.

But, to play it safe it is suggestible to create personalized official photos and commercial movies for growing the reader’s interest.

However, the said data must compliment the sentences in documents, portfolios, testimonials or blogs.

Do yourself a favor by opening each and every document for marking films as structured blocks in case you encounter a similar frightening experience as i did.

Form Original Data And Prevent Adding Copied Or Unrelated Text & Media

The main benefit of producing an optimized portal is that it helps in acquiring incoming links from leading sources.

And, the most influencing factor to build an ideal site is creation of commanding sentences, descriptive photos and intuitive navigation.

Exclusive data like explainer films and whiteboard animations provide a satisfactory user-experience to its visitors.

An advantage one benefits through digital publicity is that it assists in a faster generation of quality backlinks.

Another area where i failed to understand while working on the project. And i thought i made a perfect website.

And the crawlers value citation based inward links from verified authors. It is one of the chief grading criteria for displaying organic results listings.

Topical Pics & Fresh Blogs Can Assist You Gain A Rank On First Page Of Google

Internet publicity acts as a support system to audience-friendly websites with marketing videos.

Let’s say your article named AAA has vastly valuable data with informative media.

Then there is a chance for a popular source containing genuine content and relevant images (related to same topic) to connect with you.

It might seem a questionable criteria though, because the robots are well equipped to know the calibre of every blog post.

They actually do not need any assistance in judging data on basis of the kind of links it procures on the internet.

But the system is in place probably because there are billions of sites all over. And that parameter makes it easier for the spiders to form judgements.

Hence, they normally upgrade you only after authoritative sources connect with you.

One may debate that the particular algorithm gives too much weight on this aspect for placing sites within natural listings.

Then on a second reconsideration it seems that the criteria in place, is fair.

One can also believe that maybe the robots do not rely as much on backlinks as people think.

Might be that they upgrade you even if authoritative sources are not connecting with you.

Ironically, it’s not just unique and engaging data that the crawlers are looking for in a supreme quality portal.

They are also analyzing if you have a certain rapport and respect within your area of activity or profession or within business circle.

One may also question this system practiced to attain high search exposure.

People who hobnob with counterparts or competitors might be able in obtaining more backlinks than other who don’t engage in networking.

But then it’s not that socializing for the sake of publicity is an assured or the only way of securing incoming connections.

All said and done – the online scoring criteria looks quite reasonable if not fully fool-proof.

Kindly view below, checklist for utilizing features in your YouTube Marketing Videos Channel !

  • Upload a professional cover photo.
  • Fill-in the “About Section” fully.
  • Design an official movie trailer.
  • Try to post commercial movies regularly.
  • Add an enhanced description for all uploaded films.
  • Set-up a playlist.
  • Subscribe to others channels.
  • Connect Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Audience-friendly websites assist in acquiring fresh leads, new shoppers and unknown consumers from remote and untapped areas.

Documents with the kind elements below can assist in attracting users and may also assist you to gain a rank on first page of Google !

  • Knowledgeable data with purposeful sentences.
  • Clutter-free navigation for visitors.
  • Smartphone compatibility.
  • Fast rendering speed.
  • Infographics with Alt tags.
  • Suitable keyword density.
  • Incoming and outgoing links.
  • Online networking capabilities.
  • Story publicity facilities.
  • Relevant images.

Film by London Real defining the purpose of a website !

  • Sites should have only two motives : Generate leads and Starting a sales conversation to further your business.
  • It is no point retaining documents just focusing on look, design and beautiful photos.
  • The accelerator course teaches you the way to create a portal that gives a reason to people to share their email address and converts visitors into customers.
  • Ensure developing pages that convert leads instead of prioritizing styling special effects and usage of fancy fonts.

So that brings us to close this blog post – I thought i made a perfect website that might have helped my client reach the top position on searches.

  1. What Is The Difference In Portal Building And Home Construction ?

    In general, developing a house is a personal and individual affair. It is supposedly a private place meant primarily for independent use.

    So a couple may choose to design a bungalow with ample open area for garden, huge semi-open areas for terraces, a medium sized kitchen but still having only two bedrooms, neglecting addition of more bed rooms or a living room for guests and parties.

    Whereas the purpose of a portal is the opposite. It is purely a commercial product for the masses supposed to welcome as many internet viewers as possible from the society.

    Hence, it should be built in a manner that may or may not privately appeal to the owner in terms of modeling or personal facilities but necessarily needs to be an engaging interface to hold the online visitor within it’s pages for long periods.

    So it is important for owners to remember this basic difference in portal building and home construction. You might destroy own domain if forgetting the fact that webpage design is an unimportant exercise in comparison to optimization for natural digital traffic.

    On the contrary, a home may lose it’s own identity and value when it is built on the patterns of a guesthouse.

  2. Why Is It So Difficult To Develop A High Quality Portal ?

    Composing a domain is like bringing up a child from day one after being born. Medical science still is not fully aware of some mysteries inside the human body.

    Doctors are not completely cognizant of some unknown functions of the anatomy. Furnishing pages for a fantastic user-experience is somewhat a similar routine in this context.

    Web designing companies are not completely familiar with some unsolved puzzles of the organic ranking factors. A superior-grade webpage is the one that is optimized for the internet user as well as the crawlers simultaneously.

    But designing an ordinary domain with fancy elements is not a grueling undertaking and there’s nothing enigmatic about it. If there is anyone knowing about the mysteries of the anatomy then it’s the robots having their secret grading parameters.

    So portal development companies try and construct optimized web pages based on deep analysis, guessing and estimating the magical properties of the algorithm.

    It is similar to a doctor trying his /her best based on approximations to prescribe the right medicine based on studies. So yes, it is difficult to develop a high quality portal owing to the same factor.

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