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where to market your web content and what channels to use in social media optimization

As the industry is changing fast, just On-page optimising is not enough to generate leads and find online purchasers.

Companies and businesses are now cognizant of how to go about promoting a website and digital advertising at the internet too !

The one’s unfamiliar with the task wonder – Where to market your web content and what channels to use in social media optimization for gaining shoppers ?

They are curious to understand – Which is the right mode in content marketing for websites ?

Entrepreneurs are eager to learn the correct Off site optimizing strategy for improving chances of reaching the number one position at searches.

where to market your web content and how to go about promoting a website
Compare To Role Models And Connect With Influencers For Broadcasting Own Outfit

Competition is so high that gone are the days when just search engine optimisation was enough for achieving a considerable amount of popularity at the internet.

One needs to look to follower preferences and make wise investments during paid online publicity campaigns too.

Postings at internet networking portals may be performed either through chargeable or free avenues.

Due to whatever reason, people are somehow unaware of the latter variety and most choose the former variant.

where to market your web content and what channels to use in social media optimization
What Channels To Use In Social Media Optimization And Online Promotion ?

Though we are covering both alternatives here but the prime focus is on the unpaid fashion while giving lesser priority to the chargeable method.

Reason being, a lot has been published around the latter approach already. So we thought why not concentrate on the former procedure.

Will try and write in a broader way concerning paid chargeable online advertisement campaigns later in some other blog post.

Having said that the term “free avenues” used above ends-up as an “unpaid method” only when executing the function yourself.

But since, the said assignment requires talent, time and expertise, most establishments outsource the task to specialists.

Or else novices conducting a routine that requires skill and experience, in general find it difficult to generate any outcome from the exercise.

Sam Oh from Ahrefs, Singapore below offering tips on where to market your web content !

  • Just developing high quality matter or publishing superior blogs is not enough to attain a prominent presence for sites.
  • Try emailing fellow bloggers for reminding them that you embedded their data on own domain.
  • To publicize your material, send emails containing links to your movies, Pinterest pin’s and Twitter tweets to your subscriber list on a periodic basis.
  • Share and repost in-house URL’s at a regular basis at your internet promotional profiles.
  • Try and convert your text into sound bytes as an optional medium of posting.
  • Seldom, submit your article posts, portfolios, stories and testimonials at niche forum communities like Reddit, LinkedIn and Facebook Groups etc. and contribute by providing helpful info out there.
  • Remain active at Quora and answer questions by followers as it derives heavy traffic from the spiders. Link back to your domain during the task.
  • Do not forget using paid Ad’s on search engines to reach out to new and targeted audiences. The best medium in the category is YouTube.
  • Try and build backlinks for a consistent exposure for your documents, pages and projects.
How To Go About Promoting A Website ?

Which Is The Right Mode In Content Marketing For Websites ?

This dilemma originates as there are so many sources for promotional routines available for internet promoters creating films, slideshows or images.

which is the right mode in content marketing for websites and digital advertising
Dilemma Over The Various Mediums Of Internet Publicity

Tip – Maintain transparency and build a brand identity, by enabling consistency in your logo.

So, should one concentrate on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter ?

Or is it better to engage in guest article posting instead of answering questions on Quora ?

Does it require a change in order while using a productive tool for finding buyers ?

Whatsoever to do to create a proper equilibrium within formation of online promotional material and SEO ?

Tip – Write engaging blog titles in articles and create professional movie animations for developing an exciting user-experience.

How to go about promoting a website for achieving a respectable natural positioning at Google Maps local listings ?

Explainer film below advising the following !

  • Start with building a business promotion domain.
  • Do not begin with traditional advertisements.
  • Always insert purposeful material inside sites.
  • Optimize your data.
  • Prevent launching internet publicity campaigns in the starting stage.
  • Optimise your network postings.
  • Initiate the online Ads drive.
  • Establish your old-fashioned promotional exercises as the final step.

It is difficult to discuss all methods of boosting businesses at the internet. But let us focus on the leading networking portals, globally.

which is the right mode in content marketing for websites and publicizing own firm
Which Is The Right Mode In Content Marketing For Websites And Publicizing Own Firm ?

Twitter Is An Effective Source To Market Your Web Content

Twitter – It reminds us of an article that perfectly summarizes it as a high-volume, low-value network.

You can post as much as you feel like here, provided you do that at a 20 minute interval, more or less.

No one minds if you publicize your establishment in an aggressive manner here, it seems.

But the time and effort applied may not be as effectual here, as much as some other portals could help.

On the flip side, why utilize it as a high-volume resource for commercial announcements ?

We would advise deploying this mechanism as the chances of obtaining a valuable lead are reasonably good here.

Hyping own enterprise on Twitter is surely a sensible decision as it draws a high-class clientele.

Mentioned below few hints presented by the platform itself for boosting your tweets !

  • Keep your posts, to the point.
  • Limit the number of hashtags to 1 or 2 per tweet.
  • Insert a clear call-to-action if applicable in the message.
  • Avoid writing words in fully in uppercase.
  • Maintain a conversational tone inviting enough to tempt your followers into communicating.
  • If possible, utilizing emojis to add emotion while tweeting promo messages.
  • Circumvent including heavy text whenever uploading images.
  • Keep movies within length of 12 to 15 second period.
  • Consider using a clickable link button leading to your portal with the picture or film you upload.

You can learn a lot here, as the topic range and quantity is enough to gather awareness on many subjects.

The internal sharing or retweeting pattern generally deployed is quite common here.

Still, it is a popular platform for boosting e-commerce gateways and brand building exercises.

This is the best feature of the Twitter promotional portal. Consumers love this network for special deals in retail sales season and inspiration for gift ideas.

One can also find a plethora of discount coupons during holiday shopping here.

promoting a website on twitter for gaining shoppers in sales season
Twitter For Gaining Shoppers In Sales Season

Even a 1% conversion rate might translate into acquiring more than anyone can find elsewhere.

The instantaneous nature of Twitter sometimes gets visitors to reach your portal within a few minutes of your postings.

A helpful system in marketing for websites and digital advertising, hyping e-commerce gateways for acquiring purchasers.

Explainer clip below explaining the following !

  • Businesses should tweet regularly to hold their followers attention.
  • The “scheduling post” facility makes the process doable.
  • It is perfect for targeting various time zones and keeping your feed actively running.
  • You can lineup a basic or an advertised tweet for posting ahead of time.

In year 2021 the biggest enhancement noticeable here is that you now have the choice to convert your account into “Professional Category”.

As soon as you click the relevant link inside the settings segment, the App gives you an option to select any one genre concerned with your enterprise.

After choosing the preferred classification you would be able to observe the chosen category as highlighted text within your profile details.

You may download the Brainstorming Kit by Twitter containing the following resources to optimize your commercial promo tactics !

  • Organization of hashtags for gaining shoppers and clients.
  • Movie tweet planner and thought starters for types of films you could publicize.
  • Poll ideas like asking for feedback from patrons, prompting discussion on trending issues, quiz sessions etc. to engage with your followers.
  • Tweeting calendar and scheduler.

How To Go About Promoting A Website At LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn – It is somewhat of an exclusive platform.

In contrast to other leading portals, one finds few but classy-formal patrons, broadly speaking.

A difficult platform if you are looking for fast results in the context of brand development.

In our opinion – A high-value, low-volume network in relation to the SMO and Off site optimizing process.

You cannot afford to post too much on the LinkedIn business portal to market your web content for acquiring leads.

Or else be prepared to hear some sarcastic comment or the other from someone. Posting on your in-house Company Page is another matter.

It is probably the right mode in content marketing for websites and digital advertising.

Sharing of promotional matter posted by other members internally, is also highly prominent here.

It’s easy to utilize this platform presenting internet services for commercial publicity, as your preferred professional network.

Just like the other leading portals under discussion, even this resource can be used for paid announcements.

That is subject to the condition that one spends wisely during advertisements campaigns.

LinkedIn selected sponsored updates appear in the main section. The paid text promos are viewable in the sidebar.

linkedin digital advertising is an effective source to market your web content
Targeted Sponsored LinkedIn Digital Advertising

The quality of the gathering you find here is valuable and even a slight visibility might help in closing a deal in the future.

The impact of blog publicity on LinkedIn can last for a long-term, as it has a separate section dedicated for publishing articles.

Sometimes communication may originate here after sharing views on politics and economics.

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn Company Page is an effective source to market your web content for long-term benefits, especially.

Another plus in it’s favor is that there is no need to spend hours here for the purpose of hyping own brand.

Therefore, logging into this platform is like attending the Christie’s Art Auction. You find the elite, but end up talking to a very few.

Another characteristic of this portal is that despite being a professional website it has the capacity to enable person-to-person bonding.

Commercial Movie below !

  • You can stream with LinkedIn Live.
  • Invite profile connections to follow your in-house company page.
  • One can now choose whether to post from own official or services section.

In November 2021, the platform inducted a spectacular ingredient wherein you can link your “Service Profile Segment” with the “Professional Portfolio Division” (both in-house).

As soon as one completes this simple linking process, the App invites the member to form a button to be placed on own LinkedIn Company Page.

The clickable icon would lead the visitor from the “Professional Portfolio Division to the “Service Profile Segment”.

The same month, an extra modification one observes here is that the gateway has reverted to it’s original format in respect to the “Skill Endorsement” amenity.

Since 2020 the App had experimented with a module wherein a connection before endorsing you was required to specify however he/she knows regarding your expertise.

But now members, as originally, can endorse each other for skill-sets without the need for specifying the type of association within the approver and the approved.

Few other innovative amenities discoverable here are the “Events Tab” visible at the left sidebar inside your in-house commercial pages segment.

The visitor clicking this button will be able to view of your past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn.

So this is one of the ways to showcase your upcoming affairs to grow viewership and engagement with potential customers.

Organizations find virtual meets offer great value, as they keep industries and groups connected while they function remotely.

Utilize Pinterest Business Account For Promoting A Website

Pinterest – A bit contrasting from the other resources under discussion here.

It is a large-volume, middle-value platform for SMO and Off site optimizing.

The nature of this portal is such that in most cases, consultants end up using it as a professional network, by default.

In terms of learning, maybe the best social media optimization methodology.

Some infographics here are really educative and shareable. So an efficient medium in content marketing for websites and publicizing own firm.

Many bloggers utilize this application for posting articles, helping in generating inbound traffic for their work field.

Ironically, you end up showing yourself to the viewers mainly from your own industry instead of exposure with consumers.

Market your web content here to attain visibility on the leading crawlers.

Even if you are half-opaque to prospective clients at Pinterest, you achieve exposure on the natural listing section helping in a global exposure.

And that’s a rare characteristic of this portal. So entering this platform is like going to a Google Webmaster Tutorial Class.

There is so much to view, understand and show here. It is the number one gateway for internal sharing and blog promotion undertakings.

The platform is a great place for getting noticed, indexed by the crawlers and for boosting brand recognition assignments.

Another useful feature of this network is that one can upload enough data, by utilizing the folder system called – Boards.

Being a high-volume portal, it’s character is such that it needs patience, unlike Twitter, enabling fast scanning of posts.

The effect of promoting a website and digital advertising here is reasonably long-term.

pinterest is a productive tool for finding buyers and market your web content
Pinterest Is A Productive Tool For Finding Buyers

So, work-it-out here as it consumes more effort than other platforms, due to its large capacity, but then it’s worth it.

Women are the driving force at this gateway, due to it being visual and image-centric.

Go ahead and share infographics, videos, promotional slides and publicize your knowledge base here.

Professional movie below !

  • Consumers till now have been comfortable with shopping inside a physical store.
  • But visual queries and discoveries at the internet are changing the way retailers can reach purchasers.
  • It is important for online sellers to think of the things that consumers feel and learn the way to make them receptive.

In June 2021, the gateway entered into a partnership with American Express to support compact sized enterprises selling items here.

This development is expected to inspire consumers looking to support startups. Pinners have been seeking for individual makers and sellers to shop online.

The “Pinterest Shop” division contains a selection of small businesses to shop from for the holiday period.

Till date it has featured more than 150+ mini size businesses and there is something or the other available for people to purchase.

Furthermore, this package launched a WordPress WooCommerce extension that can be downloaded as a plugin from the WP-admin area.

As soon as you activate the Add-on your entire product collection automatically uploads to Pinterest as shoppable Pins showing up at in-house follower feeds.

Opt For Digital Advertising On Your YouTube Video Channel

YouTube – Another unique portal emphasizing on mainly one form of format – Videos.

Much like Pinterest with a focus on primarily one form of artwork – Infographics.

Of course, there is lot more you can do for professional publicity inside this wonderful internet communication instrument.

A middle-value-volume resource but the right mode in content marketing for websites and SMM.

Regardless of being a large portal, YouTube does not attract as high-quantity of promotional matter as Twitter or Pinterest does.

Despite having so many viewers, the number of people uploading commercial movies here are far lower than the followers.

There is a large percentage of active participants engaged in boosting own organizations at LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Whereas the ratio of plain viewers inside Pinterest and YouTube are huge in number.

This film sharing platform is far bigger and efficient for paid Ad campaigns.

It is a beneficial method because movie promotion and online publicity increases brand value for companies.

One may publish and promote as much as desired through advertisements on YouTube.

opt for digital advertising on your youtube video channel for promoting a website
YouTube Is A Strong Medium To Market Your Web Content

As far as internal sharing is concerned – Something that is not possible to practice here.

However your followers have means to get notified automatically if you upload any commercial film here.

The subscriber would need to click the “bell” icon for that while following your station.

You need to understand your value proposition, when using YouTube Video Channel for promoting a website.

It is maybe the second best medium for learning, as some of those films inside the portal are very informative.

You could learn as much on YouTube as on Pinterest. But for that one will end up devoting maybe double the time here.

It is a recommendable route for performing SMO and Off site optimizing, assisting in attaining popularity both within and outside this resource.

Conversely, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter provide a feed based interface and that gives a better chance to interact with followers.

Commercial movie promos here are exceedingly popular with marketers, as its size is humongous.

That increases brand value for companies and generates an improved internet ranking for professional establishments too.

So becoming a member here is like enrolling yourself as a life-long subscriber of the largest online multi-cultural club in the world.

Your videos if useful, become prominent for an extended period of time and that makes it a worthwhile way for publicity.

The built-in, separate sections for published films, playlists, stations etc. is a very useful feature.

One cannot call it a complete trade-oriented portal because often it is tempting to watch a movie, music film or news here.

Another plus point in YouTube’s favor is that this platform is an audio-visual crawler. It has an edge over Pinterest, on this front.

Reason being, it gives a fantastic natural visibility and also exposes you to a huge variety of viewers in-house.

Again, be prepared to dedicate enough time to promote your matter on YouTube.

It requires patience, yet a potent system for spotlighting products and solutions by establishments.

Explainer film by the Creators Academy introducing Handles in year 2023 !

  • It is a new way for potential clients to discover you on this application’s homepage, search results, the Shorts feed and the comments segment.
  • Going forward every channel would have a Handle. It is now simpler for a prospective customer to verify if he / she is communicating with the station owner.
  • Handles can be marketed by a creator outside the App to publicize own broadcasting forum.
  • Channel owners may choose a customized name of up to a maximum of 30 characters or else their personalized URL (if any) would by default be assigned as the Handle.
  • All creators can select Handles as the previous restriction for stations to have a minimum number of 100 subscribers to obtain a custom permalink has been removed.

Now coming to scenarios concerning patents. If your movie is hit by a copyright claim, there may be limitations imposed on wherever the film is viewable or whether it could be monetized.

An extra facility findable here lately is regarding the same dilemma. There are few remedies that creators can utilize under the circumstances.

If the claim is for background sound in the uploaded file, then you have a few choices to delete those restrictions as follows !

  • Trim out the part of the movie with the patent assertion.
  • Replace the music or audio with any track available inside the in-house sound library.
  • Mute the voice.

If the protest is for something else then you can cut out the part of the film with the copyright claim.

Content Marketing For Websites At Facebook

Facebook – Prefer not to say. Cannot afford to down another four pages on the SERP’s by praising it ! LOL.

Anyway. Jokes apart. This is the most popular platform in the world. We would be lying if claiming that we utilize this portal only for official purposes or vice versa.

Many users take advantage of it for promotional campaigns.

But, if there is any internet publicity instrument incompatible for just one type of activity then this is the one.

It is the most diverse and versatile environment one can find on any online networking resource.

It’s better to target a specific audience only, while promoting a website and digital advertising here.

Hard to say whether to put this mechanism in the high or middle-volume bracket.

Reason being, it is not considered decent to publish too much on the news feed.

On the other hand, you can post in reasonably sufficient amounts on own in-house Company Page.

Though not as much as on Twitter or Pinterest. Therefore, logging into this network is like going to your brother’s wedding.

You can let it loose after a couple of drinks in the bar area but then straighten up and act appropriately when back in front of relatives.

One cannot call Facebook as an educational avenue. It is more of a brand building instrument.

Create and post short videos to extract the best possible results on this professional network.

The sharing trend is more robust in the Personal News Feed as compared to the Official Pages section here.

This gateway makes it difficult to confine oneself to topics related only to own field of work. Although exceptions always exist.

It is possible to generate leads through publishing on own Facebook Business Page because this network has a bit of everything including SMM capabilities.

target a specific audience while content marketing for websites at facebook
Target A Specific Audience While Content Marketing For Websites At Facebook

One would recommend to pay to share and promote your best matter only on this network.

It has the kind of subscribers that neither fall in the high or low-value category.

This is a useful method for online advertisement campaigning too.

It acts as a reminder to people who already know your company. Facebook is also the most informal one out of all major platforms.

Therefore, conversion here is quite possible due to the extra benefits one derives through bonding within its members.

The upshot of publicity here is of a mid-term level in the context of brand creation and traffic generation.

You could post limited official matter on your personal main feed but ample on your in-house Facebook Business Page though.

Finally, the interface and atmosphere is such, that one can spend any amount of time here. Take advantage of Emojis to elevate your posts.

Professional film below !

  • We spent an year in building our ice cream parlor, making it look nice and unique.
  • But got no walk-in’s after opening the store even though we have a great location, and excellent products.
  • We started putting Ads, pictures and film promotion at Facebook and then consumers started coming.
  • Now we not only interact with people at our shop but also online through this networking portal.
  • Eventually, i went from being unemployed to become an employer.

Where To Market Your Web Content Without A Domain ?

On one hand, building a portal for your establishment is not a simple assignment and costly too.

On the other part, using a substitute mechanism is a lesser expensive affair and easier to implement too.

Let’s say you do not want to get into the complication of developing pages and portfolios for your enterprise.

In such a scenario there is an alternative internet publicity system available for you i.e. SMO and postings at online directories.

That can help in a global visibility.

In addition, one may form an account at GMB assisting in publicizing own firm locally through a combination of Map Listing + A Free Sub-domain.

So, this approach may end-up being as potent an instrument as a full fledged official portal.

But that is subject to the condition that you are highly active on the platforms mentioned above and opt for digital advertising just like branding sites do.

The advantage of this strategy would be that it would eliminate the daily hassles like maintenance + optimising etc. arising out of a commercial domain.

But the disadvantage is that it would demand a daily exercise.

And that too full working hours for creating material and then announcing the same at search engines and online directories.

If you own a full fledged domain then a one-time-task of forming a few pages and publishing blogs with customized artwork maybe twice a month is needed.

But if substituting the operation with : “SMO + A map listing and a free sub-domain at GMB”, you ought to be very active at both.

But remember – The monthly online promotional expenses in both avenues might end up costing the same, sometimes.

The only difference is that not making an official portal would eliminate the tension owing to optimising and maintenance.

But composing professional videos, customized images, commercial infographics, stories and blogs frequently, consumes too much time and money.

So, if developing pages, you would spend more on “optimising + maintenance” but less on “online designing material + Social Media Optimization”.

If opting for the 2nd alternative, one ends-up spending very little on “maintaining + SMO” but greater amount on “artistic customized matter + paid Ad’s”.

All said and done, the first choice is the ideal solution for client’s needing the best possible exposure.

So, this is the thumb rule. Kindly do not be under the impression that you could smartly devise some tactic to have the best of both worlds.

Or else the only person losing will be you yourself, no one else.

Luc Durand from Ranking Academy, United Kingdom mentioning – Where to market your web content without composing a portal !

  • Start by claiming a GMB listing as it is the best way to be found on searches as well as the zonal pack through desktops, mobiles and voice based devices.
  • The operation gives you the opportunity to publicize key information vis a vis opening hours, address, directions to your office or showroom and owned commercial images or videos.
  • Prospective clients can directly interact with you by calling, request price quotations, message and post feedback or reviews on solutions or products supplied by you.
  • It also shows detailed insights for the way consumers discover you, number of phone calls you received and if anyone requested a map to your location.
  • Creating a record here is simple but for it to rank as high as possible you need to optimize the same by capitalizing the various features the platform offers.
  • Ensure choosing the correct business categories while forming a listing here. Registration at this gateway combined with a proper portal is the ideal way to gain exposure.
  • Selecting the primary category, including a keyword in your company name and proximity to the point of query are vital in determining your level of placement here.
  • The in-house free sub domain is another strong facility this platform provides. Coding capabilities are not needed to add matter here.
  • This unpaid medium automatically imports all the details you input at the GMB listing, by-default forms a gallery for photos uploaded and displays your interior posts.
  • Registrations a online regional commercial directories is an additional method for those needing spotlighting without a domain.
Which Is The Right Mode In Content Marketing Without Having A Domain ?

Finally – Another alternative strategy to accomplish this feat i.e. the technique to acquire online clients through non-website based tools !

  • Most importantly, open a YouTube Video Channel. Upload high quality films twice a week out there. Share your movies on other platforms.
  • Start a GMB Account for zonal map listing. Post small updates inside at a 3 day interval. Insert images here fortnightly.
  • Begin a LinkedIn Company Page and post matter including PPS files on alternate days. Utilize the “Article Posting” section as it is going to be your main blogging avenue.
  • Open a Pinterest Business Profile. Design infographics and add them twice a week. Share material posted by in-house members.
  • Start a Quora Account and answer questions from followers needing advice on aspects related to your professional sphere.
  • Begin a Facebook Business Page. Upload photos, links to designer slides and company updates. Create stories and share matter internally.
  • Open a Twitter Profile and tweet short news items concerned with your field. Utilize the in-built library to include videos for a permanent placement.

Note : Every network has its pros and cons in extracting results from promoting a website and digital advertising.

a recommendable route for performing smo and off site optimizing
A Recommendable Route For Performing SMO And Off site Optimizing

You could know where to market your web content and what channels to use in social media optimization, depending upon the following factors !

  • Your needs and preferences.
  • Goals and budget.
  • Time and money at disposal.
  • The amount of effort you are willing to apply.
  • Choice between PPC vs SEO.
  1. What Is The Resemblance In On-page SEO And Off-page SEO ?

    A. Both are mediums of optimising portals through unpaid techniques of online promotion.

    B. The two exercises assist in improving organic placement of domains within search engines.

    C. Both are avenues of internet publicity helping in generation of backlinks.

    D. These two procedures are sometimes dependent upon each other. For example – When using Bing or Google Webmaster Tools (an Off-page SEO task), these consoles point out errors inside domains, rectifiable by On-page SEO.

    E. Conversely, often one reckons that a particular Off-site Optimising operation is the only way to fix a problem and not possible to correct through the On-page optimising fashion.

    For example – You may enable the Google Maps functionality to display your company address indicator inside your portal showing your exact business location.

    But it may happen that the pointer might display slightly-off the literal spot inside the GMB listing, in contrast to your establishment’s positioning.

    In such a case visiting the Google Maps API Console and copying pasting the API code inside your domain may solve the problem.

  2. What Is The Contrast Between On page And Off page Optimising ?

    I. The former is an exercise that is performed in-house i.e. functions undertaken within own domain by any webmaster.

    Whereas, the latter is an operation requiring implementation of tasks that do not need logging into own portal for completing the procedure.

    For example – One would require entering own domain’s backend to add or delete a specific plugin i.e. an On-page SEO routine.

    Whereas, publicizing the URL of any in-house page by copying and pasting the link inside any of the owned networking accounts is an Off-page SEO task, eliminating the need for logging into own portal.

    II. One may say that the main purpose of On-page Optimising is to gather targeted natural internet traffic towards own domain.

    But it is also generally considered that the primary goal of the Off-page Optimising process is to gain inward links from quality sources.

    However, there is no hard and fast rule in this context, as in many cases even the former may prove to be more fruitful than the latter.

    III. It is true that it is possible to control whatever procedure one implements while creating an optimized domain through On-page SEO.

    Usually the results are in sync with the level of performance here. But even if the webmaster is able to control whatever to perform during the Off-page SEO task, still there are many factors beyond his/her control in terms of deriving results.

    It may happen that the effect of the exercise may not be in-line with the level of performance here.

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