Schema Website Theme Updated

schema website theme updated with seo-friendly features for making optimized websites
Schema Website Theme Updated With SEO-friendly Features

November 2018, MyThemeShop Pte Ltd has upgraded Schema, which is one of its most famous products for designing websites.

This ultra-fast premium composition is vastly popular for producing blogging as well as professional E-commerce ready web pages.

The template assists in generating high natural internet rankings for websites.

It can be installed by the business plan members at, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds as following !

  • Remaining hosted with the global number one web hosting service provider.
  • And availing the benefits of a world class smartphone responsive design having quick page loading speed and Google Fonts too.
Schema Website Theme Updated With SEO-friendly Features

This is one of the many MyThemeShop WordPress templates and new elements have been added in the latest version of this product as follows !

  • Corrected Twitter widget issue existing in previous design.
  • Better integration with rank math plugin for optimizing web pages rendering a greater visibility on organic results.
  • Improved consolidation for breadcrumbs helping in making optimized websites.

Have a look at the – Explainer Video For Importing Template Options And Content !

  • The One click Demo element allows anyone to import different layouts for personalizing styling in portals.
  • View the imported matter through the tryout mode assisting in setting a base to modify content for websites.
  • It helps in transfer of all pages, media files, blog posts, portfolios and documents from your old site into the new one.
Instructions On How To Setup And Customize Content On This Framework

MyThemeShop WordPress Templates Are E-commerce Ready

Optimised Themes With Easy Installation And Responsive Design

This software developer eliminates useless components and widgets from template designs. That results in better optimization of websites.

They have a reasonably sound customer-support staff, but available through the forum section only.

Phone or chat support is not provided by this developer creating themes for optimising websites.

This company ensures inserting a clean code in its compositions, assisting in a superior natural online exposure.

Following are the highlights of the standard design inside this product, in general !

  • Optimised for high internet visibility on organic results listing pages.
  • Supportive with most 3rd party plugins.
  • Easily customizable and user-oriented for shopping portal construction !
  • Easy data import facility.
  • Built through a handwritten code.
  • Compliant with the WooCommerce plugin, renowned for improving retail and wholesale product sales conversions.
  • Multi-language feature.
  • Highly-suitable for structured data markup bettering chances of your content featuring in Rich Result Listings.
  • Quick page loading speed and Google Fonts.
  • And cellphone receptive functionality.

Schema Website Theme Updated With SEO-friendly Features

The framework is pretty simple to load. But few customers may need assistance in the initial setup process.

In such a case, this software developer provides migration, installation and other related services, for a fee, depending upon the work.

Go ahead and increase the performance of your domain with a composition containing fast rendering pages functionality.

By the way, this company sells all of its template designs through own platform only.

Schema Website Theme Updated With One click Demo Importer Facility – Video below !

  • Fast web pages create happy users and visitors.
  • This template loads quickly, is easy to use and provides flexibility to personalize headers and footers.
  • It also contains performance options like pre-fetching of content, lazy load images and Async JavaScript for optimizing scripts inside the WooCommerce plugin.
  • The framework also has those usual styling choices like changing colors, sidebar arrangement and background patterns.
MyThemeShop WordPress Templates Are E-commerce Ready

This product has a mobile-receptive design, Google Fonts and a clean interface.

These three attributes for optimising websites are some of the powerful factors for increasing organic internet traffic.

Benefits of buying any of the premium themes on offer by this online software developer are as follows !

  • Annual technical customer support.
  • Narrated video tutorials.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Free tweaks for optimizing content.

This online application builder is well-known for developing lightweight themes with SEO-friendly features for making optimized websites.

It has been able to achieve the feat by incorporating minimum scripts which eventually render a quick page loading speed.

Go ahead and try-out this wonderful WordPress compatible template !

Few of the upgrades noticeable in this composition in year 2020 are as follows !

  • Improved compatibility with WP version 5.5.
  • Added a stronger online security code.
  • An enhanced structured data markup for breadcrumbs.
  • Inserted the lazy rendering amenity for sliders.
  • Included an option to add a “Site Search” form in the main navigation menu.
  • Fixed text translation issues.
  • Automatically disables the template structured data if Rank Math or other optimization plugins are enabled.
  • Added align-wide opt-in feature in Gutenberg image blocks.
  • Removed the remaining instances of G+ related components.

So that brings us to end this blog informing you about the Schema website theme updated characteristics and benefits.

Which Are The Basic Recommended Tools For Developing A Website ?

Every web development service provider has own style to create websites for clients. The process is also dependent upon a customers requirement which usually needs a customized procedure for completing the task. One of the suggestible ways to design a high quality website is using the following software and components during the operation (this only concerns the content creation exercise) :

1. Register at any of the managed-hosting service platforms preferably (business plan) or else Shopify or Squarespace depending upon personal taste.

2. (in all paid plans) and Squarespace offer a free custom domain for the first year. However, buying a domain name would incur an extra cost if selecting the Shopify portal.

3. Opt for a custom email address through G Suite.

4. Choose from any of the in-house professional themes at without paying extra. However you would need to buy an in-house commercial theme in case opting for Squarespace or Shopify or else work with any of the basic ones on these 2 platforms. The only scenario one spends on a business theme while building a website at is when one requires a 3rd party template. In such a case Envato ThemeForest is the best source. It is possible to upload a 3rd-party professional composition at Shopify too but not allowed at Squarespace.

5. Use the Gutenberg App or else purchase the premium version of WPBakery for composing pages.

6. Subscribe to Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat Pro for image editing and related requirements.

7. Register at the chargeable subscription plan on any of the portals like Powtoon, VideoScribe, Moovly, Animatron or Animaker for designing customized videos.

8. Choose (business membership), Google Slides (free), Microsoft PowerPoint or (premium plan) for styling slide presentations and photos.

9. Subscribe to MakeAGIF or Giphy for creating personalized animated pictures.

Which Real Estate Website Theme Should One Choose ?

Selecting themes for business websites can sometimes be a confusing operation. It all depends upon personal taste, customized requirements and goal preferences.
However, after styling and maintaining a site for a property consultant, in our opinion “Beyot ” by G5 is amongst the most powerful real estate themes.
Some of the powerful factors in this template are as follows :
1. It is compatible with Bebo !
2. The product is quality checked by Envato ThemeForest.
3. The composition is of high resolution.
4. It works flawlessly with WPBakery Page Builder.
5. Beyot is fully mobile-responsive.
6. The advanced search facility works perfectly inside.
7. Maps API functionality is included.
8. Customer support is fantastic.
9. The compare feature is in swing with this theme.
10. Purchasing the Beyot template automatically imports the premium version of the “Essential Real Estate” Plugin which can be classified among the top add-ons for property websites.
11. It is built with CSS3 and HTML5.
12. The template comes with Font Awesome Icons.
13. Beyot offers complete flexibility in setting colors too.
14. It provides the choice to create multiple menus and many kinds of widgets.
15. One can easily add projects and testimonial sections here.
16. The framework is compatible with both – RankMathSuite and Yoast plugins.
17. The theme is extremely customizable.
18. It is GPL licensed.

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