Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization for achieving online exposure on natural listing results

Why do the crawlers apply so many parameters for procedures involved in search engine optimization ?

There is a rule-of-thumb in play, when it comes to achieving online exposure on natural listing results.

SEO implies improving quality of sites to enable a superior visitor-engagement at one end. And also meet the scoring criteria of the spiders, alongside.

search engine optimization for achieving online exposure on natural listing results
It Is A Must For Businesses To Know The Importance Of An Optimized Portal

The robots have neither imposed any restrictions upon organic website optimisation experts, nor on the processes related to industry.

But that does not mean that one would be able to escape a crawler-penalty if one engages in black-hat strategies.

Keep away from spam practices and improve user-experience to avoid websites downgraded and prevent losing visibility on Google.

To point out, few examples in concerning fine website construction are mentioned in the latter half of this post.

There seems to be a logic behind the most commonly followed rules pertaining to aspects mentioned below !

  • Online promotion avenues used to acquire backlinks.
  • Inclusion or deletion of hyphens in domain names.
  • Forming topic specific content.
  • Enabling a visitor-friendly and intuitive navigation.
  • Designing unique photos.
  • Maintaining an association within different sections in pages.
  • Following proper methods of internal linking.
  • Composing short paragraphs.
  • Ensuring a fast loading speed.
  • Establishing an appropriate volume of matter within documents.
  • Developing simply clickable elements.
  • Optimized pictures.
  • Facilitating a secured interface for the audience.
  • Producing an optimised meta-data in the backend.

The ideal situation would be to prioritize UX ingredients for in your portal based on the following !

  • First, what is best for the shoppers, clients, buyers or consumers.
  • Keeping search engine optimization for robots as second in terms of priority.
prevent losing visibility on google during search engine optimization
Circumvent Using Black-hat Techniques For Optimising Sites

To avoid websites downgraded and prevent losing visibility on Google, refrain from undertaking procedures like as below !

  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Buying links through spammy practices.
  • Adding excessive volume of records on free commercial directories.
  • Manipulation of anchor text and permalinks.
  • Inserting duplicate content.
  • Uploading overly heavy flash animations or JavaScript files.
  • Creating highly animated or complicated image based menus.
  • Typing hidden text.
  • Utilizing AI generated wordings.
  • Forming sentences unmatched with the main site title and page label.
  • Maneuvering a local listing by placing a deceitful company name to cheat the viewer into believing that you are the Manufacturer instead of the Agent for the service or product.

There are some parameters complied with, based on estimates by companies optimizing sites, as only the spiders have a monopoly over the secret.

However, the specifications which are easy to decode are logical and considered recommendable.

Search Engine Optimization For Achieving Online Exposure

Obtaining citation based backlinks from authoritative and valuable sources having verified authors.

This asset is the best outcome from organic website optimisation exercises and assists in attaining superior rankings.

Backlinks are incoming connections pointed toward sites, from outside sources such as web pages, stories, projects, blogs etc.

Such inward connects are the most influencing signals for procuring a prominent placement within SERP’s.

Many utilize ways like approaching strong PR (Page Rank) value sites requesting for a link.

Some engage in guest blogging or answering questions by journalists on press association platforms.

Extraordinarily fine content encourages verified authors to create a connection with you.

One generates outgoing link from within their own source directed toward your document or blog or any other internal URL you have.

Superior content and the On-page optimising process is what matters most in attracting precious backlinks.

Watch video below !

  • Enhancing sites for lead generation through popularity at the WWW.
  • Building connections with powerful sources helps in elevated rankings at the net.
  • Sites optimized for local queries assist you increase digital prominence.
  • Compose useful content for generating an elementary presence and launch an SEM campaign for brand publicity.
One Of The Top Service Providers For Producing Optimized Sites In New Delhi

An exclusive portal may not necessarily be interpreted as the one which is beautifully designed.

The primary purpose of a site is to generate information for visitor, instead of trying to make an impression through an amazing look and feel.

In any case, fancy styling reduces the effect of painstaking assignments undertaken by web creators optimising sites.

A site owner while making an optimized site through half-knowledge may be under the impression that designing attractive pages would generate a better level of presence on the crawlers.

However, content improvement in terms of originality, merit and relevance is the most important factor determining the level of placement at the WWW.

Having said that, one cannot afford to ignore the organic website optimisation function too.

intuitive navigation and search engine optimization to increase digital prominence
Increase Digital Prominence By Intuitive Navigation While Optimizing Sites

Prevent Losing Visibility On Google And Escape Penalties

Amongst the diverse functions required to be followed for averting a punishment from the spiders is to ensure typing original text.

But we sometimes wonder how the crawler would evaluate wording which is written without copying from any external source but it is identical to another page outside.

The same may occur in case of an explanatory video too.

However, this type of repetition is highly unlikely when we discuss any custom designed picture for example.

As far as we could guess, this could be a complex issue for the robots to resolve. Most likely the spider would rank the material previously published, higher.

But then what is the fault of the writer who is publishing near similar words without plagiarizing ? Or else, who knows ?

Maybe the publisher composing nearly the same wording later might obtain a finer positioning if that little variation ends-up in dispensing fitter knowledge.

Of course, news related or product detail sentences are deemed to contain greater than a reasonable level of duplicate text, which is another matter.

Personally we feel that the crawlers are quite well-equipped to solve such kind of complications too.

They might be taking into account few factors to judge whether a specific sentence is plagiarized or kosher in nature.

Or else, we won’t be surprised to discover that the spiders are in reality efficient in sorting out such intricacies just simply through the algorithm.

We are not worried on this front because such an incident could occur rarely.

Just a reminder to readers – Avert producing copied paragraphs and media material.

Video – Common Mistakes To Avert In Pushing Your Site Visitors Away !

  • The audience generally leave sites which load slowly.
  • Choose the right technology and speed boosting solutions on your site.
  • Refrain from inserting excessively heavy images, prefer to utilize the same background photo across pages and be efficient with code and scripts.
  • Check if your site is responsive on a smartphone. Stack text and photos inside documents vertically on cellphone view.
  • Try the Mobile-friendly test tool too. Using widely recognized icons and designing clear content helps the audience find what they need.
  • Make it easy to view your address and phone details to enable users in calling you.
  • Verify if your pages are accessible on different browsers and platforms like Windows and Mac.
  • Remember that your site is not for selling first. The priority should be on solving the visitors query.
  • Focus on adding testimonials and photos to generate the best chance of making a sale.

Some tips about writing a proper meta description for web pages or blogs, as below !

The same is a paragraph which should include a combination of related short sentences, in-line with the content inside the specific document.

Relevance with the title tag (which generally contains the brand label at the end) is another essential factor to remember.

It is not necessary to include your company name in the meta description.

But it may be better to type-in the same as the remaining letters allowable in the Page Title Tag limit. The recommended length is between 151 to 160 characters.

Words inside should be written in an intrinsic way i.e. divided within a minimum of 1 and maximum 3 sentences.

The text should indicate what the particular document is about. And that is one of the prime elements helping in a prominent placement at listings.

Abstain from writing beyond three sentences inside to ensure an appropriate level of search engine optimization.

Or else your meta description will look like an artificial paragraph created for the purpose of keyword inclusion.

Such an undertaking would confuse the visitors too.

The words inserted should be written in a way which is a longer explanation of the key phrases used in the page title tag.

That would produce a better understanding to the users. The meta description should be a condensed version of the entire content inside a document.

organic website optimisation is a vital requirement for driving internet traffic towards portals

Organic website optimisation is a vital requirement for driving internet traffic towards portals.

Tip – Closing rate from leads procured through inbound publicity is far higher than the ones obtained by outbound modes of marketing.

Do Not Use More Than Two Hyphens In Domain Names

To avoid websites downgraded and prevent losing visibility on Google, remember the following while generating permalinks !

  • Utilize lowercase letters preferably.
  • Upload a favicon for building trust.
  • And apply 301 redirects for broken link errors to circumvent a bad visitor-observation.
  • Refrain from inserting 2 dashes as separators in URL’s.

There is a broad understanding amongst SEO service providers, on such issues as above.

This general consensus has been arrived upon because the robots work on a principle of creating an audience-friendly WWW for the masses.

to avoid websites downgraded do not use more than two hyphens in domain names
Add Keywords In URL’s And Put Top Content In The Root Folder

Normally one comes across web addresses without breaks in-between letters.

But, do not use more than two hyphens in domain names if wanting to enter a separator inside.

Now, let’s say one comes across an American registered IP under consideration : www . thomsonoftampa . com !

Spaces before and after full stops above, created to circumvent broken link error.

So, as long as the main URL length is between 10 to 16 characters and easy to read, it probably would suffice.

However, this frontpage could be interpreted by the audience or the spiders in 2 ways, as follows !

  • A company called “Thomson” in “Tampa, USA”
  • Or “Thom” is the son of “Mr. or Mrs. Tampa”.

So, www . thomson-of-tampa . com or www . thom-sonof-tampa . com could be sensible URL’s in the former & latter cases.

Or else one may opt for a non-hyphenated web address, because such domains are easier to remember.

Since both sites belong to different categories – one “Business” & the other “Personal”, it is better to apply .com & .org as TLD’s.

But it would be preventable to stretch web addresses having three dashes inside.

There are at least 2 reasons why one should not use more than two hyphens in domain names during search engine optimization !

  • To simplify your links as much as possible for users to remember.
  • To prevent losing visibility on Google fundamental listings, as the topmost robots punish domains for using black-hat tactics.

The larger the volume of dashes, greater the opportunity one creates to acquire an edge over competitors, for those target key phrases used inside.

As far as permalinks are concerned, a character length of anywhere between 45 to 65 is considered appropriate.

Animated film below concerning the Firebase Dynamic Link Software helping you shorten your permalinks !

  • Sometimes deep links don’t work for the audience who don’t have your mobile App installed on their device.
  • But now one can utilize the Firebase Dynamic Link App which work on Android / iOS phones and desktops too without any error.
  • For visitors not having your App installed, you can customize settings for URL’s choosing to send them either to your site or G Play Store for downloading.
  • These permalinks can be used for marketing campaigns too.

Avoid Websites Downgraded And Initiate Search Engine Optimization

Some secondary factors for achieving online exposure on natural listing results are listed below !

Avoiding Underscores in Permalinks.

There is a feeling that the crawlers don’t read the underscore stroke properly.

Few portal making agencies suspect that it could result in 2 or additional words being combined into one, sometimes.

So, endeavor to substitute underscores with dashes in permalinks.

Circumventing Uppercase Letters Inside URL’s.

This is another protocol in the procedure of optimizing sites. So, utilize lowercase characters as such are easily readable.

One may interpret that the practice assists in boosting the quality of domains.

Using Target Keyphrases Inside Permalinks.

This practice may enable the visitors relate to the content in a simpler way but might not provide any upgraded popularity digitally.

Having said that, this reminds us about one of the grey areas in the site optimising operation.

According to few, it is immensely harmful if someone alters a permalink for whatever reason.

On the other hand, some say that it is okay to do so as long as you don’t do that a couple of times.

So this issue is a bit mysterious. All we can guess is that it is fine to modify words inside URL’s provided one does that just once, in the initial stages.

And of course, setting up redirects here would be a compulsory exercise to undertake.

All said and done, there is no such thumb rule pertaining to the 3 aspects above. It’s just that all three are advisable for an upswing while developing websites !

There is no such downgradation by the top crawlers, even if all the 3 recommendations above are ignored.

But, it is suggestible to eliminate usage of WWW inside slugs so that they become shorter by three characters.

Thankfully, the Google Ranking System is fair to all and penalizes only the ones trying to deploy over-smart methods to rank at the top.

improve user-experience to avoid websites downgraded and prevent losing visibility on google
Improve User-experience To Avoid Websites Downgraded At Searches

Requirements During Organic Website Optimisation Exercises

Audio guide by Neil Patel, USA explaining how SEO is changing in the year 2021 !

  • Site grading algorithms keep changing as time progresses, hence it is not as simple to procure a superior presence at the crawlers any longer.
  • The optimising task is still alive.
  • Going forward it is further likely for rankings to seesaw temporarily even if undertaking the right steps in optimizing sites.
  • Securing the first position at searches is getting extra essential than before.
  • UX has become a vital requirement for driving internet traffic towards portals.
  • It is crucial to optimise documents for smartphone visitors too as mobile utilization is booming.
  • Niche domains containing know how about specialized topics are becoming searchable to a greater extent than earlier.
  • Long-form content is no longer as powerful as it used to be, so write an extensive volume of paragraphs only if the subject demands.
  • Apply a mix of words and animated media to publish a topic.
  • Be patient and try not to overdo backlink building tactics.
  • Gathering too many incoming connects within a short span of time may hurt instead of improvise your popularity.
  • Going forward it is getting extra important to acquire an authority over your niche instead of focusing on branding techniques as before.
  • One needs to understand the importance of global SEO.
  • A translatable site with updated matter is now a stronger source for attaining a higher presence at SERP’s.

It is the prerogative of firms to either understand the importance of optimized sites or else ignore the reasoning behind its protocols as below !

  • Powerful inward connections.
  • Meaningful headlines.
  • Producing exclusive text.
  • Writing informative sentences.
  • Uploading fresh and descriptive images.
  • Adding useful videos.
  • Inserting purposeful PDF documents.
  • Publishing instructional article posts.
  • Designing slideshows.
  • Enhancing readability of paragraphs.
  • Ensuring mobile-responsiveness.
  • Adding picture captions.
  • Inserting photo Alt tags.
  • Abstaining from including more than two hyphens in domain names.

Some avenues for the Off-site variety of search engine optimization for gaining an improved visibility on Google are as follows !

  • Non-chargeable modes of social media publicity.
  • Promotion through optimized videos on YouTube Channel.
  • Creating and maintaining a Facebook Business Page.
  • Participation in LinkedIn Groups.
  • Sharing and posting infographics on Pinterest Account.
  • Tweeting comments at Twitter platform.
  • Limited social bookmarking and answering questions at Quora.
  • Selective guest blogging.
  • Adding official location on local maps.
  • Activities on webmaster tools accounts.

All such modes of publicity help a long-way in developing a significant position within SERP’s.

Download HTML5 Slide below explaining – Why Optimize Sites ?

  • Pages with genuine, informative and optimized content obtain superior rankings at the crawlers.
  • On-page enhancement requires meaningful titles, headlines, images, meta data, short paragraphs and mobile-responsive design.
  • Eliminate keyword stuffing and broken URL’s to avoid websites downgraded at listings.
  • Off-page improvising requires postings at local map records, activities at webmaster accounts, acquiring quality backlinks and sharing URL’s at social media.
  • On-site enhancing helps in bettering visitor interaction and makes crawling easier for your site.

Tip : It is suggestible to offer full access to your content, not just to the spiders but the physically impaired human populace too.

So, blocking one or additional pages mistakenly through a robots.txt file may discourage the crawlers in indexing those.

But forgetting working on keyboard-only accessibility and a suitable screen contrast for the visually handicapped will make your documents inaccessible to the disabled.

As far as the objective is concerned, the data enhancement routine may assist a B2B site in lead generation and branding.

Conversely, the purpose of improvising product listings in a B2C portal is generally very straightforward – Yielding Sales.

Then, it is critical to optimize blogs inside a service provider’s site.

On the contrary it is usually essential to enhance commodity descriptions inside eCommerce domains during organic website optimisation.

Likewise it may be requisite to optimise pages for a local fundamental presence for solution offerer’s.

Whereas in contrast, shopping domains normally improvise their “listings for goods on sale” for placements at national or even international records.

  1. Did Google Improve Its Algorithm In The Last Few Years ?

    A major enhancement in ranking factors was initiated in October 2019 through an update called as BERT. This alteration primarily related to elevating web pages which eliminate keyword stuffing and rely on publishing naturally written text.

    The spider now scans far more words at one go, than it used to before. That is assisting the crawler to understand the purpose of paragraphs in a better way than it could earlier.

    Otherwise this robot keeps making minor improvements inside its AI software after noticing how webmasters are coming up with new methodologies for optimizing portals.

    The crawler modifies its grading parameters in such a manner which without penalizing any site, just upgrades the natural internet positioning of such portals which either discover innovative white-hat SEO strategies or invent unique content deserving a reward.

  2. Did Bing Enhance Its Natural Website Ranking Criteria Some Time Ago ?

    In November 2019, Bing introduced stronger penalties firstly against sites participating in private link networks whose purpose is only to pass on link juice to other portals, usually through blogs.

    Secondly, it also introduced stricter downgrading algorithms against pages containing copied content from outside sources owning separate internet addresses but all actually leading to one particular site.

    The third prominent improvement by this spider is that it now has a more powerful AI technology to punish portals leasing sub-domains to external sites containing unrelated content in regards to the main internet address.

    The Bing algorithm also began penalizing portals forming an inorganic site structure.

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