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The global leader for CMS – WordPress in December 2018 launched a first-grade App for creating portals, portfolios or testimonials.

The company released a major variant of its page composer application after a gap of 4 years.

This top class invention by WordPress is such a huge evolution in this market worldwide that it has various names !

  • Gutenberg.
  • Bebo.
  • The Blocks Builder.
  • Version 5.
  • The New Editor.

Basically all are same but just as this is a game changer for this industry, it has been given different titles.

Please note that we are writing this blog only concerned with the managed hosting technology.

The self-hosted system for making sites is not taken into consideration as part of this article post.

Start a Gutenberg website and the biggest highlight one spots here is that it uses sections to facilitate the following elements !

  • Writing words.
  • Uploading videos, images, audio etc.
  • Producing bullet point lists.
  • Adding slabs for white space.
  • Uplinking PDF and HTML5 files.
  • Quotes in two varieties.
  • Generating tables.
  • Embedding online maps.
  • Components assisting in social network promotion !

These exclusive features as above can benefit businesses attain an increased internet visibility on Google and Bing natural listings.

The Globally Leading Web hosting Platform Preferred By Site Developers And Clients

Now you can build your content on a visual composer which offers a fitter compatibility with so many online applications.

It is possible to execute the task through a straightforward technology without any complications through the New Editor plugin for designing websites !

Undoubtedly, the unbelievably fantastic amenity in this top class invention by WordPress helps in producing the perfect appearance.

It allows much more flexibility than one used to have in previous “Classic” version of this web page design program.

It is hereinafter possible to develop a portal by inserting matter inside different divisions at this visual composer application.

That is in contrast to the the earlier system of just simply adding words or non-text based material in a blank template similar to an MS Doc file.

You can determine what every part of your matter is, by using this modern concept for publishing portfolios, testimonials, blogs etc.

Additionally one can also define and modify specifications in any section. By the way Bebo is another name for the 2018 model in this composer.

Site developers finding it difficult to create documents through this current release may use the old “Classic” variant as before.

Other alternative 3rd party page building programs are also available and downloadable through the administration panel, for availing the facility.

We cannot imagine why one would not prefer using this latest technology which can help in an increased internet visibility on Google, Bing and Baidu.

It is effortless to understand and implement while making superior content for developing web pages having better accessibility and usability elements.

Start A Gutenberg Website At Software

Firstly, please note that Business and E-commerce plan subscribers here are allocated 200 GB of storage space.

Domain subscription in such memberships for the first year is included in the annual charges here.

In addition, paid members are permitted to install 3rd-party themes and Add-ons.

However, the in-built commercial templates are of a first-grade standard.

A shopping site built here on the E Commerce frame can utilize the advantage of this App being integrated with the leading shipping carriers.

This is how to begin working at this content management system for creating portals.

Open any of your existing documents, projects or testimonials and you will notice a changed interface for correcting matter.

Observe the word – “Classic”, written over a grey horizontal bar indicating that you are on the older variant of this program.

Firstly, click anywhere within that grey color rectangle bar inside the main text and media body.

You will find alternatives like the one visible in a window partly overlapping the document as below ! Software For Making Sites

Select the second option – “Convert to Blocks”. Observe that the entire matter has been divided into separate divisions.

That’s it. You did it. Going further, one will be able to understand why this latest version 5 is a first-rate plugin for designing websites.

Hit the grey color “Preview” button at the right-half of the uppermost toolbar. That would help you verify if your document is same as before.

Now we will discuss why you should start a Gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on Google and Bing natural listings.

Watch video below by Matt Medeiros, PluginTut WP Tutorials talking about the fresh library introduced in 2020 !

  • Gutenberghub dot com has recently put out their directory of copy and paste templates. You may apply CSS to modify the design if required.
  • It has wonderful styles for Testimonials, Landing URL’s, Statistics, Pricing Tables, CTA’s, Contact Form etc.

Blocks Builder And The New Editor Are A Top Class Invention By WordPress

Click anywhere within the main text and media body. Observe a thin grey outlined box around the words or photo or any kind of matter you have out there.

Look carefully at the first paragraph beneath the title and spot the rectangle border signifying “a section” !

Observe The Thin Grey Outlined Box Around The Matter

To insert fresh material, hover your mouse below the boxed sentence. A black color “Add symbol with a plus sign” would appear.

A small overlapping square window would crop up giving options for inserting paragraph, bullet list, heading, code, file, video, button etc.

Or else observe the pink color “Plus” icon at the uppermost left inside the toolbar and hit the same.

A similar looking square window offering alternatives for adding different elements would appear for supporting you to develop a portal.

For example, if choosing “Image” one is prompted to upload any picture from own computer or else the in-house WP media gallery.

Likewise, select “Paragraph” for starting writing anything you need to. Or else pick a file to upload any PDF or HTML5 format.

After typing a few words within a sentence, hover your mouse over the sentence.

Now you could utilize any of the options for “Bold”, “Link”, “Alignment” etc. in the small overlapping horizontal rectangle box.

In case needing to shift any section up or down, use the second ingredient in the same rectangle box showing arrow marks for both directions.

View explainer movie below by Andy Feliciotti from SmartWP Tutorials, USA providing a preview about the enhanced Version 5.5 released in year 2020 !

  • Themes can bundle patterns which is a huge advantage for template development companies.
  • Cropping or modifying aspect ratio in images hereafter is far simpler while creating portals.
  • Previews for tablet mobile and desktop view is another valuable component added.
  • It is possible to set themes and Add-ons to Auto Update mode which is a great enhancement.
  • One also has an option to use the in-built XML sitemap which has been added to the core of this App.
  • The lazy loading photo feature is supporting browsers in rendering pictures faster.

Designing Websites On The Top Class Invention By WordPress

Notice the small square toolbar window partially covering your screen displaying what we have explained in the last few paragraphs above !

Different Types Of Content Allowed For Developing Web Pages With The Blocks Builder

But it doesn’t end just here. This application does much more for supporting in an increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

Start a Gutenberg website and notice that it loads fast and offers an abundant choice in choosing the kind of insertable matter.

The list keeps going on endlessly as follows !

  • Text.
  • Image.
  • Quotes.
  • Sound files.
  • Embedding codes.
  • Headlines.
  • Cover photograph.
  • Any file like PDF etc.
  • “Contact Form” or any other kind of call-to-action element and integration with Mailchimp.
  • Inline photo.
  • Video.
  • Picture gallery.
  • Many alternatives for formatting such as code, custom HTML etc.
  • Options like buttons, columns, media and words combined, page break, separator and spacer which can be adjusted in width.
  • Alternatives for inserting widgets for shortcode, archives, categories, latest comments and posts.
  • A plethora of varieties for embeds from several networks. The popular ones are – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, Reddit and Instagram.
  • And Yoast or RankMath Structured Markup elements too.

Thank god that was all. Or else i would have fainted. Just joking.

The reality is – More the options, the easier it gets to reach a high organic position at search engines.

However, in 2020 this App has incorporated more segments like – Podcast Player, Imgur, Amazon Kindle, Pay with Paypal, Pricing Table, Events etc.

An innovative ingredient called – “Patterns” has filled-in whatever remaining limitation was existing out here in terms of fashioning capability.

You may compose matter with beautiful background swatches for – “Food Menu”, “Mosaic Gallery”, “Collage”, “Masonry Modeling”, “Portrait” etc.

Amongst the newly inducted widgets in year 2020, the “Timeline” feature is a powerful add-on offered in version 5.5.

Such elements go a long way in promoting and optimizing content for websites as well as articles in a simpler manner.

That is why the Blocks Builder and the New Editor are a top class invention by WordPress CMS.

Watch video by Brilliant Digital, Great Britain describing why WP is the best platform for making sites !

  • The gateway is very powerful and flexible that allows anyone in developing web pages. A CMS allows you to create, edit and publish documents online.
  • The program has the topmost content management system holding 60% of the global market share in this category.
  • It is affordable to develop a portal at this CMS because it comes with a substantial level of pre-built functionality.
  • You may need a manually coded product in special occasions but in 90% cases WP combined with a few Add-ons can help one design all type of documents.
  • Microsoft News, Katy Perry, Government Of Sweden, Mercedez Benz etc. are using this gateway too.
  • It’s effortless to use in terms of adding, maintaining or deleting matter.
  • It is versatile enough for building a B2B or ECommerce page, landing URL’s, membership sections etc. compatible with the leading SEO plugins.
  • By using WP, one can reach a high organic position by lesser effort compared to the stress required when working with manually programmed domains.

The visual composer makes numerous tools available right in front of your eyes, on your computer screen.

That eliminates the possibility of forgetting using add-ons which sometimes one overlooks when forming documents.

For finding the complete list of options, click the pink color “Plus symbol” at the uppermost left of the uppermost toolbar.

You will observe that it is possible to do a lot more than one could ever have imagined while operating on this program, previously.

Remember that one needs to scroll down the list, to discover all alternatives available for promoting blogging domains, projects and testimonials.

Obtain An Increased Internet Visibility On Google And Bing

There is an option for embedding a Local Official Address Map through Professional Jetpack after scrolling down on this small window as below !

Block Choices For Contact Form Or Maps Or Simple Payments Button Within Sections

The second and third clickable icons at the left in the uppermost menu bar are for redo and undo so those are self-explanatory functions.

The fourth one is an “i” letter within a rounded border.

Observe the photo screenshot below which would appear after hitting this circled symbol !

Bebo Document Structure Outline Helping Site Developers In Creating Portals

This summary segment gives information about the number of words you have already typed inside the article, project or testimonial open currently.

It also provides details on headline chronology, amount of divisions, paragraphs and title.

Clicking the last button at the upper left of tool bar would display the list with the types of content one has already added in different sections !

Navigation Table For Developing Web Pages In This Top Class Invention By WordPress

This module above covering a part of the document indicates the hierarchy of the kind of divisions you have created inside.

The Blocks Builder informs you about many aspects about your matter, which is the reason that makes it the most user-friendly to develop a portal.

Start A Gutenberg Website To Reach A High Organic Position

Video by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, Income School LLC – One of the examples how you can acquire an increased internet visibility on Google by this App !

  • The Stories application for WP developed by the leading spider in the globe will help artwork creators an extra boost at natural listings.
  • A story is embeddable within a block at documents, portfolios and testimonials or else may be displayed as a standalone material online.

Now coming to the uppermost right side section of your screen, i.e. the toolbar above the side panel.

Select the clickable icon showing three dots in a vertical arrangement and a fresh window would open, overlapping the sidebar !

A Panel Giving Access To Your Optimisation Add-on & Keyboard Shortcut Tools

See that the Yoast App assisting you reach a high organic position at search engines, is also accessible from this settings section as in the screenshot image above.

This is for webmasters who have already installed this specific data optimization Add-on.

If you have the RankMath Suite uploaded instead, then of course the same will be visible at the same spot instead of any other App used for the same purpose.

Most likely you won’t require to do anything on this feature at the New Editor even if lacking coding capabilities.

There is a unique element for designing websites here which is worth checking.

Scroll down to the bottom within this module and observe the ending link saying – “Options”.

Click the same and a vertical window partly overlapping the center of the screen, would open !

Choice To Choose Panels For Composing Documents

This mechanism for making sites has some important segments as mentioned below !

  • Categories.
  • Tags.
  • Featured Image.
  • Excerpt.
  • Discussion.
  • Sidebar.
  • Header Animation.
  • Likes and Shares.
  • Suggestions on internal linking.

Basically all aspects in the list above are identical to ones found in earlier release i.e. variant number 4.9.8.

This module is not about settings. Instead it indicates the alternatives for different tabs you desire to be readily accessible while designing websites.

Having said that, the newly upgraded version 5.5 in year 2020 also offers the tab for “Permalink” and “Pre-publish Checks”.

Begin Working At This Platform To Reach A High Organic Position At Search Engines

More Internet Visibility On Google And Bing By SEO Plugins

Observe the clickable icon written as “Y” on the left of the symbol with the three vertical dots, as visible in the last screenshot above.

It is another pleasant surprise when you Start a Gutenberg website at this top class invention by WordPress.

This valuable ingredient was unavailable in the previous release.

The add-on is renowned for its powerful capabilities in supporting data optimization companies in generating better online traffic.

However, the RankMath Suite is equally efficient in enabling production of optimized blogs, portfolios and documents.

Opt for the same and notice a vertical window opening up and covering the right sidebar (as in the screenshot below) !

Yoast Assisting Businesses In Boosting Online Positioning On Natural Listings

In general, all tabs in this segment are the same as found in the prior model of this domain hosting gateway.

However, there are several advantages of developing web pages with the Blocks Builder.

For example, subsequently there’s no need to open another window while using this App.

It’s just that this latest addition would assist optimizers to enter, delete and modify material in a faster manner.

As one would remember, operating with the earlier design left no other choice but to go to the wp-admin panel to optimize matter.

Such a method sometimes made the process less user-friendly than it is henceforwards. Just try it out.

You would realize that this enhanced interface makes it so convenient to work with this powerful program for optimizing documents.

Ryan Nolan from Fastball SEO comparing annual subscription pricing and optimizing capabilities between Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and WP !

  • Cheapest option at Wix costs 170 US $ despite being lesser versatile, without ECommerce amenity and menial too in optimisation strength.
  • Most inexpensive choice at Shopify is priced at U.S. $ 350 + 2.7% per transaction. It is immensely lacking on optimising potential too.
  • The lowest plan at Squarespace is for US $ 144 annually without retail selling amenities. It is very limited on optimizing efficiency too.
  • App is totally free. It is the most economical after adding a paid domain name, chargeable hosting, commercial theme and premium design composer.
  • WP charges $300 U.S. for B2B plans annually.
  • The E Commerce outline is for $450 containing the same features offered at Wix, Shopify and Squarespace priced at 600, 948 and 480 dollars.

The Blocks Builder And The New Editor For Creating Portals

Coming to another segment in the sidebar located on the right of your screen.

Click the white symbol visible on a square black color background for “Settings”.

One notices two headings – “Document” and “Block”, respectively under the icon. Select the latter.

This element is one of the reasons we call Bebo as a top class invention by WordPress.

Below, we will explain further reasoning behind why you should start a Gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

The first component is “Typography” assisting in altering font size and line height.

Scroll down a bit and notice the header written as “Color Settings”. This would help you edit shades in wordings within divisions !

Options In Editing Content For Designing Websites At Software

The New Editor is providing an alternative to modify the following components !

  • Font Size.
  • Word and background colors.
  • AMP ingredients.
  • Advanced Cascading Style Sheets.

The first feature i.e. for modifying typeface sizes would prove to be priceless for page design companies.

The amenity was unavailable in the earlier version unless one applied CSS.

Regarding the second item – It was possible to modify the wording color only, previously. Now one could apply background colors within sections.

Surely this characteristic is a major enhancement inside this upgraded model.

Reason being that the prior “Classic” variant permitted one to alter backdrop color for entire document only.

Whereas one may be able to have different colors within various divisions if using WP 5.5.

Going forward, there is no need to install an additional page development add-on for styling domains.

But, those needing complete functionalities of something similar to the WPbakery composer may find this online design program lesser powerful.

Coming to point 3 – First of all the Professional Jetpack AMP functionality for fast loading speed was already amongst the existing properties here.

And secondly this tab is something you would most likely not need to think about while making sites.

Reason being that this specific tab changes settings for a particular segment only and not for whole post, project or testimonial.

This element is probably placed here only to grant flexibility in modifying documents where only a part of the matter needs – “AMP Fit Text”.

Under business plan subscriptions, site developers can enable this functionality through the “Jetpack” tab under WP-admin.

That is the usual choice preferred by most webmasters. But go ahead and customize your material in own personalized way.

Finally, in year 2019 this App has included additional options for “HTML Anchor” and “Drop Cap” too.

Develop A Portal On This Top Class Invention By WordPress

It is time to switch to the “Document Tab”. Remember, we are currently focusing on the ingredients inside the right sidebar, under “Settings”.

Notice the screenshot !

Generate An Accelerated Mobile Page Automatically

When you start a Gutenberg website, the orange “Enable AMP” button is by default, switched on.

This signifies that one has the choice to make the entire document compliant with the technology.

As far as the functions inside this section are concerned there is no difference from the past design except for one.

Scroll down to bottom and spot the Yoast Internal Linking tab. The add-on helps in an increased internet visibility on Google and Bing by SEO plugins.

Again nothing unique as the same was present in classic model too – i.e. the previous version.

The only difference is that moving ahead, one has access to the segment for producing interior connections from within the document itself.

This would eliminate the need to go to the wp-admin, as used to be the case earlier. Likewise try scrolling to the bottom in main text and media body.

Note : The RankMath Suite works in a different manner in this regard.

It shows internal linking suggestions only if one marks any specific post or project as “Pillar Content”.

Coming back to the tab we are discussing i.e. “Document”, observe that again the Yoast optimisation settings are accessible from within.

The biggest benefit of the particular feature is that it terminates the chances of revision errors while optimizing domains.

For example, in the old model, during modifications one opened a second window for arriving at the admin console for changes in metadata.

On that page, sometimes one ended up undertaking alterations and additions in some sentences too by scrolling up to the main text body alongside.

There was a possibility of forgetting that the document was also accessible for corrections, parallelly the first window.

Without copying the altered words from admin panel and then pasting on the 1st screen which was simultaneously open, one could save and close by mistake.

In such a case the paragraphs modified in the administration console would not reflect on the published document, online.

Because in such a scenario the user would often save and close the first interface after closing the corrected page at Wp-admin.

That is what at least we did so many times due to stupidity and the rectified form used to get overwritten by the original document which had to be revised.

Back to square one without even realizing the blunder.

Such is so because any visual composer would digest the matter which is saved later i.e. only the last edit would reflect as the final output.

Start A Gutenberg Website For Developing Web Pages Easily

There are many more user-friendly components one can find here at this top class invention by WordPress.

In year 2019, this App inserted a button in the right side of it’s uppermost toolbar for “Professional Jetpack” accessible by premium plan members.

Experiment by clicking the same.

You will find options for social sharing on Business Pages and much more at the New Editor plugin for designing websites.

In addition, one can alter the block-type to another at any point of time, from a distinct button in the uppermost panel as follows !

Reach A High Organic Position At Search Engines

This amenity eliminates the need for first deleting and then again composing a fresh section for sentences, pictures, films, headings etc.

There are situations when one either undergoes a reversal in mind or else by mistake selects the wrong block-type for establishing matter.

So going forward, one need not worry on that aspect too while forming articles, projects, testimonials etc. here.

Allow us to mention an extra element worth mentioning related to a comparison with the prior variant of this application.

You could access the HTML style during revision through the link button placed at upper right of the text and media body, in the earlier version.

One can hereupon land at the same division for modifying documents by clicking the 3 vertical dots as in this modish panel below !

Option For Switching To HTML Style While Creating Portals With The Blocks Builder

This feature does not bring an substantial additional convenience. It’s just that this upgraded interface altered its design.

Coming to an ingredient which is basically theme-centric. Let’s say, your template contains the “Global Styles” component.

In such a scenario, a button for accessing the alternatives within that section would also be visible at the toolbar.

Explainer film by Highrise Digital, United Kingdom explaining how to understand styling features when you start a Gutenberg website !

  • The upgraded App has some really super helpful amenities to develop a portal.
  • It’s Block Navigator is effortless to use with Breadcrumb Navigate at the bottom left of your screen. It assists in viewing whatever is nested inside a division, by hierarchy.
  • The Document Structure (or Details) and Synopsis help you navigate through different sections.
  • The Full Screen Mode may be used if wanting to view the various options available as in the WP Admin panel.
  • One has the choice to switch the view of the uppermost Toolbar on or off. Keyboard shortcuts are an additional amenity here.

Attain An Increased Internet Visibility On Google And Bing

Select any photo and you would be shocked to find what is there in the right sidebar !

Easy To Change Alt text Or AMP Facilities For Improved Data Optimization Operations

The visuals may not be clear above. Kindly excuse us for the same.

Try it out and you will realize that it is resultantly so convenient to modify sizes and alternative description for photographs.

Another point – The former version had the following limitations !

  • It was difficult to center-align movies without CSS support.
  • There was a provision to write picture captions but the choice to type inscription for a video was not present.

But, this application makes both elements available, benefiting in developing web pages with perfect formatting.

Additionally, it provides many options in terms of layout for videos. And that is a extra fabulous aspect inside.

Then, in year 2020 this visual composer inducted a supplemental segment for “Image Styles”.

The default setting in this regard is horizontal square or rectangle but one is permitted to convert the orientation to rounded too.

You will find utilities to create reusable sections too. That is a separate factor which can help save time in the development task.

For example, the spacer module is by default 100 pixels. It may happen that one’s personal preference is to have the same of a 50 px height instead.

In such a case you have the alternative to customize the same of whatever dimension and name it as a reusable division.

Such an amenity if utilized would definitely help portal developers save time in personalizing any specific element for future purposes.

Another Highlight At This Top Class Invention By WordPress

Downloadable promotional PPS Slide below mentioning the following !

  • Site developers in Delhi forming premium quality content for clients.
  • Undertaking data optimization operations.

This updated variant 5 does not disturb paragraph spacing even if moving from HTML style to Visual mode.

Previously whenever one switched between these two modes, the blank white space created through the code used to disappear.

It generated very little horizontal gap between sentences i.e. by default used to diminish the vacant area already formed.

Use the “Spacer” element within the New Editor and notice that the white space stays as it is, intact.

No matter how many times you switch over from one mode to another, the blank gap remains fixed.

Video about the Blocks Builder – Develop a portal with unlimited customization amenities now !

So start a Gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on Google and Bing search engine results segment.

Exclusive Features For Making Sites On WP 5.5

Amongst the remaining sole attributes inserted inside this program in the year 2020 are as follows !

  • WP has partnered with “Looka” – A payable online styling tool assisting companies in producing logos.
  • A free digital photo library containing 40,000 copyright images in collaboration with Pexels is available in-house.
  • The Sitemap index has been added to core program. Henceforth, robots.txt file will reference the same.
  • It is possible to accept remittance for services provided, products sold and subscriptions for commercial solutions through Stripe.
  • Going forward, access to SFTP credentials has been granted.

Slide below describing the benefits accessible by the managed hosting framework and hardships borne by domains at the shared-hosted mode !

  • The former helps site developers in forming phone-responsive and AMP’s in a convenient manner.
  • URL backups, updations and App upgrades are all automatic at the first mechanism.
  • The prior technology is stable, mechanically error-free and prevents virus or hacking attacks in a better manner.
  • The 1st pattern is a low-cost system for creating portals as it eliminates most of the programming related manual work.

With that, we close this article about the top class invention by WordPress offering an opportunity to online designers for forming first-grade layouts.

What Are The Advantages Of Making A Website With An In-built Theme ?

One may easily upload a third-party premium template to build a portal at business plan !

However, some of the benefits of installing an in-house deluxe deluxeme are as follows :

1. Such sites enjoy better customer support as it makes it easier for the engineers to sort out software related issues.

2. Reduced chances of technical conflicts within different Add-ons, visual-composers, the template itself and the platform !

3. The said theme is available free-of-cost for business plan members.

4. Accessibility in such themes is of the ultimate quality i.e. the screen reader will function better on an in-built premium template as compared to a 3rd-party deluxe theme used on kind of technology.

5. If one tries to access a web page with the sole assistance of a keyboard i.e. without the help of a mouse, then these templates are better scannable in this regard too.

Why Do Some Web Designing Firms Recommend Despite Its Limitations ?

The most important point a client needs to understand is that restrictions, be it in any sphere are not always detrimental.
On the contrary, boundations inside a certain technology or be it any other aspect in any arena, ends-up benefiting the user instead of weakening a product or service under consideration.
For example, the human is blessed with two hands. Maybe a third hand could help the individual to do much more while working.
However, who knows, it may be so that it would require nature to create a second heart inside the human body (or may need adding any fresh variety of organ inside) to enable proper functioning of the third hand.
Who knows, maybe two hearts may end-up diminishing any other function inside a body in the long term. But, the nature has granted us only two hands due to whatever reason which no one knows.
Likewise, even a certain technology needs to be developed creating a balance within several operations within not only its own system but also keeping external technologies under consideration.
So, is a software which has been made keeping all kinds of factors under consideration from a long-term perspective, making it the best portal hosting technology in the world.

By PJ SEO Specialists

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