Website Industry In India

low cagr in domains is one of the reasons for dismal scope of growth of website industry in india

There are at present more than 6 million registered digital DNS names in this country.

Out of these, only around 35% of URL’s are functional as websites, currently.

.com remains the most popular TLD (top level domain) with roughly 56% of the online market share.

The recent compound annual growth rate in the particular field is a mere 15% in our nation.

A big portion of local websites here are like cars parked on the roadside with a working engine but unwilling to move further.

low cagr in domains is one of the reasons for dismal scope of growth of website industry in india
One Of The Reasons For Dismal Scope Of Growth Of Website Industry In India

Under a small per capita income, many users here find website building and online promotional procedures unaffordable.

That is resulting in a low CAGR in domains in the country.

As a result of populism and socialism, politics affects internet services sector too, in a detrimental manner here.

Taxation tariffs are lower than before.

But the level of vigilance has become so intense that one is paying most of the amount in which was saved previously, in taxes now.

Eradication of black market is important. But by what means could a businessman save any money for expansion going forward ?

Wealth concealment is down, but instead of a reduction in tax outflows, the net discharge is more than before.

A country where traders used to manage saving substantial money as reserves are facing a liquidity crisis now.

A scarce savings rate leads to bleak expansion, slower modernization and a lacklustre investment in developing a portal.

That also hampers the advancement in the number and standard of site construction in the homeland.

Positive Factor For The Website Industry In India

Large Percentage of Small Firms – We are a nation with a huge volume of undersized enterprises scattered around cities.

As a result of an enormous populace, salaries are meagre, hence job satisfaction levels are shallow.

High population does far more harm than good – which is another matter.

But, the desire for owning a trading enterprise, a factory or beginning a consultancy firm is common here.

Hence, the potential of diversification of portal designing companies and site creation agencies is quite promising.

It is likely for a self-employed person or a professional to own a commercial promotional domain.

Whereas a free blog posting page might suffice for an executive working in a company.

This is a positive factor for development of portal SEO professionals providing online computer based solutions here.

Then even if very slowly, the level of awareness about the advantages of websites is picking up.

How Politics Affects Internet Services Due To PSU’s

Paltry Per Capita Income – We are a country with a humongous populace, which is the second most prominent curse on us.

The existence of publicly-held undertakings is the biggest weakness and the main reason for national poverty.

politics affects internet services due to psu's and welfare expenditure and high population
Privatization Helping In Modernization Vs. Welfare Expenditure Hurting Digitalization

GST, demonetization etc. even though important, fade in contrast to the inevitable effectiveness of disinvestment.

Countries like USA, Switzerland and China have outperformed everyone as both have privatized their publicly-held companies in line with capitalism.

But we keep restructuring, giving more funding to the public sector and continue designating honest officials.

Carry on with that for the next 1000 years, but the net result overall will be the same.

A gloomy recession with a negligible rate of digitalization.

Reason being, government spending translates into a fiscal deficit and the cost of employing honest officials neutralizes the entire benefit.

And that is generating additional obstacles for the scope of growth of website industry in India and online promotional projects.

People want to see own websites on Google and Bing or Baidu organic search results listings.

But the government has created inflation, lofty interest rates and a costly electrical supply system.

Hence, firms are not expanding their computerization budgets.

They carry out magical experiments in reducing corruption, increasing efficiency and accountability in public-corporations.

However, that magic has never worked anywhere in history. Even if it did then the cost of producing the system is phenomenal.

Having said that, being crippled with a minority in the upper house is bad luck for the current government.

Or else we would have undoubtedly seen real financial reforms during this term.

So yes, politics affects internet services because the inability to take bold steps like the Chinese do, is non-existent here.

Just let the ITDC management take over the Taj Palace Hotel for two years and then see the result.

The hotel would run at a no-profit-no-loss basis and slowly go bankrupt within a decade.

Then the authorities would again find it difficult to reduce taxes. They would require additional funds to help the hotel survive bankruptcy.

Then gradually that property will start conducting operations at a very slight profit, after a series of warnings from the administration.

In such a situation the hotel will not just be a hurdle in generating foreign exchange earnings.

It will also contribute towards higher national unemployment in view of zero expansion.

At the cost of honest governmental-bodies, you end up with a 1% GDP buildup rate like in most of Western Europe.

People want to move to Switzerland, not Germany. Because the cabinet does not run the railways, electricity etc., in the former country.

All said and done, there is a dismal scope of growth of website industry in India because of the state running the economy.

Sad Outlook For Indian Site Creation Agencies

Price Sensitivity Owing To An Immature Marketplace.

Few digital promotion service providers in this nation advertise and claim to build your company’s E Commerce portal for just Rs. 50,000/-.

They know that the local consumer is price sensitive and produce poor standard websites in return.

One ends up wasting the money, though that is a petty amount.

Such fraudulent activities by few portal builders has sent a misleading signal to the public, at large.

Cheap sites are automatically restrained with extreme limitations, hence useless.

Middle level entrepreneurs spend on official traveling, participation in trade fairs, hosting seminars, but find SEO expensive.

Reason being, everyone needs an outing to get rid of depression. And sadness is arising because of a tough business atmosphere.

And that is the kind of situation, the website industry in India is in currently. But then it is incorrect to blame the masses.

The crux of the problem is that small enterprises cannot afford to start a refined visitor-friendly portal, here.

As the public sector is enjoying an unfair advantage, the private companies have been expanding at an inadequate rate.

Hence, the corporates are incapable of supporting the middle businesses in modernization.

An example of how politics affects internet services due to PSU’s here.

The government is restricting the advancement of online trade promotional activities in the country, unintentionally of course.

The medium size enterprises are already under too much pressure owing to a bad economic system.

Whereas in a developed nation, even a small size company is able to acquire a superior grade portal.

Their currency has a value, whereas ours is worthless. The other reason being that they work at a considerable profit margin.

But we cannot gain mileage owing to cut-throat competition arising out of high population.

And the governments of the past have taught us that generating profits is a sin.

To top that, even the demand for products and solutions is faint because of deficient buying power.

On the other hand, we often comes across customers obsessed with online designing.

“I don’t care, give me a stylish portal or else I’m going to some other digital content developer” – A common line vendors making websites, may hear from a prospective client.

So lack of understanding here is another element hurting the website industry in India.

One needs to understand that online documents are useful only when they provide purposeful information to the audience.

Well-designed web pages with animated buttons, interactive menus and background styling attract visitors – no doubt.

Nevertheless, to impress a viewer, one needs to procure an online audience first.

But a visually appealing website theme or styling will never solve the purpose.

By what means would the user know that you have a beautifully designed portal, until and unless he or she is able to find it on the SERP’s ?

One alternative way is to begin paid promotional campaigns on social media networking platforms.

Another medium is to start advertising on search engines. That is amongst the foremost avenues in marketing for websites !

But, the topmost crawlers will not put your URL on page one within organic results just because you have highly stylish layouts.

Some businesses focus on driving traffic through blogs, podcasts, email publicity and instant message promos.

Few buy video production internet services too.

However, attractive design and interactive patterns neither translate into user-friendliness, nor produce quality backlinks !

So it is not possible for digital promotion firms to give equal priority to designing and portal optimization, simultaneously.

Tip – Instead of beautifying documents with decorated elements or simulation, insert a few image animations or slideshows instead.

However, by the time the prospect reaches back his office, he forgets the lesson.

Remember – You would waste all of your investment if regarding own web pages like online brochures.

Reason being, one ends up showing owned websites only after their customers or prospective buyers walk into their offices.

Instead, the function of a domain is to bring new and unknown clients from untapped areas by publicizing your establishment.

meaningful web pages outrank designer portals on google and bing
Meaningful Web Pages Outrank Designer Portals on Google And Bing

Hopeful Scope Of Growth Of Website Industry In India

A Big Marketplace – As a result of massive citizenry, we are the 3rd biggest marketplace in the globe.

A high population density has caused a horrible magnitude of damage to our economic system.

We have a large land mass as well as an unsustainable density in this regard.

Unlike Singapore, Bahrain, Bangladesh etc. being confined within a small area.

However, this aspect helps in enabling a huge demand of products and solutions but of third-rate category and lowly priced too.

Another element for a likely continuation in progress of companies providing such kind of digital promotion solutions in the country.

Moreover, the number of existing small business sites and shabby E-commerce platforms does prove the point too.

Then buying something online has become sort of a fashionable trend. So that is another favorable element.

Dismal Scope Of Growth Of Website Industry In India

Insecurity As A Result Of Muscle Power, Corrupt Police, Outdated Laws, Rupee Devaluation and a Communist Constitution.

This is another example of how politics affects internet services field and digital establishments in the homeland.

Under a polluted commercial atmosphere, websites are the last priority for entrepreneurs in the nation.

Work is conducted in a non-qualified way. So, site creation agencies are sitting idle.

Professionalism requires innovation and investment in digital promotion operations.

Then, lack of education and the influence of muscle power is a discouraging facet for establishments to upgrade processes.

Another influencing element restricting the expansion of portal construction companies.

Having the most corrupt police in the world, with Haryana, Delhi and Punjab being the spoilers.

It brings an extreme sense of insecurity in the society.

Then outdated laws have made life very difficult to manage here. It keeps changing every now and then.

This is exactly where the police exploit situations to their advantage, for bribes.

They strategize to frame false charges against the innocent. The 70-year-old constitution is flawed, illogical, communist and biased.

As the lower courts are over-burdened with pending lawsuits, they cannot afford looking at cases from a standalone point of view.

They end up painting everyone with the same brush and the innocent end up being the victims.

The higher judicature is not that much over-burdened; hence provides justice on most occasions if not all.

However, the landlord is crushed for no cause for years in the lower courts, by the time a case reaches the senior judicature – which is our national treasure.

The mischievous, filing fake lawsuits enjoy the dramatic show for a long period, by spending a very little amount on lawyer fee.

Landowners are wary of renting-out their properties in the fear of losing possession for long periods.

Hence, website promotion firms suffer as such avenues like leased office spaces or warehouses are commonly utilized by startups.

The problem is that we are very weak in controlling what we should curtail, as follows !

  • Refusal by tenants to vacate properties rented by them.
  • People finding it impossible to obtain a divorce.
  • Police brutalities and blackmail.
  • Real estate developers forfeiting investors funds despite delay in construction.
  • A buyer refusing to make payment to a seller.
  • Cheque bouncing lawsuits.
  • Schools applying extreme pressure on children.
  • Hospitals minting money by intentionally prolonging treatments.
  • Copyright frauds.
  • The schedule caste having the privilege of framing bogus cases against anyone, anywhere and anytime.
  • Labor union strikes.
  • Factories operating inside residential areas.
  • And the 3 most vital elements to control – An unbelievably big welfare expenditure, high population and the obscene situation the public sector has created.

Such problems translate into originating an ugly climate of black currency generation and the never ending greed for hoarding.

This hostile business environment is curtailing the growth of website industry in India because of the state running the economy.

Sadly, we are world-class administrators on matters where the government has no moral right to involve itself-in !

  • Managing cabinet-financed organizations.
  • Exorbitant tariffs and FDI regulations.
  • Tough divorce laws.
  • Generating of authority-granted jobs.
  • Export and import restrictions.
  • Developing infrastructure and strategies for improving the average standard of living.
  • Petrol retail selling.
  • Forex exchange rate controls.
  • Caste-based privileges and quota system.
  • Compulsory insurance in few sections.
  • A partly-convertible currency.
  • Providing subsidies and incentives to certain areas by forcing the system to become oriented towards any specific sphere.
  • Food rations.
  • Bringing out schemes for incentivizing businesses and acting as a financial planning institution.
  • Handling administration-owned schools, hospitals or other accounts created for minimum income guarantees etc.
  • Unfair regulations for gaining a dominating role in banking, oil, electricity, railways, infrastructure and what not.

An illustration of the government playing a role in the commercial field acting as strategists for growing resources.

Whereas, the morally they should be focusing only on internal security, defence and legal system.

But the current administration is not the culprit. It’s just that the establishments in the past between 1947 till 1991 created the entire mess.

So, the entrepreneur saves finances for emergencies instead of approaching site creation agencies for expanding operations.

Another specimen of the way politics affects internet services due to PSU’s in a detrimental fashion here.

A hard daily routine leaves no room for ambition, enthusiasm or beginning with risk-taking measures.

Unfortunately the ministries are under the impression that their function is to bring out incentive schemes for businesses.

Whereas more the government makes plans to develop GDP, the greater the mess they make to the entire system.

All that the private sector needs is for the cabinet to put an end to its strategies and let the industrialist develop freely through a natural process.

Rousing Scope Of Growth Of Website Industry In India

GST, Aadhaar Card and Demonetization.

Economic reforms like GST, Aadhaar Card and Demonetization have reduced the ratio of black money component in transactions.

Hence, online payments in banking, shopping, guest houses and travel bookings and advertising are on the rise.

Cost of trading and manufacturing is rising, which is a consequence of an additional tax outflow and increasing import costs.

That is forcing corporates to reduce waste spending.

Consumers have started realizing that digital promotion is cheaper mode in yielding better sales in contrast to traditional publicity.

Businesses are hiring lesser employees and procuring improved and optimized websites for better revenues.

Such changes are luring competitors to begin making own sites too.

One more determinant for an attainable improvement of computer solutions providing companies in the homeland.

How Politics Affects Internet Services In Our Country

Muted Bandwidth Penetration.

There are at present around 350 million online users here. However, the percentage of net-connectivity penetration is subdued.

The overall share of cyberspace accessibility is only about 30% in our country.

If one argues that it is stifled because of huge populace then why is China in the above the 50% broadband penetration bracket ?

Shockingly, the leadership again steps in at this point by investing in electronic infrastructure for small towns.

But the rural areas have not progressed owing to the heavy involvement of government and cannot afford buying a net-connection.

Weak Cyber-laws.

We have a top-grade administration when it comes to forming policies regarding restrictions in commerce – which is an immoral practice.

But we are the weakest managers in areas where the cabinet is duty bound towards the masses.

Shamefully we have highly feeble patent, copyright and cyber laws, preventing foreign firms enter the market here.

A typical instance why politics affects internet services resulting in a dismal scope of growth of website industry in India.

Optimism For Local Companies Promoting Websites

Competition, Traffic, Cost Saving Measures and Time Shortage.

Because of a growing citizenry, competition is also intensifying. Hence, the buyer is getting inquisitive for extra transparent information.

Web pages with newsworthy content provide that in a far better way in comparison to the common medium i.e. phone calls and meetings.

Additionally, people are navigating mobile shopping sites for placing orders.

The habit of calling suppliers and consultants for buying products and solutions is slowly vanishing.

The increasing road traffic is forcing buyers to compare items on the WWW, rather than meeting vendors face-to-face.

Additionally owing to a poor populace, people are constantly searching for bargain deals day and night browsing all over the place.

Whereas, such a task would need far more time and expense in traveling if opting for physical shopping.

That is also helping portal development service providers to some extent.

Indian Government Curbing Trade Modernization

Unsatisfactory Bandwidth Speed.

We rank at the 90th position globally, in terms of net-connection speed. Even behind Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Bhutan and Pakistan.

The telecom giants are made to cough up huge sums to the establishment for obtaining licences.

Which eventually leaves them no other choice other than using sub-standard copper in wiring.

And that results in harming the digital oriented commercial professions badly, here.

There has been some positive developments lately related to this subject however.

But then it is the governments duty to grant freedom to the private operators to introduce 5G.

The levels of inferiority complex are so intense that the politicians want to bring the same through own channels in order to take the credit.

Or else it is jealousy after realizing that the private sector is working in a far more profitable way than the politicians themselves are able to manage the cabinet owned firms.

A Helpful Facet For Regional Experts Making Websites

Startups – New cyberspace ventures have suddenly emerged lately, online.

The success of privately held groups, selling retail items, cab assistance, food delivery and travel bookings is surprising.

Such developments are beneficial for site creation agencies as users are slowly getting used to browsing websites launched by startups.

However, we would have seen far more startups entering the market had the public sector undertakings been sold.

But shockingly, instead of being ashamed, we are proud of the publicly retained units and ended up becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Finally, as opportunities in starting a new business are very limited, the only avenue open for some is investing in a retail domain.

It’s mind boggling to see that so many people are trying their luck in this field nowadays.

In any case that is supporting portal builders in acquiring some fresh clients.

Reasons For Dismal Scope Of Growth Of Website Industry In India

Flat Profit Margins.

In view of a heavy citizenry, competition is severe. Hence, the businessman ends up concentrating on quantity rather than class.

That results in a focus on turnover rather than profit margin. And obviously diversification is not possible without profits.

This is another determinant the manner in which politics affects internet services in the nation.

A Negative Mindset – Because of extreme financial insecurity, people do not invest in expansion, until and unless it is a do or die situation.

Owing to a grueling commercial environment, the masses are reluctant to upgrade their working style by online publicity.

One has no other choice but to come up with illogical arguments for not adapting with the changing work-culture.

This sort of rigidity in attitude arises through frustrations out of brutal conditions under which the manufacturer functions.

Thanks to the government. Unfortunately we have become a society of the branded educated illiterates of the globe.

The public is very happy just viewing photos and videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Because that would not necessitate disclosing own list of connections to others.

Having a heavy native density in the world, competition is so strong that a trader is frightened to upload anything on social networks even.

Such an idea agitates locals as that would end up exposing own connections to the competitors on digital platforms.

Desperation For Entertainment – For all except government employees, life is strenuous in our homeland.

The established are hungry for further fame, the struggling striving for fun and the nouveau-rich are turning into exhibitionists.

So that clears the way for talent management solution offering firms, event organizing enterprises or offline branding agencies to enter.

That tempts the corporates to splurge lavishly on hosting traditional style events, conferences and business parties for achieving prominence.

Resultantly, despite a site assisting in lead generation in the most economical manner, it still ends-up taking the backseat.

Reason being – It is a non-entertaining means of growing sales.

But the public is frustrated to the extent that they don’t mind wasting finances on amusement.

It works like maths.

The larger the custom of hobnobbing inside any homeland, lower the level of capability it would contain to compete overseas.

The greater the tradition of soliciting in any motherland the lesser the standard of excellence it might carry to match the global atmosphere.

So a concert organizer or a video shoot agency or a musical show organizing vendor is minting money left right and center.

That is despite the fact that these kind of professions require far less talent Vs. that needed out of a portal producer.

Furthermore, the site creator is charging much lesser fee than a propaganda creation firm.

But, the eagerness for leisure is originating owing to exhaustion in competing in a marketplace consisting of cabinet owned units.

They enjoy an unfair advantage over the private sector.

Then it also hampers creativity and ability in the commercial atmosphere because you sell big time by impressing a customer by partying.

But the seller relying on increasing turnover by means of real hard work and actual innovation loses out to the salesman using a seminar to promote own product or solution.

So, it is the regime which has created an environment where neither the purchaser nor the seller cares about quality.

Improving standards is the last priority for an entrepreneur because the culture of export hardly exists here.

The administration retained establishments are amongst the biggest consumers of commodities and solutions here.

But the problem is that they are also the greatest destroyers of quality as they do not require an upper standard material or solution.

A supplemental exemplar of the manner in which politics affects internet services in our homeland.

Even if someone pitches a superior grade commodity or service, they will just plainly refuse buying it as it would be costly.

They function on the basis of tender system. And the one selling the cheapest class wins inevitably.

On the flip side, whatever the governmental bodies manufacture, that is of the lowest standard and offered at least possible rates in the market.

So not only the demand but also supply of commodities and amenities that are of immensely inferior value and spread all over the nation.

So whatever we make here is made for Hindustan. It is not developed for the globe. No one wants to import goods and solutions from us.

We are the branded cheap quality goods and facilities producing country, worldwide.

Another basis behind that is the ministries are going so slow on opening up the marketplace for foreign conglomerates.

So they are in retaliation curbing imports from us.

Benefit To Firms Developing Websites In The Nation

Young Populace – We are a regime with a budding citizenry, as 65% of us are below the 35-year mark.

This opens up opportunities for portal development too, as the young generation is cognizant of the strength of digital promotion.

A basis for optimism on the betterment in the scope of growth of website industry in India.

Since purchasers don’t pay product suppliers or solution providers, no one wants to enter the trading or consultancy sector.

And starting a factory is an unattractive proposition because of labor unions destroying the entire industrial climate in the nation.

Everyone wants to open a shop as it ensures immediate inflow of cash. But property rentals are very expensive in our homeland.

So opening a physical store is a distant dream for most.

Hence, people are relying on online sales by utilizing internet services. That at least guarantees an advance payment.

So sad, we have become a country of cheats and fraudsters.

But businesses supplying products or solutions to the government sector are thriving.

They either supply inferior goods than promised and get away by bribing the bureaucrat.

Or else they partner with the storekeeper and steal the same product they supplied.

If caught, then cases take 10 years to get resolved in the courts. And the youngsters are too innocent to learn all those techniques.

The Way The Administration Is Curbing Digital Promotion Consultants

Bureaucratic Bodies like TRAI etc. – This is a major illustration of why bureaucracy harms our system of production.

Departments like the Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority and DOT keep coming up with fancy directives thrown at the ISP’s.

trai is an example of how politics affects internet services and site creation agencies
TRAI Is An Example Of Governmental Interference In The Telecom Zone

Corruption or inefficiency are not the only two consequences of public sector undertakings.

In addition, these institutions have spoilt the regional commercial atmosphere, by wasting natural resources and capital.

The marketplace has gained after private telecom operators being permitted to operate and cater to the masses.

Obviously a massive investment in digitalization would take place if the remaining are privatized.

Another rationale why such policies are hurting the advancement of online trade in the nation.

An Advantage For Local Portal Construction Companies

Abundance of Skilled Manpower – We produce a huge number of software engineers and IT related work-force every year.

Regardless of the fact that the real skilled ones migrate to USA – which is justified.

Their enterprises come here and make profits and we go there for jobs to make a living. Fair deal.

Still the ones who stay back, are talented, which is an encouraging sign for the scope of growth of website industry in India.

Of course, such consultants won’t fraudulently claim to build an ECommerce portal within a Rs. 50,000 budget for you, which is relieving.

So yes, availability of reliable site creation agencies and that too in bulk is a positive for the sphere.

Politics Affects Internet Services Owing To High Population

The Attitude of Dealing Within Own Circle.

Most people prefer working for clients within the commercial group they themselves are a part-of.

They find it easy to manipulate old clients, sweet talk with friends and relatives, as it is easy to do so over a cup of coffee.

An unknown customer obtained through digital promotion would judge a supplier, based on his merit.

That scrutiny is something that local entrepreneurs avoid, often.

Memorable content provides business exposure for tradesmen throughout the world.

Chances of gaining fresh untapped buyers through an organic visibility on Google are bright.

But engaging in digital promotion mediums, for some local firms is a disadvantageous situation instead of an opportunity.

And that is one of the reasons for dismal scope of growth of website industry in India.

dismal scope of growth of website industry in india because of the state running the economy
The Atmosphere Of Pull Preventing Businesses To Procure Websites

Owing to the public sector undertakings operating in the system, the culture of networking and pull has spread inside the private enterprises too.

So, businessmen find websites worthless as the only way to make a sale in this country is through contact development.

What is the purpose of a portal ? It is an avenue which facilitates procuring unfamiliar purchasers from remote and unexplored areas.

But, sadly a high population once again acts as the spoiler for domain development experts here.

It is not difficult to acquire a consumer for your product or service, owing to this cause. The problem is lead conversion.

As a consequence of a heavy citizenry, one finds suppliers scattered around in each and every street all over. That is where the game changes.

Implementing the zero child policy is like a do or die situation here, but no action.

Another instance of how politics affects internet services on account of high population density here.

There is an unimaginably exorbitant volume of traders, retailers and consultants here vs disproportionately lower number of takers.

Everyone wants to be a business owner as there are no jobs. Again, try and create more public-sector employment and then see the result.

The fact is that there is an insufficient buying-power in this society. Reason being, there is a huge inequality in income here.

But try and reduce that imbalance by increasing government spending and expanding infrastructure investment. And then see the result.

A common question in a entrepreneurs mind is that – “Why should i start a portal ? I have shoppers and customers all around me already.”

Unfortunately it is impossible for a trader to dedicate time and investment in developing a domain for increasing sales.

The entire resources at hand need to be utilized in manipulating the buyer.

Regardless of the quality of commodity or solution you manufacture, it is almost impossible to sell if your customer is surrounded by networkers.

The buttering culture may exist in every country. But the difference is that we are a nation of 1.4 billion where the ratio of salesmen Vs. consumers is colossal.

And that results in an entrepreneur neglecting digital promotion assignments completely.

Or else your neighbor is also supplying the same product or service and ready to pounce upon the opportunity.

Having said that, there are few valid grounds for businesses avoiding dealing with new clients in some instances, as below !

Difficulties in Payment Recovery.

Problems in recovering payments from fresh buyers and unknown clients is another logic why people find sites as useless here.

Entrepreneurs are not too keen to acquire new consumers by engaging in promoting their products by making websites !

Claiming payments for goods supplied to known buyers is easier as compared to recoveries from newly procured customers.

For payment recovery through legal means, one has no other choice to reach the administration like police or courts.

Enter any middle or smaller size government owned office anywhere in the entire country.

The kind of ugly atmosphere looking at the way those officers behave with you is disgusting.

It is a horrifying experience. The way they act is frightening.

Then, on the other hand around half of all web pages run by the administration are either non-working or else only partly-functional.

That spreads a thoroughly defeatist aura about digital transactions inside the homeland.

Another thought regarding the dismal scope of growth of website industry in India.

Lack of Capital – Owing to heavy delays in payment recoveries, most traders are on the back-foot all the time.

One has no other choice but to pay defensive by going slow on expansion.

Exploring new avenues for sale vis a vis publicity through websites takes the backseat.

Because of welfare expenditure, the fiscal deficit is always outrageous, resulting in exorbitant borrowing rates.

The private enterprises are efficient because there is too much at stake for the owner.

Unlike a bureaucrat, who plays around with the taxpayers hard earned income and the maximum possible success is not a necessity.

By whose help can travel agents advance in an environment where most of the famous tourist spots are run by the ministry ?

Why would the tour operators invest in digital promotion campaigns, in such an ambience ?

An example of how politics affects internet services due to PSU’s in this country.

To conclude : One may say that the intent of all governments since 1991 has been good – broadly speaking.

But none apart from Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Narashimha Rao, aggressively touched upon the indispensable issue of privatization.

Which Type Of Content Is The Strongest In Delivering Results For Websites ?

All portals are supposed to contain different kinds of matter inside. Every kind of material has its own value but some components are more vital than others in this regard. Domains may have many types of content including widgets, chat software, pop-ups, calculators, comparison tools, audio files etc. Mentioning some of the ingredients required for developing websites, below.

1. Domain Name – These are composed of characters included within the primary URL and a form of content which help online visitors identify portals.

2. Main Web Title – This kind of matter is usually a combination of anywhere between 1 to 3 words or more, signifying a company label giving it a unique identity or an individual’s name, brand term or else even a key-phrase indicating the prime focus towards a certain commercial activity.

3. Web Page Names – These form of text contents indicate the main subject of various documents wherein all need to have a unique inscription to assist the online audience understand the difference between the same. This element is also a powerful medium for the purpose of SEO, if applied appropriately during construction of websites. This ingredient is mostly included within the navigation menu of all portals.

4. Body Text In Websites – This type of matter consists of sentences written within a particular web page or blog post. It is the most crucial component required for producing top-quality and optimized websites.

5. Headline Content – These are phrases typed as highlighted and bold lines inside a specific document demarcating the entire material within pages into separate sections, for better readability.

6. Keywords – This is a term used for a focus phrase or phrases used for helping the search engines understand what words the writer is trying to optimize a particular web page or article post for. Sometimes it also plays a part in reminding the online user about the topic of the document.

7. Videos / Photos / Slide Presentations – These are subject relevant and instructive media material generally inclined to increase audience engagement and also improve search engine rankings. This ingredient further helps in explaining the motive and the meaning of the document through a visual portrayal complementing the text matter in-sync for enhancing user-experience.

8. Linked Online Content – This element is hyperlinked material which may lead the visitor to a source outside the web page it resides. The recipient URL may be an internal or an external document depending upon case to case basis. Another influencing factor for optimizing portals.

9. Meta data – These are text contents found at the back-end either automatically generated or else manually created for helping the search engines read the language they require to understand matter inside websites for online ranking purposes.

10. Downloadable Material In Websites – This is a kind of content which sometimes portals provide in the mode of PDF documents or videos and pictures for enabling the online user download and possess for study or business purpose.

11. Online Business Maps – These are usually embedded codes supplied by gateways like Google Maps or Bing Places allowing webmasters to embed the same inside their websites which in turn assists the online audience find the business address of the company they are visiting in-house. Along with the same element, often NAP details are mentioned in text format which is another type of content usually found at the footer section.

12. Contact Form In Websites – This is a set of blank fields arranged within a block to enable the visitor establish contact with owners of portals without the need of calling or emailing.

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