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youtube studio beta is presenting ideas and guides for promoting business videos online
The Portal Is Presenting Ideas And Guides For Promoting Business Videos Online

The world’s largest digital movie and sound sharing platform – YouTube is undergoing major upgradations in the last quarter of 2018.

Users having a Google Account can register on this portal and undertake either of the following actions !

  • Create an in-house station for uploading marketing videos , films, live streams and audio recordings.
  • Share content on other social networks and through email too.
  • Embed preferred media either at owned site or else at other external sources allowing such a facility.
  • Comment-on and rate TV shows, movies, sound files etc. by others.
  • Use the “Add to Favorites” option by creating a dedicated folder for “Liked Clips” or else use the “Watch Later” amenity.
  • Form an “About Section” at the station and enter-in commercial particulars for describing the nature of activity of owned firm.
  • Subscribe to content by other members which assists in receiving notifications about the latest developments on the same.

Non-registered followers can only watch all sorts of films or listen-to songs of different varieties inside this audio and movie crawler.

Once logged-in inside own account one has two options to manage content uploaded already !

  • “Customize Channel” (which leads to the editing section of the classic design dashboard).
  • Switch to YouTube Studio Beta console (which is live but its control panel being in the final stages of completion).

Notice the two blue color rectangle buttons on the image below dispensing a choice to use any of the two versions !

Reorganize Your Station For Publicizing Official Movies Digitally

Click the first blue color button i.e. “Customize Channel”, as in screenshot above.

It takes one to another window showing icon links to own accounts on internet promotion websites, displayed over your cover photo at the bottom right as below !

The Old Interface For Optimizing And Marketing YouTube Video Channel

If only changing details like Title, Description etc. is required then one may carry out the following process !

  • Click the button below the clip mentioning “Edit” to modify the specifications, alter text matter etc.
  • Then save the finalized attributes and particulars for improving own Off-page website optimisation assignment.

But if you need to reach your control panel then hit the black color plain text link saying – “Manager”, in the screenshot above.

The same is visible in small font size, above the cover photo as used to be exhibited in the earlier version of the creator customizer.

This is how the edit section of the classic design dashboard in this digital film and music sharing network used to look like as below !

Classic Design Dashboard Demonstrating The Number Of Subscribers And Views

Observe the blue text link “View All” visible in small font size at the bottom right of the photo above.

One can scrutinize detailed insights about owned account performance by clicking the same.

The link would lead you to another window within this professional digital publicity source for carrying out the task.

Optimizing And Marketing YouTube Video Channel

Coming back to the function which is the second choice as shown inside the very first i.e. the uppermost screenshot image.

In case you click – YouTube Studio Beta, then it would lead you to a new window like this below !

The Portal Is Presenting Ideas And Guides For Promoting Business Videos Online

Notice above, the much improved console created as per the new variant introduced by this digital publicity platform.

For example, spot the text saying – “Ideas For You”, placed at bottom in photo above.

There is a blue link written as “Learn More”. One can notice it just below the rounded thumbnail symbol displaying binoculars (apologies as it got cut out in screenshot).

Clicking the same would lead one to another window in the upgraded version, as in the photo below !

Free Creators Academy Course By This Portal Assisting In Internet Promotion

YouTube Studio Beta For Promoting Business Videos Online

So one would agree that it is much easier to study and learn about how to optimize, promote, market and publicize movie clips in a better manner now.

The previous composition of this platform was slightly lesser user-friendly for novices.

Even website promotion companies can extract more by working on this social networking portal at a greater extent, going forward.

Apart from helping you in optimizing and marketing YouTube Video Channel, there are many more features here compared to the old format.

You can observe tips and recommendations on publicizing media inside this modernized model after exploring further.

YouTube Studio Beta is presenting ideas and guides for promoting business videos online and in addition assisting in the following !

  • It contains more detailed analytics data and insights about the level of digital visibility, as compared to earlier.
  • Helps members to edit promotional content in lesser time in comparison with what used to be possible previously.
  • It is offering tips, advice and tutorials on how to grow traffic on your in-house account.
  • Displays latest news about worldwide happenings and developments going on inside this digital publicity network.

Explainer film by this social media advertising platform below describing the following !

  • You can insert or edit a thumbnail image to your movie from this portal’s App on a hand-held device.
  • Choose any one from the automatically generated thumbnails or else upload any of the desired photos through your mobile.
  • Try uploading any of the JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG formats under 2 MB in size and ideally 1280 x 720 pixels in dimensions.
How To Add A Preferred Thumbnail For An Already Uploaded Movie ?

Powerful features keep getting added here frequently and one of the most prominent ones inducted in year 2020 are as follows !

  • You can now simply manage your station layout, branding, and basic information in one place through the customization page.
  • You can invite users to help manage your profile with “limited editing roles” without giving them access to your Google Account.

How To Add Background Music To An Uploaded Video At YouTube Studio ?

Total Time: 10 minutes

1. Start With Visiting The Uploaded Movies Section In Your Station

After adding content inside your account, click on the tab named “Videos” visible at the left in red color, as in the screenshot above.

Let’s say you need to insert background sound to the latest film called – “Retail Portal Construction” visible in the middle section in a green colored thumbnail photo.

2. Hover Your Mouse Over The Thumbnail & Spot The Pencil Icon For Editing

Click the pencil symbol and it will take you to another window showing movie details as in the above screenshot.

3. Notice The Text Link Saying “Editor” In The Left Sidebar At Your Screen

Basically the editor helps in either inserting a background audio or adding an end screen to movies.

4. Click The Text Link Saying – “Editor” As In The Previous Screenshot

Observe a fresh window with a black background opening at your screen as above.

Spot the blue text link saying “Audio” in the screenshot.

5. To Finish, Click The Blue Text Saying – “Audio”

That’s it. A new window as in the screenshot will show-up at your screen.

Select the sound of your choice by browsing the list of music at the bottom and click on the blue button “Save Changes” to complete the task.

By the way this is a new method for adding background audio, introduced by the Platform.

Previously, it required going to the old version i.e. Classic Dashboard for completing the same exercise.


  • Selection Of Suitable Background Sound For Video


  • In-built Customizer Tool
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