Slides About Producing Websites

slides about producing websites and retail portal creation and website making

Slides about producing websites and online branding. Sliders with guidance on digital promotion, tools needed for official publicity, retail portal creation and website making.

Elements For Producing Portals

ingredients and elements for producing portals
site domain name url address
type of portal hosting
paid web theme design
text and media for web content creation
portal optimization task
proper web site maintenance
phone responsive view for website
visual composer plugin for making pages
Elements For Producing Portals

Elements For Producing Portals

Few of the ingredients for developing a fine UX in a commercial website or an eCommerce portal.

PJ SEO Specialists

website domain name url

Domain Name

web portal hosting server

Web Hosting

website theme style designing

Theme Style

site content and data creation

Data Creation

website data optimization

Web Optimize

web site data maintenance

Maintain Data

responsive view fluid layouts

Fluid Layouts

web pages visual composer plugin

Pages Builder

Site Domain Name


Opt for a brand label centric site domain name of less than 15 alphabets. Avoid numbers in URL's. Add a keyphrase if wanted.

brand label centric site domain name

Branded Address

short hostname for website

Short Hostname

keyword in website url address

Keyword In URL

Type Of Portal Hosting


Type of portal hosting technology to choose depends on you. Managed hosted sites minimize the likelihood of coding errors.

website hosting technology

Website Hosting

managed hosted sites

Platform Hosted

shared stationing for websites

Shared Stationing

Website Theme Design


Pick a chargeable website theme design from your site host or else from Envato ThemeForest. Do not select an unpaid web template.

paid web theme from themeforest

Paid Web Theme

site host platform gateway

Host Platform

free site template woes

Template Problems

Web Content Creation


For web content creation, text and media ought to be fresh, topical, readable, customized and accessible to the disabled.

form novel data in websites

Form Novel Data

web media customization

Custom Artwork

easily readable content

Easy Reabability

Portal Optimization Task


Take care of On site SEO like titles, headings, linking and Off page SEO like Search Console and Maps in portal optimization task.

titles headings and linking for on site seo

Optimized Text

local maps off page optimization

Google Listing

seo for winning targeted leads

Leads By SEO

Site Maintenance


Handle web security, online backups, web page loading speed, broken link errors and software updates for site maintenance.

handle web security online

Data Protection

site data backups online

Content Backup

website page loading speed

Fast Rendering

Phone Responsive View


Ensure a phone responsive view, AMP functionality, web page layout compatibility with screen sizes and convenient browsing.

web page layout compatibility

Device Supportive

accelerated mobile pages functionality

AMP Receptive

mobile phone usability in websites

Mobile Usability

Visual Composer Plugin


Use The Gutenberg or Elementor visual composer plugin for site designing , editing, making pages for effortless navigation.

gutenberg visual editing plugin

Web Page Builder

ease in designing a website

Ease In Styling

making pages for effortless navigation

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Powtoon Positives And Negatives

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