rectangle shaped outline below the title indicating a section in the new editor

Top Class Invention By WordPress

The global leader for CMS software, WordPress has again launched a first-grade product for designing websites.

The company has released a major variant of its web page development application after a gap of 4 years.

This latest release is such a huge evolution inside the website building market worldwide that it has various names :

  • Gutenberg
  • Bebo
  • The Blocks Builder
  • Version 5
  • The New Editor

Basically all are same but just as this is a game changer for the web development industry, it has been called by different names.

Please note that i am writing this blog only concerned with keeping the self-hosting option out of purview in this article post.

The biggest highlight of this latest upgraded portal is that it uses sections for :

  • Writing text.
  • Uploading videos, images, audio etc.
  • Forming bullet point lists.
  • Adding slabs for white space.
  • Uplinking files.
  • Quotes in two varieties.
  • Generating tables.
  • Embedding online maps etc.

Now you can build your content precisely like you make a LEGO set : all from one box, following a standardized and straightforward set of instructions.

Undoubtedly the unbelievably fantastic amenity in this top class invention by WordPress helps in creating the perfect layout.

The New Editor allows much more flexibility than one used to have in previous version of this web page design software.

It is now possible to build websites by inserting content inside divisions instead of just simply adding words or non-text based matter in a blank template earlier.

By using this modern concept, you can now determine what every part of your content is and also define and change specifications of any section.

By the way Bebo is the newest WordPress update which uses The Blocks Builder.

While Gutenberg is the name of the project which is being called as The Blocks Builder.

Website developers finding it difficult to create documents through this current release may use the classic design as before for which a plugin is available.

But then i cannot imagine why one would not prefer using this latest technology which is so easy to understand and implement for publishing articles or web pages.

Start A Gutenberg Website Hosted At

This is how to begin with working at this modern web development portal.

Open any of your existing pages you will notice a changed interface for editing content.

Observe the text “classic” written over a grey horizontal bar indicating that one is on the older variant.

To start a Gutenberg Website, click anywhere within that grey horizontal bar.

You will find editing choices like the one in window partly overlapping a web page inside WordPress 5 Bebo !

the blocks builder can help websites in obtaining higher organic online traffic
The Blocks Builder By – World’s Best Website Designing Portal

Click the second option “Convert to Blocks”.

Observe that the entire content has been divided into separate divisions.

That’s it. You did it.

Click Preview button to make sure that your document is same as before.

You can now avail the benefits of this top class invention by WordPress.

So go ahead and start a Gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

Design A Site With The Blocks Builder By WordPress

Click anywhere within main page body and there would be a thin grey box around the text or photo or any kind of matter you have out there.

Look carefully at first paragraph beneath the title !

rectangle shaped outline below the title indicating a section in the new editor
Rectangle Border Below The Title Signifying A Section In WordPress 5

To insert fresh content, click a blank area after the last paragraph in your document and locate the “Add Block Symbol” at the left.

On the right hand inside the blank box, there would be icons for image, bullet list and sentences.

If clicking a blank area does not open a fresh block then go to paragraph immediately above and press enter.

Click any thumbnail visible at the right, inside the division, to begin adding more content on your webpage or article post.

Choosing the first icon i.e. picture would ask you to upload any image from your computer or media gallery.

The remaining two choices are for creating either a sentence or a bulleted list.

To add content in between any division, observe that “Add Block” icon would appear at upper center of the bordered box, after moving the mouse pointer over it.

That enables one to uplink a picture or write any words in between the sections above and below.

WordPress 5 Makes It Easier To Upload And Embed Content

Look at the screenshot displaying a small toolbar window open partially covering your web page !

different types of content allowed for insertion in the blocks builder
Different Types Of Content Allowed For Insertion In The Blocks Builder

But it doesn’t end just here.

As you must have already noticed that there is an abundant choice in choosing what kind of content is to be inserted.

The list keeps going on endlessly as follows :

  • Text.
  • Photo.
  • Quotes.
  • Audio files.
  • Embedding codes.
  • Page headline.
  • Cover image.
  • Any file like PDF etc.
  • Contact form or any other kind of call-to-action form.
  • Inline image.
  • Video.
  • Picture gallery.
  • Many alternatives for formatting such as code, custom html etc.
  • Layout options like buttons, columns, media and text combined, page break, separator and spacer which can be adjusted in width.
  • Choices for inserting widgets for shortcode, archives, categories, latest comments and posts.
  • A plethora of varieties for embeds from many social media websites. The popular ones are – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, SlideShare, Reddit, Tumblr and Instagram.
  • And Yoast Structured Data Blocks too.

Thank god that was all. Or else i would have fainted.

Just joking.

The reality is – More the options, the better it is to obtain an increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

Such elements go a long way in helping optimising websites as well as blogs.

This web development portal makes numerous tools available right in front of your eyes, on your computer screen.

That eliminates the possibility of forgetting using add-ons which sometimes one forgets when posting articles or forming web pages.

For finding the complete list of options, click the “plus symbol within a circle” at the uppermost left inside toolbar.

Now you will observe that it is possible to do a lot more than one could ever have imagined while working on this platform, previously.

Remember that one needs to scroll down the list, to find all choices available for boosting blogging sites and web pages.

Begin Using The New Editor For Website Designing

For example one would be able to spot the block option for embedding a Google Map through Jetpack only after scrolling down on this small window !

insert contact form or google map or simple payments button in the new editor
Insert Contact Form, Google Map Or Simple Payments Button Within Sections

The second and third tool buttons in the uppermost menu bar are for redo and undo so those are self-explanatory functions.

The fourth one is an “i” letter within a circle.

Observe the photo below !

an outline summary for document content structure in wordpress bebo
An Outline Summary For Document Content Structure In WordPress 5

This section gives information about the number of words you have already typed, headline chronology, number of blocks, paragraphs and title.

The furthest button at the upper left of toolbar displays the list of the type of content one has already added within different sections !

content block navigation list in this top class invention by wordpress
Content Block Navigation List In This Top Class Invention By WordPress

This module above covering a part of a web page indicates the hierarchy of the kind of divisions you have created in particular document.

Start A Gutenberg Website To Update Content Simply

Now coming to the uppermost right side section of your screen, i.e. the toolbar above the side bar.

Click the icon showing three dots in a vertical style and a fresh window would open !

start a gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on google and bing
Start A Gutenberg Website For Increased Internet Visibility On Google And Bing

See that Yoast SEO Plugin is also accessible from this section.

Most likely you won’t require to do anything here if in my category i.e. a non-programmer.

But then there is one link here which is worth checking for non-coders too.

Observe the ending text link saying “Options”.

Click the same and a vertical window partly overlapping the web page would open !

choice to select panels in this top class invention by wordpress
Choice To Select Panels In WordPress Bebo – World’s Best Website Builder

It has some important segments like :

  • Categories.
  • Tags.
  • Featured Image.
  • Excerpt.
  • Discussion.
  • Sidebar.
  • Header Animation.
  • Likes and Shares.
  • Suggestions on internal linking provided by Yoast SEO Premium Plugin.

Basically all aspects in the list above are identical to ones found in earlier model i.e. WordPress 4.9.8.

This module is not about settings but for giving a choice as to what all tabs you need to be easily accessible while developing websites.

Yoast For Increased Internet Visibility On Google And Bing

The icon on the left of symbol just discussed is for the Yoast Plugin.

This add-on is renowned for its powerful capabilities in helping website optimization companies in obtaining higher organic online traffic.

Click the same and notice a vertical window opening up and covering the right sidebar !

start a gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on google and bing
Yoast Helping Companies In Boosting Online Positioning On Organic Result Listings

In general, all tabs in this segment are the same as present in earlier model of this website hosting portal.

However one of the several advantages The New Editor brings to the table is that now there’s no need to open another window for working with this plugin.

It’s just that this latest addition would help website optimization companies to enter, delete and modify data in a faster manner through Yoast.

Start A Gutenberg Website And Edit Documents Easily

Coming to the settings segment in the sidebar located on the right hand.

One notices two headings – Document and Block, respectively.

Click “Block”.

This aspect is one of the reasons why The New Editor is a top class invention by WordPress in regards to developing web pages or a blogging websites !

Notice the screenshot !

edit color and font size while developing websites in wordpress 5
Edit Color And Font Size While Developing Websites In Bebo

The Blocks Builder is providing a choice to change :

  • Font Size.
  • Text and Background Colors.
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – A project by Google.
  • Advanced CSS.

The first feature would prove to be priceless for website designing companies as it was unavailable in previous version unless one applied css.

Regarding the second item – It was possible to modify the text color only, previously.

Now as one could apply background colors within sections, surely this characteristic is a major enhancement inside this upgraded design.

Reason being that previous variant allowed one to change the backdrop color for entire web page.

Whereas one may be able to have different colors within divisions here.

Now, there is no need to install a page developer add-on for achieving an increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

But, those needing complete functionalities of something similar to visual composer may however still need any one of those related plugins though.

Coming to point 3 – First of all this is not one of the fresh properties inside WordPress Bebo.

And secondly this tab is something you would most likely not need to think about.

Reason being that this specific AMP tab changes settings for a particular block only and not for whole blog post.

This element is probably placed here only to grant flexibility in editing documents where only a part of the web page needs “AMP Fit Text”.

One could not find this facility in the former version of this website development portal.

However, most probably you would like to enable this useful element for the complete web page or article post.

It is time to switch to “Document” mode.

Notice the screenshot ! generating google accelerated mobile pages automatically Generating Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Automatically

“Enable AMP” button is by default, switched on (in mustard color), when you start a Gutenberg website.

This signifies that entire document is compliant with the project.

As far as the functions inside this section are concerned there is no change from the past design except for one.

Scroll down to bottom and spot the Yoast Internal Linking tab.

Again nothing unique as the same was present in previous model too.

The only difference is that now one has access to Yoast Internal Linking segment from within own document.

This would eliminate the need to go to wp-admin panel as used to be the case earlier.

Likewise if one scrolls to bottom in main content body then again the Yoast settings are accessible from within.

The biggest benefit of the particular feature is that it eliminates the chances of revision errors.

For example for editing content one opened another window for reaching the wp-admin panel to make additions or changes in meta data segment of Yoast.

Sometimes one ended up making alterations in some sentences too by scrolling up.

There was a possibility of forgetting that main page also being open for editing in another window, alongside.

Without copying the altered words in admin panel and then pasting on other window which was simultaneously open, one could close and save.

In such a case the paragraphs changed in wp-admin panel would not reflect on the published document, online.

Because in such a scenario the user would obviously save and close the first window later.

And any website building portal would accept the content which is saved later.

Editing Features In This Top Class Invention By WordPress

There are many more user-friendly components one can find on The New Editor.

For example one can change the “block type” to another at any point of time, from here !

start a gutenberg website and change block types for designing websites
The New Editor Helping In Changing Block Types For Developing Websites

Next element worth mentioning is that in the prior variant, one could reach the “html mode” during page revision through the link button placed at upper right of the content body.

One can now reach the same by clicking the three vertical dots as in opened window !

option for switching to the html mode for editing content in the new editor
Option For Switching To The HTML Mode For Editing Web Page Content

Improvements Visible In WordPress Bebo Website Builder

Click any photo and you would be shocked to find what is there in the right sidebar !

start a gutenberg website and alter size or link and amp settings for images
Start A Gutenberg Website And Alter Size, Alt Text, Link Or AMP Settings For Images

The visuals may not be clear above but try it out and you will realise that it is now so convenient to change Sizes, Links, Alt text and AMP for photos now.

Another point – In the former version one could :

  • Neither center-align videos.
  • Nor write video captions.

But The New Editor makes both elements available.

Additionally, it provides many options in terms of AMP layout for videos which is another fabulous aspect inside this application.

The facility to create reusable sections is another element which can help save time in optimizing websites.

Last Highlight I Noticed In This Website Building Portal

This updated variant does not disturb paragraph spacing even if moving from HTML to visual mode.

Previously whenever one switched between these two modes, whitespace created through the code used to disappear, leaving very little horizontal space gap between paragraphs.

Use the “spacer” element within The New Editor and the white space stays as it is no matter how many times you switch over from one mode to another.

So that brings us to end this blog post explaining reasons why Bebo can help in boosting online positioning on organic result listings.

Watch the video about The Blocks Builder below !

Introductory Video About WordPress Bebo

The only noticeable problem in this variant is that it works fine as long as one writes anywhere up to 1000 words in blogs.

The moment you continue with typing a longer article beyond roughly 1200, suddenly this software slows down the document.

But then since The New Editor has been inducted only 3 days ago, such shortcomings are understandable.

I have no doubt that this issue would be sorted out by the time the company as this innovative tool rolls out fully.

So go ahead and start a Gutenberg website for increased internet visibility on Google and Bing.

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