Fables about Website Production

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Web Promotion Risks Exposing Your Private Data

But a mobile contains your personal information instead of your website

Sites Are Costly To Create And Optimize And Retain

Yes but entail lesser expense than daily dining with potential clients

Websites Do Not Demand Much Effort Or Investment

Its incorrect as its not possible to win buyers without top content and SEO

The Best Way To Find A Site Builder Is By Reference

Only if that consultant is showing up on the first page at organic search

Sites Ought To Generate Visitors And Sales Quickly

That is a myth as it takes at least 1 month to tackle troubles after launching

Builders Can Form Middle Sized Portals In 2 Months

No. Dont compromise on quality just as ordering a deadline feels good

Traditional Publicity Is The Ideal Mode Of Marketing

If you spend money and time on converting leads by entertainment modes

I Dont Trust SEO As Who Knows How It Helps Or Not

But style is nowhere as vital as optimization just because it is visible

Whats The Use Of Making A Site If I Dont Like Its Design

But styling reduces accessibility and that mutes ranking at searches

All Sorts Of Businesses Do Not Need A Website

But customers search for all kinds of services or products online

Medium Level Of Skill Is Ample For Handling Sites

Its untrue as a site can yield limitless benefits if managed by a specialist

Just Compose A Business Page At Social Media

But that is only a minor branding tool in contrast to a professional website

A Small Vendor Cannot Build A High Class Portal

It is a fallacy as large vendors depend on staff which may not be expert

Text Copied From Outside Is Avoidable But Not Harmful

That is a misbelief as the robots take strict actions against such practices

Content Is King So Dont Worry About Other Aspects

But the monarch cant win without hiring the bishops and knights and rooks

Spending On Customized Videos And Pics Is Optional

But adding a personalized video and some photos is crucial need for pages

Animated Backgrounds And Simulation Effects Are Cute

But they lower usability levels and readability standards in websites

Add Lots Of Features To Make Your Portal Unique

But extra elements curtail navigation and speed and mobile compatibility

SMO Wont Produce Visibility So Advertise Digitally

Yes social advertising triggers traffic but SMO is a must for local presence

It Is Not Important To Mention NAP Detail In Sites

Yes that is perfect if designing a site for pleasure or as a hobby

Content Updation And Addition Is Not Mandatory

Yes it is not compulsory but searchers are looking for fresh info all the time

Dont Write More Than 200 Words Inside Web Pages

Wrong guess as a page doesnt require much text but typing a bit more helps

WordPress Is Free So Its Imperfect For Retail Stores

No, match its eCommerce plan with Shopify if comparing figs with figs

Outgoing Links Drive Users Away So Dont Develop Them

But the spiders like sites aiding viewers compare their solutions and goods

Purchase Backlinks For Topmost Position On Google

But conversely it is a counterproductive tactic as the crawlers hate that

Online Ads Are The Top Means For Gaining Exposure

But internet advertisements prove effective only after SEO

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