Types Of Fee For Creating Portals

Annual Membership Cost Bearing Items

PJ SEO Specialists

Sample Prices For Managed Web hosting

Example Rates For Shared Site hosting

Paid Annually By Most

Yearly Domain Subscription Charges

Vital In Both Technologies

Chargeable SEO Audit Tools Membership

Required In Both Patterns

Purchasing A Paid Version Of SEO Plugin

Used In Both Technologies

Spend On A Portal Making Theme Yearly

Needed In The Self Or Shared Stationed Method

Usual Annual Cost Of Data Backup Plugin

Payable In Shared anchoring

Portal Security App Costing Annually

Billable In Shared anchoring

Software Upgrade Expenses Every Year

In Shared hosted Site

Yearlong Portal SSL Certification Fees

Accruable In Shared hosting

Subscribe To A Speed Boost App Each Year

Needed In Shared stationing

One time Expenditure Incurring Elements

PJ SEO Specialists

Helping You

One Time Expenditure On Website Coding

In Shared anchored Sites

Payment For Web Page Content Writing

Applicable In Both Mediums

Testimonial Page Creation Costing

Payable In Both Methods

Outgoing On Portfolio Page Design

Chargeable In Both Modes

Spending On Building Web Stories

Applicable In Both Patterns

Single Time Blog Post Publishing Expense

Charged In Both Mediums

Service Or Product Shoot Expenditure

Payable In Both Patterns

Explainer Video Production Charge

Incurred In Both Methods

Customized Picture Styling Charges

Incurring In Both Systems

Expenditure For On page SEO Operation

Charged In Both Mediums

Components Sustaining Fixed Monthly Expense

PJ SEO Specialists

Expenses On Off page Optimizing Tasks

Bearable In Both Patterns

Monthly Spending On Portal Maintenance

Incurred In Both Mediums

Social Media Publicity Each Month

Borne In Both Technologies

Per Month Charges For Google Maps API

Billable In Both Systems

Google Workspace Professional Gmail

Vital In Both Methodologies