optimized websites beat traditional marketing

Websites beat Advertisements

Primarily there are two ways to promote your profession –

  •  Using traditional marketing methods like :

A. Hiring staff.

B. Print Media Ad’s.

C. Official touring.

D. Participating in exhibitions


E. Networking within already known high-networth social or family circle.

  • Employing powerful modern marketing techniques like –

I. Hiring an expert for creating an optimised website, good enough to list on page one of Google and Bing.

II. Promoting the same in a cost efficient manner and

III. Opting for expensive online advertising mediums.

optimized websites beat traditional marketing

Inbound Marketing More Productive Than Traditional Sales Methods

I think Websites beat Advertisements vis a vis effectiveness in promotion and lead generation in obtaining buyers.

Within traditional marketing mediums – Options A, B, C, D above are upmarket avenues of publicity.

Mode E is virtually free of cost and provides almost guaranteed business.

There is no harm in using all sorts of means of publicity to grow your sales.

All options are undoubtedly effective – but costly, barring choice E.

Optimized Websites Beat Advertisements Hands Down

For a bus travel company, an AD would explain in brief; why its facility is nice and encourages you to try it out.

But a well-developed website tells you why the bus service is clean, fast, safe, comfortable and punctual.

Websites surpass Ads when they do both –

  • Enabling selling a commodity through a user friendly interface


  • Producing a top standard position on the SERP’s.

So is possible through online Ad’s.

But, if a website is showing up on page one of Google or Bing natural results, then one can safely say that visitors will most likely browse the same.

Paid listings may or may not contain impressive text and images.

The ones with poor content end up producing a high bounce rate which eventually leaves you with many hits but very few conversions.

However there is no harm in opting for paid advertising in case the website is of a premium-quality.

That would help you attract further traffic apart from whatever you are already generating through hits on natural listings on the search engines.

Hence, an optimised website is the best tool for professional growth.

One may create a :

    • Google+ Brand Account.
    • Facebook Business Page.
    • YouTube Channel.
    • Pinterest Business Account.
    • LinkedIn Showcase Page


  • A Twitter Account for publicizing a website through non-paid social media networking channels.

All help in promotion provided one posts and shares relevant, original, interesting, informative and useful content there.

On may also use avenues like writing to high PR value websites requesting for a link, engage in guest blogging or answer questions by online journalists.

But one needs to be overly choosy while using such promotional mediums.

Try participating in Facebook and LinkedIn groups, share and post infographics on your Pinterest Business Account !

Social bookmarking is fine too as long as you confine yourself within highly selective portals.

Finally, Local Map Listings and activity on your Webmaster Tools Console will help too.

The Power Of Organic Web SEO

On-page Optimization like :

  • Keyword analysis.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Link building and
  • Intuitive browsing in websites has completely reformed traditional forms of promotion.
checklist about tips on organic web seo

Checklist About Tips On Search Engine Optimization

Website improvisation falls under two types of categories : On and Off-page varieties.

The former requires one to develop latest content, appropriate keyphrase density, links, relevant keywords, proper headers, picture alt tags, page titles etc.

The latter consists of handling of webmaster tools console, writing and promoting blogs, developing videos and images for social media marketing etc.

The standard of website designing, multimedia animations and the quality of organic web SEO has improved a great deal in the last 10 years.

Having said that, instead of playing around with :

  • Flash animations.
  • Java based menus.
  • Fancy sliders.
  • Special effects and
  • Animated buttons,

try to beautify your website through :

  • Better pictures.
  • Embedded slides.
  • Video uploads.
  • Improved formatting.
  • A congestion-free interface.
  • Clear text with adequate white space.
  • Easily clickable links.
  • Subtle colors and
  • And GIF animation photos.

Alignment, intuitive navigation and a clean layout are important factors for generating a top quality user-experience in websites.

One needs a natural sense of color combinations and capability in presenting information with simplicity.

Ads sometimes congest pages, so remember using the same only in a limited manner.

Write short paragraphs and use Google Fonts if possible.

A large font size is recommendable to make sentences easily readable.

Mobile responsive design is another requirement.

Some tips on writing optimized content for websites :

  • Type relevant sentences.
  • Include topical words.
  • Form unique page or blog titles.
  • Add interesting headlines and use H1, H2, H3 tags at least if not further.
  • Each page should have between 400 to 500 words roughly.
  • Blogs of between 1200 to 2500 words approximately are recommendable.
  • A keyword density of between 2 to 3 percent and 1 to 2 percent in articles is suggested.
  • Original text is mandatory.
  • Insert at least one internal and one outward link on each page or blog.
  • The text should be interesting and relevant with latest and informative details.
  • Use bullets for large paragraphs while making a point.

Websites Are Winners When They Show Up On Page One Of Google

how to earn backlinks to boost your website rankings

How To Earn Backlinks To Boost Online Rankings

Publish exclusive blogs, create animated videos, design useful infographics and help other webmasters in fixing technical errors for an additional thrust to your visibility on SERP’s.

One’s unaware of the advantages of optimization, regard their websites like online presentations and lose out on opportunities.

A costly sign board AD cannot convince you of the calibre of service it is selling, as much as a properly designed website with –

  • Trendy images.
  • Informative videos.
  • Useful links and
  • Whiteboard explainer animations could do.

Websites Outperform Online Ad’s Because

1. Though, it is possible to find desired products or services either through paid internet advertisements or on organic search result pages.

But, natural online listings more or less guarantee displaying only premium product items, merchandise and service sector related URL links.

Video below : High class website optimization enables better results as compared to traditional sales techniques and helps companies save time in chasing clients –

2. Internet marketing is an expensive medium of promotion as its lifespan is limited.

Whereas optimizing a website proves to be a cheaper option after one spreads out the cost, corresponding to the expected natural visibility online.

3. You might see a signboard AD in the market when you aren’t looking for a particular service and might forget the name or the URL of that company, later.

But just type a few keywords on your laptop and most likely you will not only find that company but also reach equivalent or better choices.

4. There surely must be something mysteriously magical about successful websites.

Or else companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Airbnb, WordPress and Uber wouldn’t be where they are today.

Maintaining optimized websites deserving of a prominent positioning on SERP’s is always the first priority for brands.

5. Web Pages enable you choosing an item after some browsing, but an offline advertisement doesn’t.

An AD Matches A Website In Certain Aspects

1. Expensive designer advertisements signify that the advertiser is not a fly-by-night operator.

2. Sometimes offline AD’s reduce the need to browse the internet because they act as a reminder about the brand value of the product or service they relate to.

The chances of customers visiting websites of well reputed companies advertising heavily, are higher.

3. Marketing through :

I. Google Ads.

II. PPC on Bing.

III. Facebook Promotions and

IV. Paid publicity on MSN can sometimes match the strength of organic web SEO.

But, that would be subject to the condition that one first optimizes in-house content before indulging in paid promotional campaigns.

However, Websites Beat Advertisements as they are fully equipped to solve the dual problem of :

Firstly helping the owner market his brand


Secondly that too at a reasonable cost.

The ideal situation would be to – Optimize a well-built website and use Paid Internet Ad’s later.

how to rank your blog on page one of google

How To Improve Your Blog Rank On Google

1. Use the main keyword in page title and the meta descriptions data.

2. Form subheadings and long-tail keywords.

3. Make images and permalinks SEO-friendly and

4. Add internal links.

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