a website is the best tool for marketing

Websites like Online Brochures

Is it likely to do grow your business through promoting your website ?

a website is the best tool for marketing

A Website Is The Best Tool For Marketing

Well-developed web pages are more effective in business promotion as compared to results from traditional advertising.

Is considering Websites like Online Brochures logical ? Are they meant to be like that ?

In the past, one used to come across non-optimized websites without user-friendly elements, having a complicated navigation structure and created just for fulfilling a formality.

But the purpose of an optimised website is to create brand awareness and increase sales by providing meaningful information to consumers.

The objective of a web page is to bring and influence new customers from unknown and untapped markets.

But, if one has website just for the sake of having it, then its motive gets defeated.

In reality, showing the same to your existing customers is a secondary requirement.

In my opinion any website without in-built On-Page SEO features is incomplete and useless.

It’s such a waste of effort, time and resources.

But surprisingly some say that they just made a website either for the sake of formality or out of compulsion as their clients wanted them to have one.

Well, no problem in that because there are many businesses who already have their hands full and do not want new buyers.

However, looking at the number of non-optimized websites it raises a question in my mind that are there really so many companies which do not require new consumers ?

Web pages help entrepreneurs generate better revenues and work smarter, instead of harder.

Professionals have understood the strength of a website and utilize the same, fully.

Unfortunately, we come across businesses which are a hurdle for web development and SEO Service Providers !

Such are the kind of entities which have the least faith in websites.

This kind of sense prevails in India too.

Treating Websites Like Online Brochures Is A Lost Opportunity

So yes it’s true that some mistakenly underestimate their web pages and regard them just like any informative catalogue.

However, investing in an optimized website can help save the time and effort required in pre-sales activities.

Sites probably don’t get their due because after all we are living in the age of pull, networking and partying.

But, the awareness of web-power is huge in advanced countries.

The level of cognizance on the matter is very low with entrepreneurs requiring new websites in India !

There may be some reasons for companies preferring to continue operating in the old-fashioned way –

  • Problems in Payment Recoveries -Difficulties in recovering money for services supplied to buyers making excuses is a big reason why many people find websites as useless, in India.

Businessmen shy away from searching new clients, as claiming payments for goods supplied to already known customers is a lesser headache as compared to fresh buyers.

  • Playing Safe -The wholesalers are normally in tight financial health and have no other option but to deal with tested clients only.
  • Huge Disparity In The Economy -As the small and medium enterprises are generally unprofessional, the big service providers always have their hands full.

Download PowerPoint Presentation, explaining the advantages of template theme portal-hosted websites over self-hosting based on programming and coding :


Web pages are the best promotional tools for :

1. Companies which do not believe in aggressive publicity

or else

2. The ones aware of the advantages.

Video : A combination of On-page SEO, Off-page Optimisation and Social Media Marketing helps in a greater visibility on internet. Optimised websites produce income for businesses :

Another useful tool for online publicity is Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

This medium primarily involves usage of paid promotional advertising such a Google Ads and Bing Ads.

A very helpful tool provide one first improvises own website i.e. undertakes a combination of On and Off-Page SEO on the same.

Remember, it is advisable to employ SEM only after optimising your content, and not before.

Notice why SEO Consultants use the term SEOM and not SEMO ?

Because marketing should be undertaken only after the optimization task – and not the other way round.

Or else most of the energy, time and resources money one would spend on paid internet publicity would go down the drain.

Enabling High Page Ranking On Google

But what if a web page is improvised to substitute the pre-sales activity ?

The ones unaware of the benefits of website optimization find the entire exercise useless and end up working in the old fashioned way.

Sales techniques like –

    • Employing staff for cold calling.
    • Hiring executives for visiting clients.
    • Brand value creation through participating in trade exhibitions.
    • Payouts to professional consultants.
  • And official lunches and dinners are extremely expensive mediums of promotion.

The energy spent on creating an optimised website is probably negligible vs resources one would use for old-fashioned forms of publicity.

And some carry on with expensive modes of advertising through socializing or travelling.

Websites, once improved with –

    • Animated GIF pictures and slide presentations.
    • Effective keywords.
    • Backlinks from authority websites.
    • Fast loading speed.
    • An appropriate word count
  • And intuitive navigation can help company owners save money spent on publicity and enable a high page ranking on Google too.

Undoubtedly, regarding a website like an online catalogue is a big mistake.

quality backlinks and keywords for a high page ranking on google

Backlinks and Keywords for Visibility

Many traders, manufacturers and service providers do use conventional promotion methods and alongside also use websites for marketing.

Social media sharing, length of URL, word count and loading speed are some of the factors determining the magnitude of exposure any web page or blog is able to generate on the internet.

There may be some reasons for companies either unwilling to try optimizing own website :

a. Ones which are trying to cut costs.

b. A corporate which already has much more clients than it can serve.

c. Any establishment which is not convinced about the potential power of digital publicity and internet marketing.

d. An enterprise which has already tried out promoting its website but found it worthless after finding no improvement in sales.

e. Any company owner who is penny wise and pound foolish.

Such attitudes (as in “d”) originate due to a lack of judgement on choosing a website optimisation consultant.

It would be difficult for an internet promotion and SEO specialist to sell its services to category A, B and D and E.

But “Type C” could be explained how a high page ranking on Google helps businesses and service providers grow further.

The Value Of Website Optimisation

Sometimes the SEO task ends up in a near reconstruction of entire content if it is in a non-optimised condition.

It’s like building a showroom without air-conditioning initially.

And later making holes and breaking walls all over the place to create false ceilings or adding concealed wiring required for the purpose.

Like air-conditioning inside a showroom is probably the most important requirement, likewise SEO is a basic need for any useful website.

Just imagine – how many visitors can you expect inside your retail outlet if it is not adequately cool or heated ?

It’s not that just adequate air-conditioning alone will help you draw customers.

After all you need your products on display must be saleable, competitive and which provide value-for-money.

Then that is another matter though as one can equate the product-for-sale with content inside a website.

But, no matter how hot-selling your product is, you may not attract many consumers if the temperature inside your showroom makes your customers uncomfortable.

And what about the product itself ? How long do you expect the product to last in your shelves under extreme heat or cold ?

Same goes for websites.

No matter how well you curate your content.

Without proper page titles, headlines, links and navigation the entire matter ends up being a waste.

Such websites yield difficult readability, complicated navigation and a complex interface.

But then i guess im wrong.

Maybe most enterprises around have a long list of dedicated buyers purchasing under any conditions.

Or maybe there are many for whom expansion is impossible due to existing overload or already full invested capital.

The Benefits Of Platform-hosted Web Pages

Template theme based websites built on WordPress.com are slowly replacing the old self-hosting method.

The portal offers various themes and designs with various facilities and advantages like :

    • World-class security.
    • Google AMP compatibility.
    • Automatic maintenance.
    • Top level customer support.
    • Auto software updates
  • And a simple interface enabling users to modify content on their own.

Feel free to view below, our promotional slide presentation describing our services :

Speak Visually. Create a presentation with Visme

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