optimized websites with easy navigation help in generating more online traffic

What Is A User-friendly Site

One comes across common terms like visitor-oriented, simple navigation and mobile-compatible, during developing and optimizing websites.
How to create blog posts and why to optimize web pages in accordance with the specified norms laid down by the spiders ?

what is a user-friendly site and ingredients of useful content in web pages

What Is A User-friendly Site ?

Of course SEO – An Acronym for Search Engine Optimization is a prime component related to this subject.
Having said that, useful content, simple browsing functionality and mobile-compatibility are some of the elements needed inside websites.
The top two advantages for developing audience-oriented pages –
First – A customer-friendly website is an important requirement for achieving a high organic positioning on internet.
No one wants to visit a user-unfriendly web page.
Hence, to maintain supremacy over other crawlers, Google and Bing give the highest priority to this factor.
Surely, in case of any dilution in policy on this aspect, websites would lose online traffic.
That eventually makes a dent in their visibility generated through paid advertising.
Second – Building a buyer-oriented website is the top priority for any company which is cognizant of how valuable they are.
An audience-friendly web page :


  • Proves to be a strong marketing tool.

  • Generates leads and improves a website’s positioning on the internet.

  • Helps businesses and professionals increase turnover, popularity, reputation and growth by reaching new clients from untapped markets.

  • Delivers better sales results in comparison to traditional publicity techniques.

Download below, PPSX Slide Presentation related to – Benefits of Websites :
However, there are many who are unaware of how powerful optimized web pages having informative articles can be, for publicizing their professions.
Unfortunately, such people end up ignoring optimising websites, due to either a non-serious approach or else lack of awareness.

search engine optimization improves user-experience in websites

Improving User-experience In Websites Is : SEO

The purpose of a web page is attracting unknown clients, instead of using it as a showcase for existing customers.

What Is A User-friendly Site & Why Are Informative Articles Needed ?

A. Useful Content.
B. Purposeful Text.
C. Instructional Images.
D. Fresh Videos.
E. Topical Links.
F. Meaningful Page Titles
G. Latest Article Posting are essential ingredients of quality matter in websites.
Web Pages with –

  • Spam-free and meaningful sentences and paragraphs.


  • Descriptive pictures.

    • Topic specific movies.
    • Interesting page titles.
    • Easily readable words.
    • Relevant internal and outbound links.
    • Educative blog posts.
    • Designed slides

  • Instructional and unique text are all deemed to contain purposeful online matter.
    Download PDF File below, explaining the need for helpful content and page names in websites, to improve visibility and ranking on top search engines :
    The robots are constantly examining upto what extent different websites are bringing value to the audience.
    A website publishing informative articles of consequence, enjoys an edge over competitors for whom the prime focus is on sales rather than educating their followers.
    2. Intuitive Navigation – Easy browsing functionality is another important feature while making a user-friendly site.

    optimized websites with easy navigation help in generating more online traffic

    Optimized Websites Generate More Online Traffic And Enable Better Sales

    Clutter-free pages help consumers understand the product or service they are selling.
    Websites help in finding customers from remote markets.
    Well-formatted layouts, properly aligned sentences and pictures are necessary requirements for enabling intuitive browsing.
    Hence, it is crucial for web pages to have easy navigation facility.
    This vital feature auto-optimises websites to a large extent and also helps in procuring unknown buyers, new followers, users and enables better sales.
    Download PDF Document below, mentioning the requirements, reasons and benefits of descriptive meta tags, text headers and topical keywords helping in building visitor-friendly websites :
    Websites with –
    • Outgoing links leading to irrelevant counterparts.
    • Disorienting images.
    • Difficult-to-find information
    • Automatic pop-up windows, frustrate users and become inevitably client-unfriendly by default.

    Useful Content For Enabling A Great User-experience In Websites

    Factors like –
    • Attractive Design.
    • Genuine Text and Infographic Matter.
    • Business address location map !
    • Whiteboard Animation Movies.
    • Clear Navigation.
    • Topic Specific Links.
    • Marketing Films.
    Relevant Content !
    • Animated Photos.
    • Unique Page Titles.
    • Striking and Interesting Headlines.
    • Well-aligned Layouts.
    • Mobile Phone Compatibility.
    • Image Captions.
    • Short Paragraphs.
    • Informative Articles.
    • Easily Clickable Links
    • Original and Readable Sentences – All combine together to generate a great user-experience in websites.
    Pages with –
    • Duplicate or irrelevant information.
    • Shabby design.
    • Low-resolution photos.
    • Difficult-to-read text.
    • Keyword stuffing.
    • Broken or Non-clickable links.
    • Complicated navigation.
    • Unrelated headings and titles.
    • Spammy articles.
    • Unappealing colors.
    • Elements non-compatible with smartphones or desktops.
    • Too many Advertisements
    • Congested Formatting, produce a bad user-experience in websites.
    Feel free to view our slide on the avoidable processes in SEO and recommended corrections :


    The Meaning Of Web-Spam Or Black-hat Website Optimization

    Techniques like –

    • Purchasing Backlinks.
    • Cloaking.
    • Irrelevant Text Headers.
    • Overuse of Keyword Meta Tags.
    • Hidden or Invisible Words.
    • Participation in Link Farms.
    • Guest Article Spam.
    • Doorway Pages.
    • Mirror Websites.
    • Using Backlink Production Software.
    • Key-phrase Stuffing in Description MetaTags.
  • And links through “full-stops” fall under the category of black-hat SEO, and penalized by the robots.

    Designing Web Animations And Videos For Websites

    Slides and interactive gif images are significant ingredients of dynamic web pages.
    Several portals are offering options to develop motion slide presentations and explainer movies helping in generating a strong impact on visitors.

    making web animations and videos for websites

    Making Web Animations And Videos For Websites

    Below, features in free trial versions of some animated whiteboard film creation platforms in brief, (one’s already mentioned in previous blogs, excluded) –
    1. Moovly – Fantastic Software.
    The most powerful feature in this platform being the ability to use in-house movie clips as backgrounds for creating interactive websites !
    A rare facility indeed. The choice of background sound files within this portal is immaculate.
    2. PowToon – Another remarkable platform.
    One may use it for building storyboard movies, web animations and videos for websites.
    The Animate “A to B” property is very handy. That helps in moving objects positions, sizes and angles.
    The provision to export the completed project to SlideShare is another positive here.
    3. Animatron – Probably one of the superior-grade online programs for producing text motion graphics.
    The immense variety of bouncing and rotating words and alphabets and facilities for making storyboard movies makes it worth trying, for sure.
    Customer support is quite satisfactory.
    4. Wideo – This website gives a scammy feeling, to some extent.
    All the hard work one puts in here goes waste unless one chooses the paid plan after completing the marketing video !
    One wonders why this platform offers a trial period as the output is neither embeddable, nor shareable or downloadable afterwards.
    Nowhere apart from the fine print terms and conditions, states this drawback.
    The finished product just ineffectually lies idle on the server and invisible to outsiders.
    All such portals clearly specify the limitations and restrictions for the trial period.
    But this is the only one which does not highlight this fact.
    One has no other choice left but to either opt for the paid plan or else just reconcile with the fact that all the hard work in production went waste.
    A flash based software, which is another negative due to compatibility problems after embedding on own website.
    One also shockingly comes across an uncooperative client support staff online here.
    5. Renderforest – Another below par program like Wideo, above. But for other reasons.
    This website, by default, adds a large watermark right at center of the movie, making it difficult to view.
    And to top that, a voice-over is inserted automatically at the point the video ends – another disappointing experience.
    6. VideoScribe – The best portal to make explainer films and motion commercials in the least possible time.
    An extremely simple platform to understand and use.
    Amazing technical support and high quality in-house objects and images available in its media library.
    This website has an immaculate collection of background audio tracks too.
    Ready-made interactive GIF images are available inside the media library, freely usable to complete an artistic design.
    Talking about features in trial versions of some slide creation platforms below in brief (one’s already mentioned in previous blogs, excluded) –
    1. Visme – A beautiful software for developing :
    A. Topical slides.
    B. Images.
    C. Infographics
    D. Useful content for internet marketing.
    It has a large variety of vibrant background pictures as well as textures.
    A website providing wonderful customer service and ease in producing embeddable presentations and downloadable photos.
    The media quality is truly high resolution too.
    2. Slides – Probably considered as the best program for development of slide presentations.
    Undoubtedly a leading portal for making such type of media files.
    This website offers very limited backgrounds and templates but maybe ends up being one of the most effective one out of all.
    Having said that, all the platforms above helping in designing animated clips and slides are far more robust in their paid versions.
    Finally, apart from web animations and videos –

    • Descriptive Text Paragraphs.
    • URL Relevant Material
  • And easy navigation in web pages are the prime components which help in producing optimized and visitor-friendly websites.

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