why wordPress is the best website service provider

Why WordPress Is The Best

One can always opt for a fully programmed website instead of hosting on theme based platforms like Shopify, Wix, Magento, Point2Agent etc.

All deliver smartphone responsive pages, fast loading speed, high-level security, automated maintenance, powerful add-ons etc.

In the self-hosting option, most servers commit between 99 to 99.5% uptime rate.

But the WordPress.com system dispenses the same at a fantastic 99.999%.

Hosting a website on this website building portal is always a sensible decision due to may factors including the one above.

A server uptime rate anywhere below 99% may affect your online rankings.

Why WordPress Is The Best Template Website Building Portal ?

why wordPress is the best website service provider

A Matchless Platform For Hosting Websites – WordPress.com

1. Most Reliable Server Connectivity :

Chances of the portal going down, are negligible.

2. Excellent Customer Care :

24 hr. online chat support provided for business category memberships.

The forum experts are geniuses out there.

Sometimes you end up emailing but that’s ok because one gets chat help mostly.

3. Unbeatable Security :

This matchless website hosting portal ensures absolute data privacy, helping in additional trustworthiness.

It automatically dispenses all URL’s in https format, enabling further safety and top stability.

4. Wide Choice In Web Designs :

Being a debatable matter, some might say that much more is needed.

It seems WordPress.com is intentionally going slow on opening up to highly fancy website animations !

The risks involved vis a vis stability, expensive procedures, cellphone compatibility problems etc. in animated web pages are quite many.

It is better to make-do with a slightly lesser stylish look, as compared to the possibilities in self-hosted websites where any theme could be imported from anywhere.

To ensure a superior experience in terms of :

  • Reliability.
  • Convenience.
  • Consistency


  • Ease in performing amendments, that little compromise is a no-brainer.

In any case extra capabilities which can be inserted inside self-hosting websites are primarily used for adding more functionalities.

Those type of additional amenities do not enable any further improvement for a higher positioning on the internet.

Whereas the main goal of content optimization is to bring more online traffic for a website, by generating a great user-experience.

Self-hosting does not assist in attracting an extra number of visitors.

Instead one risks a possible ranking downgrade due to complex coding issues.

There are endless number of websites hosted on WordPress.com and using its business plan, which are on the front page of Google and Bing organic listings.

View our slide below, mentioning why small and medium size companies should choose a template theme based portal-hosted website instead of self-hosting :

Self-hosted web pages are loaded with many disadvantages, such as –

  • SSL certificate may not be available sometimes.
  • You would need to make sure that your website service provider uses a high-quality virus guard.
  • Such systems dont furnish automatic data backups and prove costly if regular updations required.
  • Different sorts of incompatibilities and complications crop up frequently.
  • There is a risk of website crashing during some specific plugin uploads.
  • Odd spaces, disproportions in alignments and similar complexities are often found.
  • One is heavily dependent upon the developer.In cases of contract terminations, it becomes difficult for a new company to take over and continue the job properly.
  • Automated software updates are not available and the technical customer support is just about average standard.
  • It might be possible that your website service provider uses pirated applications during the development exercise.

5. Easy-to-use Plugins : A wide variety for –

    • Image compression for websites.
    • Anti-spam.
    • Layouts.
    • Broken-link checkers.
    • Photo convertors.
    • Keyword checkers.
    • Video file assistants.
    • Widgets


  • Apps for fast rendering of smartphone responsive pages are available in-house.

Not as many options available as one could find in a self-hosted website.

But the variety of extensions inside this leading platform is immense.

It is preferable to adjust within the framework, to ensure safety by using only safe and tested add-ons, instead of experimenting with some vaporware.

6. On-page Website Optimization :

The built-in Jetpack plugin is powerful on this aspect.

In addition, wonderful facilities –

  • Adding excerpts


  • An optional synchronization with the world’s finest SEO plugin – Yoast, makes WordPress.com as the prime ranking web hosting service that provides top stability, globally.

Though the built-in Jetpack Plugin sorts out many issues related to website optimization automatically.

But Yoast also being fully compatible with this portal, helps you create page, image, video or blog titles and meta descriptions in a better manner.

It also shows you the quality score of your SEO for all content on your website.

It helps you make corrections in your text readability which yields a quality score and guides you how to improve upon the same.

Sometimes one forgets to create a an internal or an outward link or else forgetting uploading an image on a particular page or blog post.

The plugin prompts you to rectify your mistake in that regard too.

Then it generates a set of customized sitemaps which helps you connect to the Webmaster Tools Console, more effectively.

That helps the robots in indexing and crawling your pages, articles, images etc. in a better way than others.

You may choose the free plugin by Yoast but the premium version is far stronger for website optimization.

URL Redirects are simpler and it also prompts you for errors such a using an anchor text same as your keyword.

Yoast also generates a separate AMP plugin for you, helping in a technical boost in this regard.

  • 7. Off-page Website Optimization : Fantastic advantages like –
  • Backlinking and sharing functionality with social media networks.
  • A simple interface for website submission on Webmaster Tool Accounts


  • Easy embedding of Maps.

8. Blogs :

A reputed platform for creating article posts too.

Allows vast exposure on its large network of community, followers and audience for a strong visibility on front page of Google and Bing natural listings.

9. Freebies :

One enjoys many free-of-cost components related to improvements in navigation processes and improving readability and link clickability.

10. Ease of Import from Photoshop :

A user-friendly portal.

Create anything in Photoshop and export those as PSD images directly to your WordPress Blog and the same are visible crystal sharp online.

Smartphone Responsive Pages Helping In Visibility On Google

11. Mobile-friendly Sites :

Cell Phone compatible websites generated automatically in partnership with Google on AMP.

700 thousand domains are using the same latest technology.

Companies like The Guardian,  Pinterest, Reddit, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post and eBay are using AMP to publish smartphone responsive pages.

google amp feature for smartphone-compatible pages with fast loading speed

73% Increase In Visitors Due To The AMP Feature

12. Responsive Themes :

The paid ones are completely adaptive and enable viewing on all screen sizes.

13. Popularity through Trust :

25% of the prime 50000 websites ranked on Alexa are running on WordPress.

14. Easy To Update :

The simplest portal for carrying out alterations and modifications.

This application can also be customized for further website optimization, through CSS.

15. Reasonable Rates and Prices :

A thoroughly value-for-money platform, as it is inexpensive to maintain.

16. Not Just One Of Those “Only Blogging Sites” :

A complete template theme based website builder with full-fledged article publishing amenities.

In fact, the ultimate choice for developing Hosted-E-commerce portals too, as it’s server is absolutely secured.

Making Life Easier For Your Website Service Provider

18. Automated Maintenance :

Another reason why WordPress is the best website hosting platform is because all code related issues are handled by the back-end software.

19. Support :

Technical help in fixing broken URL links and almost all programming related issues.

20. Flexibility :

Choice to add a variety of documents and files like PDF, PPS, Audio and Videos in Websites !

21. Monetization :

Subscribers have the facility to monetize their web pages and articles, through advertisements.

To close – The benefits like ease in making changes, data backup capabilities, simplicity, updation features etc. are far many as compared to the limitations.

I can say that WordPress-hosted Websites have the ultimate chance of reaching the front page of Google, MSN and Bing organic search result listings.

website optimization for visibility on front page of google and bing

Developing User-friendly Websites for a First Class Online Positioning

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