yoast makes major update facilitating a superior ranking on google and bing

Yoast Makes Major Update

In the backdrop of the recently introduced Bebo software, Yoast makes major update to its flagship plugin helping in improving online rankings of websites !

This fresh upgraded extension called Yoast SEO 9.3 comes with a strengthened compatibility with Gutenberg for yielding visitor-oriented web pages.

yoast makes major update facilitating a superior ranking on google and bing
Yoast Makes Major Update For Better Optimisation Of WordPress Websites

This advanced module contains many enhancements for an intensified synchronization with the New Block Editor, producing an elevated user-experience.

Some of the prominent improvements and corrections in this expansion pack are as follows :

  • Speed boost for websites designed on Bebo.
  • Fixes a significant bug where redirects that contained URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) encodable characters couldn’t be removed individually.
  • The Add-on reapplies the markers in WordPress 5.0.2 as soon as one changes content, to make sure they stay up-to-date.
  • Rectifies a bug where texts in the configuration wizard would overlap each other and break out of the columns in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Repairs a software-fault where keyphrases weren’t recognized in the URL when the words in permalinks were separated by underscore characters instead of the usually recommendable hyphens.
  • Corrects a coding-shortcoming that caused numbers to be stripped when marking a keyphrase containing a number, e.g. ‘Yoast SEO 9.3’.
  • Makes it easier to add super-handy valid structured data content blocks which will help in improved markings inside the data highlighter tool on Google Webmaster Tools Console.
  • And many more performance related website optimization matters like FAQ and “How To” blocks and few other programming concerned issues.

This reinforced plugin can help in facilitating Gutenberg websites obtain a superior ranking on Google and Bing.

Kindly view the video below WordPress 5 empowered with :

  • In-line editing of content.
  • Defining types of matter within a post or a web page.
  • Ability to set multiple text columns within blocks.
  • Facility to alter font sizes without using CSS.
  • Amenity to add different background colors.
  • Flexibility in changing web page layouts.
  • Provision to have individualized control in separate blocks.
  • Making it easier to identify and define the properties of the content inside.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen On – How Websites On WordPress Would Be Built Now

Yoast Enables Better Optimisation Of WordPress Websites

One of the other amendments inside this enriched plug-in is that it would improve the typing experience when there are loads of blocks on a page.

switch to gutenberg for better optimisation of wordpress websites through yoast
Switch To Gutenberg For Better Optimisation Of WordPress Websites Through Yoast

Project lead Matias Ventura said on the version 5.0.2 release :

The cumulated performance gains are around 330% faster for a post with 200 blocks. This might be even bigger for certain setups and plugin configurations – seeing the same test post be 540% faster with Yoast for example.

Matias Ventura – WordPress

So go ahead and buy the premium model of this plugin for obtaining a top class ranking on Google and Bing.

The procedure to optimize a website built on WordPress, is now less challenging by using this latest version of Yoast.

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