Social Media Promotion Profiles

made social media promotion profiles for muskan travel services karol bagh

PJ SEO Specialists started digital publicity for Muskan Travel Services, a tour operator in Delhi based at Reghar Pura, Karol Bagh.

made social media promotion profiles for muskan travel services karol bagh
Made Social Media Promotion Profiles For Valuable Lead Generation

Initial set up of official promotional accounts at internet marketing platforms completed covering the following operations as below !

  • Company logo optimization at offline-designing tools.
  • Formation of commercial profile details including NAP information.
  • Phone verification for account validity.
  • Uploading of optimized pictures.
  • Creation of user-friendly business descriptions.
  • Selecting appropriate professional categories inside the portals.
  • Insertion of service areas for obtaining targeted traffic through Google My Business.
  • Inclusion of working hour time-frames.
  • Adding instructional content like – Solutions Provided and Sub-categories etc.
  • Filling-in the section for “establishment opening date”.
  • Sending request for address verification.
  • Marking exact location on Map segments.
  • Entering email ID and links in the blank divisions.
  • Choosing featured pages for enhancing Facebook Business Page.
  • Attaching default search keywords inside the profile.
  • Forming a “call-to-action” button.
  • And connecting client’s website at YouTube Channel with Google Webmaster Console.

Social Media Promotion Profiles For Muskan Travel Services

digital publicity at youtube channel and google my business and facebook business page
Advertise And Publicize Your Firm Digitally To Increase Sales

Started digital publicity services on YouTube Channel, Google My Business and Facebook Business Page for generating targeted online traffic for client.

PJ SEO Specialists – An internet marketing and web designing company assisting vendees in procuring the best possible visibility at searches.

Contact us for requirements of online professional advertising for achieving official recognition and brand development.

Mentioning some differences between SMO and SMP below.

The former is a basic process required when beginning with publicizing own firm at public networks.

It consists of optimization of account profile sections by filling-in meaningful information in blank fields available inside.

In addition you also add the SM URL at your own website and even at profile sections on other sources as a part of this exercise.

The latter is a procedure of promoting own establishment on media platforms by avenues which may either be cost-free or chargeable.

For example, one may engage in sharing by copying and pasting the URL of an image (inside own Facebook Business Page) on an external site.

In such a case the promotional activity would be a cost-free medium of publicizing own profession.

But, if you advertise one of your YouTube Channel videos through Google Ads then it becomes a payable form of promoting.

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